Hello everyone! I hope all is well and everybody is staying safe. Our office wanted to provide an update on some recent activity with Disney’s Right of First Refusal for September 2020. As of 9/11/20, Disney has bought back 21 contracts in the month of September from our office (DVCstore.com). These buybacks were from sales that happened in late July as well as August, and it is a higher number of buybacks then we typically see from Disney (normally 10 – 12%). This month is a staggering 16% buyback rate!

Disney seems to be targeting Saratoga Springs, Old Key West, and the Grand Floridian right now, but there are a few other resorts that were also purchased (Animal Kingdom and Vero Beach). Below is the list of what was bought back and the prices: 

Saratoga Springs

  • Saratoga Springs – 150 points – $98 pp
  • Saratoga Springs – 150 points – $95 pp
  • Saratoga Springs – 150 points – $95 pp
  • Saratoga Springs – 194 points – $95 pp
  • Saratoga Springs – 160 points – $95 pp
  • Saratoga Springs – 150 points – $90 pp
  • Saratoga Springs – 200 points – $96 pp
  • Saratoga Springs – 200 points – $99 pp
  • Saratoga Springs – 200 points – $100 pp
  • Saratoga Springs – 200 points – $101 pp
  • Saratoga Springs – 215 points – $94 pp
  • Saratoga Springs – 240 points – $95 pp
  • Saratoga Springs – 250 points – $91 pp
  • Saratoga Springs – 270 points – $97 pp

Old Key West

  • Old Key West – 200 points – $90 pp
  • Old Key West – 200 points – $93 pp
  • Old Key West – 250 points – $90 pp

Grand Floridian 

  • Grand Floridian – 300 points – $147 pp
  • Grand Floridian – 80 points – $150 pp

Vero Beach 

  • Vero Beach – 250 points – $52 pp

Animal Kingdom

  • Animal Kingdom – 210 points – $90 pp

What our office has noticed on these 21 contracts was the consistency in either the price, point ranges, or both:

  • Saratoga Springs: 150 to 200 point contracts, ranging from $95 – $101 per point. 
  • Old Key West: 200 – 250 point contracts ranging $90 – $93 per point. 
  • Animal Kingdom: 210 point contract, bought back at $90 per point.
  • Grand Floridian: 300 point contract, bought back at $147 per point. 
  • Vero Beach: 250 point contract, bought back at $52 per point.
Disney Vacation Club - Old Key West Resort

The good news is, we had over 30 contracts pass ROFR so far in September with many more to come, so they are not buying everything back. The odds are in the buyer’s favor that Disney will pass ROFR and let the contract go through.  

If you are in the process of purchasing and your contract does get bought back, don’t get too discouraged, as we can always try again with a different property. The biggest thing you lose is time, as we will have to start the purchase process over again. If you prefer not to re-buy, you can have your deposit refunded right away, or as an alternate, you can leave it in escrow for the next contract should you want to try again. 

Currently, 84% of the contacts we are selling are passing ROFR, so the buyer’s chances are great to get it passed by Disney. When making your offer, ask the DVC Store associate what price Disney has been exercising ROFR for insight into how to avoid Disney buying back the contract. We want to help put the odds in your favor and get as good of a deal as possible for your next DVC purchase. 

Please let us know if we can assist you with any additional questions, and we will be more than happy to help. You can email sales@dvcstore.com or call us at 800-550-6493 or visit our website at DVCstore.com.

3 thoughts on “DVC Right of First Refusal Update: September 2020

  • Are there any particular use years they are buying back?

    • Use year does not matter to DVC when repurchasing I believe. Once they have the points, they can repurpose them however they wish.

  • Whoa, didn’t think Saratoga would be hot, but I assume Disney is anticipating a very busy 2021 and need all the points they can get their hands on. I had a Saratoga $100/pt pass recently so I guess I feel lucky at this point.

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