Many of our readers will be aware that there is also an active and growing community of DVCFans over on Facebook and DISboards where people can discuss all things Disney Vacation Club. In addition to all of the member-driven discussion, there are now regular ‘discussion starters’ in the Facebook group each week and a recent one had such wonderful responses, it inspired an article all of its very own. There are so many reasons to love DVC and the list could be endless. With that in mind, I collated some of my favourites and some of the most common responses when members were asked what their favourite thing about being a DVC member was…


When you become a DVC member you are also making a pretty huge commitment. It is well lamented that if you do not intend to be a frequent visitor to a Disney Resort, then DVC is not for you. Those that do become members do so because they want and intend to return time and again for another dose of magic. Thinking back to the very first time I visited Walt Disney World, I was just 15 and with my parents. Even then I knew that it had cost my parents a small fortune to make that trip happen. On that visit, it was clear that we all thought it was a place that we would love to return to again someday, but financially, it may be a while.

It wasn’t until I was in my early twenties and was in a relationship with a fellow Disney-fan did the opportunity to visit arise again. I remember, especially in the early days of that vacation, being overwhelmed with emotion at the fact I was back at Walt Disney World, a place I wasn’t sure that I would ever get to visit again. It was on that vacation that we became DVC members and I became equally overwhelmed with emotion at the fact I now knew I would be returning, again and again, and again.

For so many people, a vacation at Walt Disney World really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I still remember what that felt like. By the end of our very first vacation, I was so sad that it had come to an end and ridiculously sad thinking that I may never get to do it again. Becoming a DVC member changed all of that in the most incredible way. I couldn’t agree more with DVCFan member Terri and all the other members that said one of the very best things about being a DVC member is the knowledge that you will be returning to the magic in the near future. Never again do you have to experience the sadness that it might be the one-and-only or the last visit you get to make.


A very happy consequence of that ‘return-ability’ is flexibility. Once you know that your vacation to a Disney Resort will most definitely not be your last, it can completely change the dynamic of your vacations. Knowing that you will be returning, even if it is a long gap of up to two years, means that you don’t have to rush. There is no panic to make sure you have seen and done absolutely everything. That ‘panic’ is probably even more relevant in more recent years because of social media.

There is so much incredible digital content about Disney resorts available. It covers absolutely every little aspect of a visit to Walt Disney World that you (well at least I do) find yourself saying things like ‘I’d like to do that’, ‘I’d like to eat there’ or ‘I’d like to stay there’. Before you know you it, you could have a trip absolutely jam-packed to the gills of things to do that it actually becomes stressful actually getting it done. The notion of getting the most out of a visit when you believe it might be a once-in-a-lifetime deal is daunting.

Becoming a DVC member relieves that pressure in the very best way because you know that there is no rush. If you don’t get to it on this visit, there is always another vacation just around the corner to try again. Like DVCFan member Kristin, I find it also encourages me to try new things. Since becoming a DVC member I’ve certainly become a lot less determined to get to all of the most popular and celebrated rides, restaurants and meet-and-greets all in the same visit. I’m no longer trying to get to all the ‘must-dos’ that are so frequently spoken about. Instead, I find myself more willing to try things a little different, find alternatives or just defer something to another visit.

A perfect example of it is happening as I write this. Our next visit coincides with the official opening of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World. We initially planned to avoid it and thereby avoid the potential crowds. That didn’t pan out quite as we hoped because they announced that it would open somewhat sooner than originally expected (unless you count August as ‘late 2019’ of course). There was a lot of back and forth about whether we would visit the new land but ultimately, it didn’t really matter too much. If we didn’t get to it on this visit, there would always be the next one. If you are planning a once-in-a-lifetime type trip, that luxury isn’t there. Ironically, we did actually manage to get a couple of reservations for Savi’s Workshop and Droid Depot so we will indeed be visiting Batuu on this trip but I guess my point is that if we didn’t get those reservations, it wouldn’t be that big a deal. We could just do it next time.

Ultimately, being a DVC member has meant that this trip could be totally tailored around our daughter and her first birthday and all the things that would make it extra special and magical. Everything else can wait until next time. There is a massive sense of freedom in that which, for me at least, makes a trip that little bit more magical and exciting.

