After becoming a DVC member, it is easy to assume that you have prepaid for your resort stays for the next couple of decades or more.  Nevertheless, there are a few instances when it may still make sense to book a cash stay even after you become a DVC member. Below are a few reasons to consider going for that cash stay.  

You Have an Annual Pass

Perhaps through DVC, you purchased a discounted annual pass.  You want to make good use of your pass, but you’re all out of points.  Go for a cash stay at a value or moderate resort; you may even be able to squeeze in one more trip right before your annual pass expires.

You Love the Moderate Resorts

For some people, the moderate resorts are among their favorites.  Port Orleans French Quarter is beautiful, and who doesn’t like those Mickey beignets?  Gran Destino Tower at Coronado Springs recently opened, and the rooms look more like those of a deluxe resort than a moderate to me.  I would also love to try Toledo one day. Just because you’re a DVC member doesn’t mean that you can’t book your favorite moderate resorts anymore.

You Want a Last-Minute Getaway

Need that Disney fix and can’t find availability through DVC?  Time for a cash stay. While you can sometimes snag a great DVC trip at the last minute, most stays require advance planning.  If you are looking to book a DVC trip a few months out, you may find that there aren’t many consecutive days available. Going for a cash stay at a value or moderate resort may provide greater flexibility at a reasonable rate.  I nearly purchased a JetBlue vacation package for a last-minute Thanksgiving trip when my family suddenly thought of celebrating the holiday at Disney World. I knew that nothing would be available through DVC, and when I logged into the website, sure enough, there was not a single studio or one-bedroom available for the few days around Thanksgiving.    

You’re Planning A Park-Heavy Trip

If you are looking to go from Rope Drop to park close, you probably aren’t spending much time at the resort other than sleeping.  If that’s the case, maybe staying at a value resort makes more sense. This way, you can save your points for a trip when you are better able to enjoy the amenities of a DVC resort.  In fact, there are plenty of great options among the DVC resorts for non-park vacations.

There’s an Enticing Deal

Maybe you saw an offer for free dining or that deal for up to 40% off villas at Riviera.  Whatever the deal may be, there are times that they can be hard to pass up.

Whatever your reason for booking a cash stay as a DVC member, just be sure not to pay full price.  There is always some sort of discount, whether through being a member, annual passholder, or Disney Visa cardholder or other vacation package discounts through companies like Dreams Unlimited Travel. Happy vacationing!

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  • It is worth mentioning that it is often to your advantage within a DVC points stay to pay cash for weekend nights so as not to use up valuable points – member services can set this up for you. Also DCL trip is usually not worth the points and better to pay cash.

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