If a little over a week goes by over on the DISboards or the DVC Fan Facebook Group, and I haven’t heard a mention of 2042, I begin to get concerned.  

The elephant in the room when it comes to Disney Vacation Club is and continues to be what will happen on January 31st, 2042, when the following six resorts are scheduled to expire:  

Will extensions be offered? Will current owners be offered deals to purchase new contracts? Every question has been asked, discussed, and analyzed, and yet deep down, I truthfully think DVC has not yet even started to answer that question internally.  

But a recent discussion on the DVC Fan Facebook Group made me think of two questions that I thought would be fun to ask. Just as we are always wondering what DVC might do, perhaps they are wondering the exact same of us as members? Cast your votes below!

1) If Disney Vacation Club offered you a 15-year contract extension similar to those previously offered at Old Key West, would you purchase it? 

2) If Disney Vacation Club elects to let 2042 resorts expire as scheduled, would you re-purchase a new DVC contract upon expiration?

Let me know your thoughts and comments below, and we will post the results and member feedback in a few weeks!

Paul Krieger

Amy and I are new Orlando, Florida residents where we live with our dogs Odie the greyhound and Hermès the Spanish galgo. We are DVC owners at Animal Kingdom Lodge, BoardWalk Villas, Grand Californian, Grand Floridian, and Polynesian, Disney World Annual Passholders, and love educating Disney Vacation Club members on how to both use and maximize the value of their DVC points!

23 thoughts on “Poll: What Will You Do in 2042?

  • I own 75 points at BWV that I purchased direct in September 2019 and I’m seriously considering picking up some BR points on resale. The answer to both questions is: it’ll depend primarily on my health and activity level as I will be 75 when the contract expires

  • I’ll probably be playing a harp. =)

  • I only own a 50 pt contract at BCV that supplements my main contract at BLT so I would probably just let it go.

    • I will be 76… God willing. I would love to add 15 years and leave it to my children.

  • We just bought DVC. I am not concerned about 2042. Our kids will be 29 and 31. And, I hope we will have a vacation home somewhere so DVC won’t be as important.

  • We bought our contract in 2000. I’ll be 87 come 2042 so I do think I’ll want to add to that.

  • It’s been a while since I looked at the extension offer they made. Could you do a quick recap of what it was? Also, I would purchase another contract, but most likely resale and not direct. (of course dependent upon how much stricter they will get with resale usage).

    • In 2007 DVC offered OKW owners the option of extending their contract by 15yrs. Early adopters received this at $15 per point, with those electing to wait a while paid $25 per point.

  • I think there might be interesting demographic factors at play worth studying. How old will people be when 2042? How many points do they have? How many children do they have? If they’re going to be in their twilight years and aren’t close to having enough points to split among children, etc. If the deed has already been inherited by millennials. What if Disney invoked similar resale restrictions on low cost contract extensions? Etc.

    • Exactly…we already sold all our DVC last year because our adult children were not interested, except on occasional basis, and what their children (our grandkids) like the most about Florida was swimming! Don’t need Disney for that!! We will be 90 and 96 in 2042, and so have aged out!!

  • I’ll be 82 in 2042 so as the song goes I’ll probably “let it go “.

  • We’re going to be almost 80 in 2042 and we have 150 points at a newer resort too. Hopefully we’ll still be spry enough to use them! Otherwise, we’d be signing up for an extension. We still might if it’s offered depending on how we decide to dispose of our points. We’re a no kid family.

  • I will be 90 in 2042 so by that time I don’t think Disney will be as relevant for me. And my kids aren’t interested in DVC. Also I own at AKV and BLT which have later dates.

    • We will be in our early 90’s Lord willing, but would like my children and grandkids ability to add on and enjoy! Disney still relevant to them! So many great memories and they still want to go via our “family scholarship” program!😎😎

  • I have 150 points at OKW that we bought in 1997 and 100 points at Boulder Ridge bought in 2000. I will be 88 in 2042, my husband passed away/ years ago and we had no children. As much as I love them , I will let them go..,

  • I will be 66 so I am hoping for an extension since all I would have is 125 points for BLT and should be able to go more often since I would be close to retirement and God-willing, still healthy.

  • We own BWV and BRV. I’ll be 80 in 2042, and after discussing with my 29 year old son, we’re taking a wait and see approach. He’ll be 50 or so when the time comes, and can decide what he and his wife want to do. If they offer an extension, we’ll consider that, but as others noted, it would depend on the terms. Interesting to see the large amount of people that would extend – but not add a new contract. Should be interesting!

  • We would probably let Boulder go as we have other locations.

  • 320pts aulani. Expire 2062 and 275pts Copper creek. Expire 2068. I will survive the 2042 apocalypse. I will be 67 in 2042.

  • After reading all the replies posted, I see that I am in the same boar as many other folks: I’ll be 90 YO in 2042 s0, most likely, I will not purchase another contract. IMO, the price per point is astronomical now and out of reach for so many folks. Of course, if DVC offered an affordable extension, I’d consider it because my kids and grandkids also love to visit WDW.

  • My family bought BLT presale in 2008 when my child was 4. Best purchase I ever made, points good until at least 2060. Being that I hope to be up at that great amusement park in the sky by then; God willing; hopefully by then I’ll have grandkids making this decision. But if I had to decide in 2042 rather than 2060, and the contract stayed relatively unchanged, I’d renew it in a heartbeat to leave something a little extra nice for my family.

  • We purchased our points at SSR in 2008. Just last year we finally added our adult children to our deed so the magic can continue. And it doesn’t hurt that they love Disney more then my husband and I.

  • In another 22 years, I’ll be in my late 70s/my husband in his early 80s, and our children will be in mid-life (recently added them to the DVC deed). It’s unlikely we’d purchase an extension or a new contract at that time given the annual price increases for points and maintenance fees. We own another timeshare just outside of WDW, and that contract is deeded in perpetuity, can be willed to our children, but we’ll be adding them to the deed soon to avoid any estate issues with that. While we’ve been a Disney family for a very long time (honeymooned in 1987 and DVC owners since 1999), the expense of regularly visiting WDW (park tickets and food) is becoming cost-prohibitive and will continue to be in the next 20+ years. We don’t regret purchasing DVC at all, and have gotten more than our money’s worth over the years in resort stays. We’ll likely reduce our trips to every 3 years to get the most out of our points and enjoy more downtime along with parkhopping.

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