Sharing The Magic

Visiting Walt Disney World, or any Disney resort for that matter, can be a very costly business. Many people dream of being able to whisk their family and or friends away to the same place that gives them so much joy. Who wouldn’t want to share that magic with their nearest and dearest? However, it goes without saying that not everyone can not afford or justify that kind of a vacation. Personally, I have always dreamed of having a grand-villa and having my parents, my brother and his family all together for a massive family vacation. Even with points, that could be a stretch but if I was to look at doing it paying cash, I simply couldn’t without several years (maybe more) of really really saving.

A beautiful consequence of becoming a DVC member means that those costs are a little less concerning perhaps. Of course, there is still potential financing and the Annual Dues to take care of but I for one feel there is a huge difference between that and fronting the cash for a trip. Providing you have them available, you can be flexible with the way in which you use your points which in turn means you can select those larger rooms. The best part about that is that you can effectively ‘gift’ a vacation to your family or friends. When you look at the costs of staying at a Disney Resort (and a deluxe resort no less), I think you can agree, being able to remove that cost for your nearest and dearest is a wonderful feeling. That ability to ‘Share the magic’ is like nothing else. Whether you make the trip with your loved ones or send them off for their own family trip you are able to share something you love and hold dearly with those who matter to you the most.

To me, that ability is something akin to a ‘money-can’t-buy’ moment. Of course, if you have the financial resources it certainly isn’t a ‘money-can’t-buy’ type of situation but I think DVCFan member Patricia sums it up:

Deluxe Resorts

As we already know, Walt Disney World has a wide range of resorts available that suit different budget types. Just like everything in life, luxuries can come at a cost and of course, even the world of magic and dreams conforms. As DVC members, we often wonder what the ‘rack-rate’ of our vacation would be. I’m not going to lie, I have done this. I find it fascinating to look at how my Disney Vacation Club membership is ‘paying-off’.

This becomes particularly relevant if you look at the deluxe resorts. Many DVC members will tell you that they couldn’t possibly visit as frequently as they do and still stay at a deluxe resort every time, myself 100% included in that category.

Even still, aside from looking at the financial side of it, the deluxe resorts offer the very best accommodations that Disney has to offer and DVC sits in that category. As members, we get to stay in the best of the best, every time we visit. That is pretty awesome. The amenities on offer at a Disney Vacation Club resort mean that you can really tailor your vacation exactly as you want it. Having a full kitchen and washing facilities in your room means that your vacation can really be a home away from home and after all, that is part of the Disney Vacation Club mantra.

A Piece of the Magic

Back when we first became DVC members, I remember feeling that not only was this an investment for our future vacations but it also felt like an investment in Disney, the company. It was and still is, a huge commitment. A commitment that I do not think I would make for any other companies around the world and certainly not on this scale. By investing and making that commitment, I feel like in some ways it is a ‘badge’ to show the world how much I love Disney and how much I trust them with my future vacations et al.

Every time we visit a Disney resort it feels even more special. Arriving into our resort and hearing ‘Welcome Home’ makes me feel like I am a part of the Disney magic. Disney themselves are even adding to that, with little sprinkles of pixie dust such as DVC members getting a special magic band reaction when they enter the parks. That is such a small thing but for me, it adds to the sense that we are all a part of it and that Disney acknowledges us accordingly. Some may call that sentimental and I am 100% ok with that. I do feel a great swell of sentimentality about Disney Vacation Club and everything it has enabled us to do over the years.

Of all the things that I love about DVC and whatever my favourite thing about being a member is, it’s the warm and fuzzy feelings that get me the most which is why DVCFan member Michelle’s comment perfectly summed it up for me:

So there you have it, these are just a few of the things that myself and other members will tell you are their favourite things about being a Disney Vacation Club member. Do you have a different favourite thing that doesn’t really fit into the ‘categories’ above? Let us know in the comments.

Finally, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of the people that have been contributing to the ‘Saturday Spill’ conversations. It really was wonderful to read so many positive comments, reflect on the many things I love about DVC and to know that, amongst DVC members, I am in such good company.

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  • We signed our DVC papers in 1994. This was two years after our first trip to Disney World. We took our two daughters who were 4 and 7 at the time. Since joining DVC we’ve gone to DW every year. I’ve always said, vacations will never be cheap and prices will always go up. I know we wouldn’t be able to go to DW every year if we didn’t have DVC. The best thing about being a DVC member? Soon, we’ll be able to take our first grandchild. Our granddaughter is only 9 months now, but we’re all excited to know one day she’ll be experiencing the same excitement that my daughter felt during her first trip. I can’t wait to ride with her on It’s a Small World……….over and over again. 🙂

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