“Just do it,” the old Nike commercial said.

That’s what I want to tell visitors to the Disney Vacation Club information kiosk at the resorts when I go by.

“Take the plunge, and you won’t be sorry,” is what I say in my head.

But I keep on walking because I don’t want to butt in on the conversation between visitor and professional DVC kiosk cast member.

“It’s not my place,” I think.

But then, maybe it is. I may be doing a disservice to those people who really want to know the inside skinny on DVC from someone who is already in the club.

Maybe the cast member wouldn’t mind an unscripted, spur-of-the-moment testimonial from an enthusiastic DVC cheerleader. It might just might tip the scales for those on the fence to sign up and become one of us.

Disney Vacation Club Information Kiosk - Tomorrowland
Disney Vacation Club Information Kiosk – Tomorrowland

Some observations:

  • Before joining DVC, I typically walked past the kiosks and avoided eye contact because I didn’t want the cast member to call me over and start giving me the hard sell. I was a cash-paying customer and didn’t want to join DVC, thank you very much. But after realizing DVC would save us money, my wife and I visited a booth, took the tour and were pleasantly surprised. No hard sells!
  • Now that we are seasoned DVCers, we sometimes stop and talk with a kiosk cast member to chat about resorts, expansions, or whatever. We haven’t found one yet who was ill-tempered. They seem to like their job and often share some of the gossip about what might be in the DVC pipeline.
  • I’ve noticed that when you walk past, the cast members never solicit you. These are not those kiosks in malls where they pounce you and ask if you want to upgrade your phone, or wave a teriyaki chicken nugget in your face when you’re at the food court. At Disney, you approach them if you’re interested.
  • Kudos to Disney for setting up these kiosks at just the right locations inside and outside resorts. They’re easy to find if you want them but not that obtrusive if you’re not interested. They’re like National Hockey League referees: they cover the ice during a game, but you don’t notice them when you’re watching the game.

Next time you pass a DVC kiosk, wave to the staffer or say hello. Better yet, engage them in conversation. You might learn something. Also, don’t hesitate to talk with visitors when they leave and talk up the fun of being a DVC Member. You might make a future friend!

About Michael Bates

 My wife Lori and I bought into Saratoga Springs in 2014 and added Copper Creek Villas in 2017. We typically visit a resort and the parks every two months or so and never looked back on our decision to become DVC members.

One thought on “Visiting a DVC Kiosk

  • My husband and I bought our first DVC points in 2003 (I think that year? Anyway was many years ago) and we agonized over buying them for months until we finally took the plunge. Over time, we went back and bought 4 more times. We’ve never regretted it. We have had many wonderful times at Disney World and also enjoyed 10 seven night Disney cruises aboard the Fantasy, 3 with our daughter and grandkids. I hope I have all the dates and places correct, just turned 71. But the end result is, we have used our points and enjoyed wonderful vacations with our kids and grandkids, and also alone, which we could not have done without the DVC. Thank you DVC for all the wonderful memories and more to come!!

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