Didn’t you know that there will be resale restrictions when you buy Riviera? You know you will not be able to sell your contract if you are ever in a financial pinch and need to right?

These are just some of the questions I have encountered when I have told people we own points at Disney’s Riviera Resort. And yes, they are concerns that anyone looking to buy into Riviera should consider. Heck, buying into any DVC resort should have you question how you can sell it if there is a need to in the future. I can’t predict what will happen between now and 2070 (when Riviera points expire), but I can walk you through my husband and I’s thought process and why we chose to buy Riviera.

My husband, Ryan, and I have been DVC members since 2017. We originally bought 100 direct points at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, and shortly realized that we needed more (Add-on-itis is real folks. Just know that I warned you!). There were many late-night discussions on how we wanted to obtain more points. We talked about resale points, but at the time the restriction was announced that new contracts purchased would limit you to stay only at the original 14 DVC resorts. This meant the new Riviera Resort and any future resorts were off-limits to book when using the resale points. Knowing that the 100 points would not even get us a week in a studio at some of the more sought after resorts, we decided to add more direct points to be able to use all of our points at current/new DVC resorts.

At first, we were prepared to add on more direct points at the Polynesian. We scheduled an appointment with our DVC representative on a spur-of-the-moment trip we had booked. We arrived at the Saratoga Springs DVC Preview Center and began to talk it over with our rep about our wants/wishes/plans for the points. He stated the information about the waitlist process but encouraged us to see the model of the Riviera rooms. Out of sheer curiosity, we agreed. We went into the meeting knowing the future resale restrictions on the property and were a little hesitant.

We saw the model and were blown away by the decor and layout of the rooms. We currently do not have children, and the tower studio was a draw for us. These studios include a pull-out murphy bed for 2 and are of lower point value. Knowing the limited availability of these rooms, the 11-month booking window would be the only chance you would have to snatch one up. Ryan was definitely more gung-ho about signing the papers to purchase Riviera than I was. We actually went back to the resort to think it over, but alas, we left that trip with 125 points from Riviera. The winning factors were the Skyliner access to Hollywood Studios/Epcot, the overall resort theme and layout, and the expiration year of 2070.

The unknowns of resale do linger in our minds. No one can predict the future. For those considering Riviera but worry about the restrictions and potential change in finances, there is always the option to rent the points until you can further gauge if there is a need to sell. As for now, I am excited for the opening in December and to see the full potential that this DVC resort has to offer.

Shelby LaFlash
DVC Member Since 2017
Polynesian & Riviera

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6 thoughts on “Buying Direct Points at Riviera

  • Thank you for saying this! So tired of all the ppl crying about the resale restrictions. No one is forcing anyone to buy points here. Like you, I much prefer this type of studio with a Murphy bed as opposed to a sofa bed. And I wanted points for somewhere with a studio that sleeps 5. The high maintenance fees are the biggest negative to me! But I bought a 58 point contract so I will be able to do split stays since I also own at BLT and Poly. Excited about the easy access to Epcot!

    • Yes I believe the skyline will be a great addition to the Disney transportation system. The DIS team did a great video of the routes and reviewed their experience. It looked like comfortable and quick ride.

  • The biggest unknown, in my opinion, is what will happen once Riviera resale buyers are locked into that resort. How will the competition for rooms be at 11 months when there are a group of owners who have no other option than to book there? These are my concerns and why I decided not to purchase here.

    • This is a good question! I bought direct because I knew we would want to stay there. The competition among owners will make reservations tough to get for ‘outsiders’ – kind of like the AKL values? This was not part of my reasoning when we made the purchase. The 1 br layout fit the needs of our family. But if it works out this way, bonus!

  • Libby,
    That’s a concern that I didn’t even think of. It will be interesting to see how it plays out in the next few years. Will probably just make sure alarms are set extra early at the 11 month mark to be able to be ready to book 😂.

  • Since most people probably already make their reservations at 11-months and then may try and switch at 7-months, it’s unlikely this will have any significant affect on Riviera reservations. At 7-months availability could be impacted since the resale crowd won’t be switching, but as with any other DVC, reservations are subject to availability, so the early bird will always find worms.

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