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What I’m Packing for My Trip During Disney World’s Phased Reopening

Once Disney announced that DVC resorts at Disney World would reopen on June 22, I breathed a sigh of relief.  There was finally a concrete answer as to when we can return.  After having planned and cancelled 2 trips since March, I would be able to plan a trip for real.  Now that the countdown has begun in earnest for our August trip, I’ve started to give some thought as to how things will be different and what that may mean for packing.  Yes, I know to bring the usual like clothes that will work in the hot, humid weather and an umbrella for those afternoon storms that seem to happen every day throughout the summer.  But I mean items that may help given that this will be the first time that I return to the resorts and parks during the pandemic.  Here’s what I’m thinking:


A Few Disney-themed Face Masks

Now that Disney has made face masks mandatory for guests ages 2 and up, masks are essential.  I found a few Disney-themed ones and am waiting for the pre-ordered ones from shopDisney to arrive.  I’ll be sure to pack several to have plenty to change out during the trip.  I’m thinking it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to always keep an extra mask in my park bag just in case.

Hand Sanitizer

The Pocket Size Magic Hand Sanitizer in Beach Resort

While Disney has made it a point to add hand-washing stations and hand sanitizer dispensers throughout Disney Springs and parks, it still doesn’t hurt to have my own stash of hand sanitizer.  I normally have a little bottle of Purell in my park bag, but this time I’ll opt for one of the Magic Candle Company hand sanitizers.  I ordered the Beach Resort one since I love the scent of the Beach Club.  If you plan to order anything from the Magic Candle Company, be sure to use the discount code from The DIS (DISNEYINFO) for 15% off your order.

Disinfecting Wipes

If I can manage to find some in stock before our trip, I’ll be sure to pack disinfecting wipes.  Although I know that Disney is taking extra precautions in cleaning the resorts, I may still want to wipe down things like handles, switches, and the remote control upon checking into our villa in an abundance of caution.  It may also be a good idea to have them for the flights to and from MCO.

Disney Gift Cards

Disney Gift Cards

During my last trip, I made good use of discounted Disney gift cards from Target for souvenirs and dining, but now I have another reason to get them: Disney has recently added gift cards as a payment option for mobile ordering on the My Disney Experience (MDE) app.  Knowing that mobile ordering will be much more prevalent in an effort to reduce contact between cast members and guests, it’ll be helpful to have my gift cards linked and ready to go in MDE.

For those of you traveling during the phased reopening, what are some must-pack items for your first trip back to Disney World?

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  • Glad you are able to “cope”! Member since 1992, we are hoping for normal before we go again!

  • If you can’t find cleaning wipes, try baby wipes. Use on old wipe container, or a heavy plastic big. Add some disinfecting cleaner and you have cleaning wipes. I actually prefer the thickness of baby wipes, and there is nothing really magic about cleaning wipes. Some people call them bleach wipes, but there is no bleach in them.

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