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5 Signs That Could Mean It Is Time To Consider Purchasing DVC

If you are already a DVC Member, you will be all too familiar with the decision-making process that goes into taking the plunge and purchasing a DVC contract. One thing we can all agree on is that it is a sizeable investment and one that should not be made without proper consideration. It is not a decision that can be taken lightly. You may read through this article and remember experiencing all of this too or maybe none of them.

If you are not yet a DVC member, here are 5 fun but tell-tale signs that maybe it is the time for you to really consider making a purchase…

Have a real good look at your previous vacations. How many of them were at a Disney resort? How frequently are those Disney vacations? If the answer is the vast majority of them and they are at least once every two years, Disney Vacation Club really could be a worthwhile consideration. When I look back over the vacations we have had, 95% of them are with Disney! That is why it works so well for us.

When you are staying at a Disney resort, is it at a value, moderate or deluxe resort that you tend to gravitate towards? Perhaps you tend to stay value or moderate but you dream of going for the luxury of a deluxe resort. If you find yourself insisting upon those deluxe level resorts, DVC is definitely worth your time. For me, the deluxe resorts were always a bit of a dream stay. Prior to having DVC, if we had chosen to go all out and stay at a deluxe resort, the cost would have probably meant that we needed a bigger gap between vacations to allow us to save up.

So there you are, enjoying a truly magical stay at your favourite resort, enjoying your favourite attractions and your favourite meals. You are trying your best to live in the moment but you can’t help yourself already mentally planning out your next visit. In really extreme cases you may have even started planning a future visit before you even start your next vacation! I am not afraid to admit that we have a booking for 2019 and another Disney vacation in 2020. We have already started discussing what we want to do in 2021 too and yes, it will be another Disney trip. Thinking on it, that is one benefit of the Vacation Points. You know how many points you get every year. You can also get a very good idea of how many vacation points you are going to use so it just makes planning everything that little bit easier. In essence, because you know what points you have, you can start planning out how you are going to use them a lot sooner.

There is one thing that we experience time and time again when we are booking a vacation. Without fail, people ask why we are going to a Disney Resort again, with a pointed tone on the word ‘again’ like it is a bad thing. When people start asking you that, it’s clear that they have noticed your frequent Disney trips and that you are making Disney Parks & Resorts a big part of your life. Given that DVC is such an investment, it will become a big part of your life too. As a whole, Disney is such a huge part of our lives and it is for so many of us. DVC is just a really cool extension of that.

Life goals come in all shapes and sizes. I’m sure many of you have some Disney related goals. Sometimes those ‘life-goals’ tend to sneak up without you really thinking about it. You may find yourself wondering what it is like to stay at each and every Disney resort and then before you know it, that has actually become a life goal. When Disney starts having an impact like that, DVC is definitely worth considering because it makes it all possible. Of course, you don’t HAVE to be a DVC member to achieve a goal like that, but it sure helps!

So there you have it. Of course, these are all based on my own experiences and what led to us becoming DVC members but what about you? What were the signs that made you start seriously considering buying in to Disney Vacation Club. Let us know in the comments below.

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One thought on “5 Signs That Could Mean It Is Time To Consider Purchasing DVC

  • I have been researching DVC for almost two years now. I will be in a position to buy with cash in the next 6-12 months. I feel like I could answer yes to almost every one of these signs. My only hesitation is how do I know I will still be Disney obsessed 4-5 years from now? How do I know if my finances will still allow for the ever-increasing maintenance fees? How will I know for sure I can afford all that goes into a Disney vacation from year to year: flights, food, incidentals, park tickets? What if my kids stop liking it and beg to travel elsewhere? It’s these unknowns that have me completely stuck, even though my heart screams a thousand times, Yes!

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