I have said it in the previous articles (5 DVC Discounts That We Have Used and Recommend or My Top 5 DVC Discount Bucket List) but it is worth stating it again. You should NEVER buy or even consider buying DVC based on the perks that you get. The real ‘perk’ of membership is being able to regularly stay in deluxe Disney resorts. That is why we bought in and any other perks are exactly that! That said, there are a few of the perks that we may never get to enjoy. Some of these are because of the fact we are UK DVCers while others are simply because there is no way you would catch me doing them…

Broadway Tickets

From time to time, DVC members are offered discounted tickets for the Broadway Disney productions. For instance, at the time of writing this, DVC members can bag tickets for the October 4th performance of Disney’s Frozen on broadway with a 25% discount. As much as I would love to finally see Frozen on stage and bag a discount, that is a very specific date and would require some specific planning in order to take advantage of the offer.

Essentially, we would be booking an entire vacation in order to enjoy the discount. Now, that isn’t to say I wouldn’t jump at the chance to visit New York but it certainly isn’t on the cards right now and the chances that a discount would be available if (or when) we do that New York vacation are pretty slim. At present, there are no discounts offered for the London West-End productions such as The Lion King or Aladdin which is a real shame, because that would definitely be something we’d plan a 30 mile ‘trip’ for.

Disney’s Aladdin in London

Moonlight Magic Events

I love the idea of being able to attend an event with fellow DVC members, an opportunity to get to meet people and know that it was something a little special for us as members. Of course, if the date for one of these events did happen to fall whilst we were on vacation, we would most definitely consider buying tickets. That said, we tend to vacation around the same time, every time. I don’t imagine we would ever base a trip around one of these events so it all comes down to whether they happen whilst we are already there.

Epcot Seas Adventures – Dive Quest

If you are SCUBA-certified you are clearly a fan of underwater expeditions and so I imagine this experience can be absolutely incredible. Personally, though, the thought of swimming, or diving, amongst the 6,000 sea creatures in a 5.7-million-gallon saltwater aquarium evokes the notion of one of my deepest nightmares. I’m not terrified of the water and I love a casual swim as much as the next person but I would not cope being underwater for the length of time of the dive. I’m absolutely terrified of heights but I would sooner go up on Aerophile Characters In Flight than take this dive. Thankfully, I am not SCUBA-certified and I don’t think I ever will be so I have the perfect excuse to skip this experience.

Largemouth Bass Tournament

I’m going to put it out there right now, I don’t ‘get’ fishing. To me, sitting around waiting for a fish to bite on a bit of string sounds akin to watching paint dry. I absolutely understand that many find it a relaxing pastime and that is great. I’d much prefer to just take a seat on a bench in the Magic Kingdom and just people watch which probably sounds like a pretty boring activity too. Granted, this experience also chucks in a little competitive spirit to up the ante but even then, I just can’t see it being fun. It’s just not, ‘me’. I mean no disrespect to anyone who does love fishing either, this is one of those ‘each to their own’ type moments. You certainly wouldn’t find me getting in the way of your casting.

Kayak Adventure

Ok, so the chances of me taking a vacation at Disney’s Vero Beach are already pretty scarce. It’s not that I wouldn’t want to, there are just so many other resorts that I have a desire to visit first. If we did make it out to Vero Beach there is one DVC discount I most definitely would not be taking advantage of. DVC members get a discount on the Kayak Adventure exploration of Florida’s barrier islands. Similar to my feelings of the Epcot Seas Adventures, the thought of being out on the open water in a tiny little kayak makes my nerves jangle. Again, I’m not the best swimmer but I get by on a casual level. I simply wouldn’t trust my own abilities out there and if anyone is likely to capsize the kayak, it would be me!

So that’s my five. Some of them are because they are out of reach and some because I simply wouldn’t want to. What about you? Are there any of the DVC discounts that you don’t think you will ever use? Tell us about it in the comments section.

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3 thoughts on “5 DVC Discounts That We May Never Use

  • Moonlight Magic events are really a big value. We attended the Epcot one last May. It happened to coincide with an already planned trip and getting the “tickets” were a bit of a challenge but so worth the time spent into accessing them. Of course. We already had our accommodations so having that first week to obtain the benefit was key.

  • We managed to get a Magic Kingdom Moonlight Magic event on our last trip in Feb. It was actually the night of our arrival day – we traveled from Alaska to Florida and then did the Moonlight Magic – it was so worth it! I wouldn’t move a vacation dates to make it for MM day, as we book pretty much as soon as the 11 month window opens and we plan our trips out years in advance (I have spreadsheets of happiness tracking all of them we are planning). But we definitely will stay up late or get up even at 2 am to get tickets to one if it happens during our trip time. If you have the chance, for sure go. I was very fun!

  • Being a member for 27 years, the Moonlight Magic events are a fantastic perk. I do WDW in the fall so I miss all the major parks. Typhoon Lagoon happened on the first night of my vacation this year and I was really looking forward to it. I didn’t enjoy it. But I’m sure others did. Maybe I’m just too old for the water parks. I love my DVC and have never regretted buying.

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