It might sound like an odd statement, but I love the concept of evolution. We as individuals evolve in our view of the world (hopefully for the better), our kids evolve into the adults that they are intended to be, and in the case that I am going to talk about, our WDW vacationing evolves-but only when we let it. Evolution is about change, and change is about stepping out of our comfort zone. But most of us love our WDW vacations because they ARE our comfort zones. A place to feel safe in what would seem like a whirlwind of chaos with a million visitors a day, all of the food that you can eat and rides for any comfort level. And this is why we bought into DVC, to feel safe and comfortable in our vacationing.

For some, it is the safety of knowing that the chefs won’t let your Celiac condition go unnoticed when preparing your meal or that your shy and nervous child won’t go unnoticed by the amazingly caring cast members who have an almost preternatural ability to bring out a smile in all of us.

So how do you get out of that comfort zone in the Walt’s World of Wonder, where consistency is practically guaranteed? That is the beauty of what they have created and are creating (it would seem that WDW will always be evolving too).

The easiest way is with your ride selection. Are you a thrill-seeking adrenaline junky who only loves the roller coasters? You may be surprised how much you enjoy Carousel of Progress or how much you will learn on Living with the Land’s Behind the Seeds Tour. Or are you the complete opposite whose version of a roller coaster is Peter Pan’s Flight? Consider trying Pirates of the Caribbean, whose three second drop you have always avoided. Who knows? You may unexpectedly feel the rush of a modern-day Evil Knievel.

The next tier up would be your dining choices. Are you the type that never misses the big three of Be Our Guest, Chef Mickey’s, and ‘Ohana and then fills in the rest our your meals with Starbucks coffee and cheeseburgers? Step out of that comfort zone and give a chance to some of the amazing alternatives that WDW has to offer. Venues such as Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Lodge (for their amazing bread service), the Flying Fish at the Boardwalk (offering the greatest pork belly known to man), or explore all of the culinary delights that Disney Springs has to offer (I am looking at you, Homecomin’).

Lastly, is your resort selection. Are you a diehard Polynesian resort fan who would never think about spending your DVC points anywhere else? Give a shot to Bay Lake Tower and don’t let the modern feel of the building sway you from trying what could be the nicest room with the best views on property, all within walking distance to Magic Kingdom. Are you a Beach Club aficionado that can’t imagine a pool without a sandy bottom? Give Saratoga Springs a chance and immerse yourself into all things that that resort and it’s proximity to Disney Springs has to offer. Are you feeling super adventurous? Try the mother of all DVC vacations, the split resort stay. See if your vacation has a different feel after three days at the Grand Floridian followed by three days at Old Key West.

My favorite book when I was a kid was a story called Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach, in which the lead character is always looking for that next level of perfection. Perhaps this is why I think about how my Disney vacation planning can evolve into always looking for that “Ultimate Disney World Vacation” (an excellent idea for a blog, by the way). I have found that the only way to do this is by stepping out of my comfort zone. Maybe after reading this, you’ll give a shot to it, too.

What are some out of your comfort zone adventures that you’ve taken in Walt Disney World? I would love to hear about it.

One thought on “Embracing Change the DVC Way

  • As an out of state, late to Disney vacations person, the greatest evolution I have experienced thus far after purchasing and experiencing DVC is how much more relaxed my vacations can be. I was formerly in the camp of “it doesn’t matter where we stay, because we’re only going to sleep there”, rope drop to goodnight kiss vacations. I am gradually moving to the, let’s see what this resort is like and has to offer, and taking a slow look around all the parks to see the depth of the Disney magic at work. DVC plus the purchase of an every-other year annual pass, has allowed me to enjoy my WDW vacations in a very different, but still highly anticipated and, yes, very planned way. This January we are having our first REAL split stay vacation staying at home base Bay Lake Tower (love it), Boardwalk (love its location) and Saratoga Springs. Disney makes this kind of thing ( which sounds crazy to civilians ) so easy to do.

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