11 thoughts on “What to Know Before Cancelling Your DVC Trip

  • Many thanks. Coming from the UK I have a major problem looming. I have a 2 bed booked at WL for 2020. I had to borrow points. As matters stand I can’t buy tickets nor am I able to fly. I fear I stand to lose around 400 points. This can’t be right.

    • But I believe that borrowed points will be returned to their appropriate use year. So if you borrowed 2021 points for this WL vacation and you cancel they should go back to your 2021 use year. (Correct ?)

      • As of now, there are members who have had their borrowed points returned to their original Use Year after cancelling a trip. However, the concern is that we don’t know how long this will be honored since it isn’t the normal policy for borrowed points.

  • They really need to come up with a plan for those of us from out of country. We have two contracts. 250 BLT expiring at the end of November(September Booking) and 75 OKW expiring at the end of January and I don’t expect it to be safe nor have the border(Canadian) open by then for us to go.

  • Call Member Services

  • I was told by DVC member services that points transferred to RCI cannot be used at any properties within 25 miles of a Disney park.

  • Same here. We are DVC members since 1999, from Norway. We made multiple bookings for a 3 weeks stay with friends during the Food & Wine Festival in October and November. Bookings were confirmed back in December 2019. We borrowed 400+ points from 2021 use year. Now we need to cancel because the travel restrictions between our country and the U.S. will still be in place at least till the end of this year. Any advice is highly appreciated. All the best to you all!

    • I’m so sorry you will need to cancel! I think your best bet is to call Member Services and see if you can get your borrowed points to return to 2021. For any points that will expire, either try renting out your points or roll them into RCI, so you can get some sort of value out of them. Good luck!

  • I am really in a bind. I rented a villa at the Yacht & Club for September. I rented through a popular site that rents for owners, but has a no cancellation policy. The stay was paid in full at the time of booking. I am not able to buy park tickets either, and even if I could, I am not going to chance traveling to Florida right now with the Covid surge they are seeing. The company is trying to re-rent the villa for us, but if they can’t I will lose $2400 and can’t do anything about it.

  • I have to say the way DVC has handled this appalling. I have a reservation for Xmas but to date (being from abroad) unable to buy tickets. Then a couple of days ago tickets and resort reservations open up. So the Park Passes dwindle and albeit I had booked months ago I still cannot buy tickets. Surely those with existing reservations should have been given first option. DVC are happy to take my money. Happy to take my dues. Happy to sell a dream. But ultimately, don’t appear to accommodate or care for their foreign members. We appear to have been completely disregarded with a dose of distain.

    I regret the day I ever bought in.

  • Why can you not buy tickets ?
    Is it an international issue, or travel ban ?
    I have a late October trip.
    I was able to buy park tickets and reserve my park days.

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