As of writing this post, a survey trending on suggests that eighty-six percent of current Disney Vacation Club owners plan to not add-on points at the newest DVC property, Disney’s Riviera Resort. Reasons for this range anywhere from cost, to point chart allocations, and resale restrictions. However, very few seem to share my thoughts on the subject: I just don’t like it.

Now before you jump all over me for this opinion, hear me out:

When I first heard about Riviera joining the DVC family I was intrigued by its European and Mediterranean decor and style. What I did not expect, is for it to be shoved into the middle of the Caribbean. For those unfamiliar with this property, the resort itself is situated on land next to and previously utilized by Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. Personally, I feel this detracts from the overall ability to become fully immersed in the theme of the resort when I can look out the window and see palm trees and sandy beaches.

The style of the rooms is also something I am not fond of, although I’ve never been much of an interior decorator. I for some reason can’t stop looking at some of the furniture and wondering whether it was stolen from my grandma’s rec room.

While these reasons, along with those listed by others on the DISBoards played into my decision to not add-on at Disney’s Riviera Resort, my biggest reason remains that I just don’t want to call it my “home”. This designation has and will always be part of what makes Disney Vacation Club special to my wife and I and is an important consideration when choosing whether to buy future points. Depending on availability, the resorts that you purchase may be your only option when it comes to booking your vacation, so you should be happy with your choice.

Each of us have our own individual tastes and preferences which is why there are now 15 uniquely themed resorts for owners to choose from and more on the way. I am happy to have Riviera as a new addition to the DVC family and look forward to giving it a try on a future trip. Who knows? Maybe I will love it after all.

Disney’s Riviera Resort – Opening December 2019

Share with me in the comments below your thoughts on Disney’s Riviera Resort and why you may or may not be considering it as an initial purchase or your next add-on!

Paul Krieger

Amy and I are new Orlando, Florida residents where we live with our dogs Odie the greyhound and Hermès the Spanish galgo. We are DVC owners at Animal Kingdom Lodge, BoardWalk Villas, Grand Californian, Grand Floridian, and Polynesian, Disney World Annual Passholders, and love educating Disney Vacation Club members on how to both use and maximize the value of their DVC points!

15 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Be Adding On At Riviera

  • I’m ticked that they ruined the ambiance of the Caribbean Beach, immersion be damned. It’s sort of like plunking BLT down in the middle of the Poly!

  • Just curious as to what the typical percentage is for current members to add-on when a new property opens? I’m thinking it isn’t much more than the 14% that the Riviera is getting but who knows. I agree about the placement -clearly it was to take advantage of the new skyway but with all the places available, the theme belongs away from the Caribbean.

    • I would maybe stay for the curiosity factor and point value but it doesn’t interest me at all.

  • I personally like the rooms. We took a tour at the preview center at SSR. What I am not crazy about is the resort itself. For whatever reason I am underwhelmed. That of course could change when I visit in person. What turns me off is the resale restriction.

  • I think it’s out of place being with Caribbean Beach Resort.

  • Nailed it, Pete. I thought the exact same things and have no interest in Riviera. The furniture is identical to that of my Great Aunt’s parlor.

    • Right on the button Pete. We didn’t like it as it just felt cold and disconnected. And the tower studios with just a Murphy bed? I don’t understand that move for the life of me.

  • Keep in mind that ANY new DVC resort that gets built will keep getting more and more $$$ as well as more restrictive when it comes to the resale market. Disney is very good at making sure the cards are always in their favor.

  • I actually like the decor – but i trend toward 70’s 80’s retro European so that’s not surprising. Damask and Toile and Velvet Oh My! But to me, it doesnt inspire the same awe as Copper Creek. The first time I saw the artist rendition of the rooms and cabins and theming and pool etc at Copper Creek/Wilderness Lodge I was in LOVE. I obsessively watched the DVC official video on youtube for it, I loved the views from the rooms and the boats to Magic Kingdom – it ticks every box for me. I can’t say the same for Riviera – it missed the mark. I’ll stay there – but I don’t want to own it.

  • On one hand I can’t help but subscribe to the idea of ‘DVC 2’- aka- next gen DVC SOLELY for the purpose of transferring deed(s) for my young girls for them to enjoy in the future with upcoming resorts. On the other hand- I just don’t like it that much to assume staying there for next 15-20 years before I would likely transfer. I think I’ll wait to see if Reflections will blow us away.

  • Bought it and am excited to stay there. Lots of reasons to select your home resort, ours were just different than yours. The murphy bed is a plus over the sofa bed, but my guess is that update will trickle out to the other resorts. We liked the look of the rooms, the dining options at the resort and at Caribbean next door. We own at a few other resorts, adding this one for non-park stays and ‘retirement’ years.

  • Agree completely. The resort doesn’t speak to me. My home resorts are AKL and Poly, and they just give me a warm fuzzy that this one doesn’t do for me. Give me something at Fort Wilderness, and then we can talk . . .

  • I plan on doing a tour because I want to reserve final judgement for after I’ve seen it myself but I do know I think its terrible that, for the price of DVC, Murphy Beds are a thing. Sure, tiny rooms serve a function for some and more power to them but I think its a way to squeeze money out of space that was left over. I just cant find it acceptable for DVC to have to choose between having a bed or having a couch. This isn’t even deluxe adjacent, its moderate adjacent AT BEST.

    • I can’t speak for all the units, but the model room for Riviera has a Murphy bed that is more or less ‘built in’ to the couch. The top of the couch folds down when the Murphy bed is lowered, so you don’t give up either. I thought it was a pretty cool design!

  • Of all the DVC properties, the only ones I have no interest in (or connection with) are the “standalones.” Meaning the DVC resorts that are not attached to a Disney Resort. We own at BWV, AKL, and VWL. And we have stayed at every Disney property over our 20 year ownership including Aulani, Hilton Head and Vero Beach.

    Seems like DVC is very skillful at building off the success and theming of an existing resort, but can’t seem to create a property of its own that has the same level of personality and warmth that distinguish the other DVC Disney resorts. OKW and SSR feel condoesque to me. And the conceptual drawings for the Riv feel like a garden variety Marriott. Plus, they inexplicably plopped the damn thing right in the middle a moderate resort, which cheapens the whole experience for me, and certainly distracts from the theme.

    I love DVC. Would never sell my points, and I root for them every time they announce a new property. As an owner and an annual visitor I want to like every resort.

    But this one already seems off to me. It’s a huge structure sitting on a confined piece of land and with a design that feels a little too antiseptic.

    Here’s hoping DVC gets it right with Reflections. Maybe bring in one of the designers who designed Beach Club or Wilderness? Peter Dominick is no longer with us, but his architectural firm still is, and I’m sure they would love to sink their teeth into a DVC property that is so close to the Wilderness Lodge. They’re first job? figure out how to build a massive hotel in Fort Wilderness that doesn’t strip away all the wilderness. But I guess that’s a topic for another day.

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