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Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity to participate in what I call a DVC One-Night Stand, and I’m finally ready to tell you all about it. It all began on a Saturday night when I learned I had to cancel my upcoming five day trip in Mid October due to some work obligations. It would have been the perfect solo adventure. Four Nights at Beach Club Villas, which I had never stayed at with plenty of time to eat, swim, and of course, the parks. I even had some friends who would be there at the same time. Realizing that I now wouldn’t be at my happy place till March for the DIS Family Reunion, I began to hatch my plan. I was off work that Monday for the Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples Day Weekend and decided to fly down to WDW from Austin, TX Sunday Morning for one night and return Monday Evening! It was meant to be; there was even a Standard View Studio at the BoardWalk available. I booked my flight, packed a bag, and went to bed around 11 pm.

Disney For One Night? Really?

You Bet! At 4:30 am the next morning, I headed out to the lovely Austin Bergstrom International Airport and boarded my Delta flight to Atlanta and then Orlando, and I was in line for the Magical Express by noon. By 1:00 pm, I arrived at the beautiful Disney’s BoardWalk Villas, and since my room wasn’t ready, I seized the day! I walked over to the nearby WDW Swan Hotel for quick service, got an egg and cheese muffin, ate it at the Boardwalk tables, and boarded the bus to the Magic Kingdom!

I was in the Magic Kingdom by 2:30 pm, if my memory serves me well, and off to the races I was! The best part of Disney Vacation Club for me is that I know I will always be back, so I took the first 30 minutes or so and just walked throughout the park, taking in the sights, smells, and the food! I then proceeded to ride my favorite attractions and took the bus back to the BoardWalk, having received the text message a little bit before 4 pm that my Standard View Studio was ready. By the way, 10 points! What a steal!

Before heading into my room, I checked out the Luna Pool to see what had happened to the clown, then went in my room and promptly crashed on the bed for about two hours before dinner. The one critical mistake I made here was not getting enough sleep the night before, so this nap was perfect! I woke up, dressed a bit fancy, and headed down the Boardwalk to Shulas Steakhouse in the WDW Dolphin for Dinner.

This was my first time at Shula’s and WOW! I was impressed. I travel and dine solo 90% of the time, and every so often, I go somewhere that makes me feel extra special solo. This place was AMAZING. The team of servers in my area took excellent care of me, ensuring I always had what I needed and stuck around to hear every bad and or dad joke that came out of my system. I had drinks, The French Onion Soup, a 22oz Ribeye Steak, and Desert. Side note the Old Fashion is much better than the one at Enchanted Rose and doesn’t cost 25 bucks. It was worth every penny, plus they accept tables in Wonderland. I am in no way a foodie or a qualified reviewer of dining establishments, but I can tell you I loved my meal, and I would definitely go back. I then took a couple of laps around the lake and went to bed. Side Note, there is nothing I love more than walking around the Boardwalk at night. The view is breathtaking, and it is the main reason I bought points there.

Well, here we are! Day 2 and the last day of this one nightstand. I started the day by drinking coffee and doing a few laps around the lake again when I ran into the newly married DVC Fan Contributor, Lauren De La Cruz. The couple in the room next to me was fighting all night, so I was relieved to know it wasn’t them. I said my hello’s to her and her family in front of Screen Door and continued to Hollywood Studios, where I would spend my final few hours. I rode some favorites and then headed back to the BoardWalk via the Skyliner to head to the Airport, getting back to Austin around 9 pm, which was about 36 hours after I had left. The end of my One-Night Stand.

Was It Worth it???

Yes! It was! I am actually booking another one night stand as we speak. While I will always prefer a longer trip, I would do this again in a heartbeat if I needed my Disney Fix and had no other way to get it. If I could tweak it, I would try and stay two nights if for no other reason than to get a full night’s rest, but honestly, I wouldn’t have traded this trip for anything. I do wish non stop flights come back soon between Austin and Orlando. That being said it was a solid trip and like every Disney trip I take, this one ended with a few new pins being added to my collection. This time DVC themed! Have you ever gone to Disney for one night? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “The DVC One-Night Stand

  • Awesome! My husband and I had a “one night stand” (LOL!) at the Grand Floridian in October. We didn’t go to any parks, but we definitely had a “magical time”. I also did this in February (a quick pre-DOVID girls trip) and it was great. We were at SSR, preferred and they upgraded us to a one bedroom!!! We had fantastic direct flight times, so we arrived early in Orlando, and didn’t have to leave until late the next day. We hit up Epcot, Disney Springs, HS (even rode RotR!) and Magic Kingdom before heading home. I highly recommend the one night only trips if it makes sense. Great way to get a fix on the cheap.

  • Fantastic article. I’ve done a fair amount of travel by myself but always business never pleasure. Boardwalk definitely moves up my list as well. Not cool stalking a moderator though.

    • “Stalking a moderator”??Saying hello to someone you may know of from the boards is hardly stalking.

  • Great article. I could absolutely see me doing something like this. I just went to a park (EPCOT) by myself one time and it was amazing. Think you summed it up so perfect…getting a quick fix. Thanks

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