In our last poll, we asked which DVC resort you felt was the best overall. This week, we’re asking which one you feel is best for families. You can select multiple resorts in this poll. After voting, please tell us in the comments why you chose the resort (or resorts) that you did!

20 thoughts on “Poll: Best DVC Resort for Families

  • Animals on the safari, 2br villas have 3 bathrooms, super kid friendly pools/splash pad, access to 2 resorts and all the cultural activities at both resorts

    • The Kidani village pool is awesome, especially for kids very underrated in my opinion.

  • Has to be Saratoga Springs, great hotel with great child friendly pools and close to Disney Springs meaning walking distance to more fun for families.

  • OKW – rooms are huge. Now that our kids are in the teen/pre-teen age, we tend to rent a car. It’s so great to have it right outside vs. waiting for valet. We love the location close to the water parks. PLUS – you can have off property pizza delivered straight to your room!

  • Has to be the beach club for the pool and the proximity to the parks. The pool itself is an attraction. My son was content playing all day in the sand/beach area. When we look back on the vacation, he always talks about how he was able to make sandcastles at the pool!
    Also, when you have children in strollers, there is nothing better than just waking back from the park to your room. Having to take a sleeping child out of a stroller to ride a bus is never fun. For me or the other passengers!

  • After just visiting AKL, it would be hard pressed to vote against it. Not only do the kids have views of rare animals but the cast member interaction here, particularly with kids, is simply amazing. They take them to the Lobby and do arts and crafts with the artifacts and are always looking for a fun conversation. A great testament to this resort and the management. After much contemplation between here and BLT it is an easy choice after a visit.

  • Poly and Animal Kingdom got my votes. Poly is limited on room types, but I think the amenities and location are appealing to adults and kids alike. And AK Kidani is fantastic too. I think its appealing to all ages and there is something for everyone, and the extra bathroom in the 1BR and larger units is a huge deal when traveling with our family and extended family.

  • AKV HANDS DOWN. There is SO much to do and experience there, so much to explore and discover, so many activities and so much space to explore. Food options for everyone, from nuggets to whatever Jiko has on the menu. The pools are fantastic for the young and old, 2 big pools, slides, splash pad, hot tubs, pool bars. Annnnnnnd, it’s NOT far from the parks, it’s closer (or as close) to 3 of the parks as the MK resorts.

    • Boardwalk entertainment is great for kids, lots of good junk food… As kids get older they can go get a quick snack on boardwalk, watch entertainers, etc while parents relax at pool. Also, we find that we split up in different groups these days more and more. Some might want to sleep in while others wake up early and walk to epcot or Hollywood. Just so many close options to chose from. Also, mini golf at swan and dolphin always fun, close option.

  • Old Key Wast. Biggest living room area.

  • AKL has great pool areas at either of the two resorts. One of the best Community Halls of any of the resorts we’ve been to and kids as well as adults could watch animals for long periods of time; never gets boring. And as someone else already mentioned, the staff is so helpful and educational with the kids as far as crafts, learning games, etc. Something for everyone at this resort

  • Love AKV, home resort is SSR, looking forward to staying there next trip. Can’t wait for the upcoming room refurb there. Slowly but surely SSR is gaining some followers since the makeover to Disney Springs.

  • I picked OKW because of the size of the villas and what the main pool has to offer – not only does it have a lovely pool, but there is also a volleyball court, basketball court, tennis courts, ping pong, and community hall all right there. Plenty of fun activities to keep the whole family engaged and having fun.

  • Tough one. I’m voting OKW because size of living area, and I’m thinking bigger or extended family (this is what we’re using it for). For mom and dad and a couple of little kids, I would have voted something else–more convenient to a park and more dining options.

  • Poly – kid friendly pools, character breakfast, luau, fireworks and light parade on seven seas lagoon viewing from the beach or while swimming in the lava pool. Quick monorail or boat ride to magic kingdom, and more importantly a quick boat ride or monorail ride back for nap time so they can go out refreshed in the evening 🙂

  • Poll recommendation: best resort for touring the theme parks all day every day (ie it’s just a bed to sleep in).

  • Kidani Villias , 1 bedroom has 2 bathrooms, sleeps 5, 2 bedrooms has 3 bathrooms, Awesome COmmunity room, pool is great especially for little ones with the splash area. Sanaa, The Savannah view with the animals, CM by firepit love to tell of their homeland if you ask and they are so can tell you all about the animals, Night Vision Googles,, SIster resort Jambo House, Awesome Lobby, Jiko, Boma, they have a spa which is on my next visit list, People complain Oh its so far away, Your on vacation what is 15 minutes more of your time, sit back and relax…

  • Animal kingdom Villas kidani, because there is more than one bathroom per bedroom in the 1 bedroom and up villas. Plus 2 beds in the second bedroom. The point requirement is the least for the amount of rooms for the reservation booked. The quick service Mara and table service restaurants are great.
    Beach club for Storm A Long pool. The beach area and mini water park is great for all ages from toddler to teenager. The proximity to Epcot and Hollywood studios make it an ideal commute via bus/ ferry or foot. There’s a lot of opportunity for snacks and meals around the boardwalk as well as at the other Epcot resorts

  • We love Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas for our family – the pools and splash pad are great for the kids, we all love the animal viewing opportunities, and it is so nice to have so many amazing, convenient dining options! We also really love having a third bathroom in the two bedroom villas.
    Beach Club and Polynesian tie for second for us. They both have awesome pools for the kids, and we really enjoy having such easy access to two parks – walking from Beach Club to Epcot and DHS, and taking the monorail or boats to MK with just a short walk to the TTC for the Epcot monorail when we are at Polynesian.

  • BLT because it is the only one within walking distance of MK and if you have small kids it is really nice to be so close for breaks or at the end of a long day.

    OKW because it has the largest rooms so everyone in the family will have space to spread out and not feel cramped.

    AKV because what little kid doesn’t love seeing zebra and giraffes outside their room. 🙂

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