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Amy and I are new Orlando, Florida residents where we live with our dogs Odie the greyhound and Hermès the Spanish galgo. We are DVC owners at Animal Kingdom Lodge, BoardWalk Villas, Grand Californian, Grand Floridian, and Polynesian, Disney World Annual Passholders, and love educating Disney Vacation Club members on how to both use and maximize the value of their DVC points!

5 thoughts on “DVC Show: Disney Vacation Club 2021 Predictions

  • I think for a small number of years, DVC will pull back on direct purchase benefits, Moonlight Magic being the obvious first casualty. I expect the DVC member lounge in Epcot to be the next cut. Disney has already taken some Top of the World Lounge days for paid events and I expect more days to be taken. I expect retail and dining discounts to remain. Who knows what will happen with respect to Annual passes. This will continue until direct sales dwindle far below resales and/or overall prices are depressed.

  • Nothing was mentioned about annual passes. We have points, we can travel but the cost of regular tickets is ridiculous. We can’t afford to go bro the parks. Florida residents are allowed to purchase annual passes. We own real estate in DVC but don’t get the same benefits as a Florida resident. They need to give us back our annual pass discount. If you can’t travel to use the annual pass then don’t purchase one. But at least give us the option.

  • The full and outright removal of Annual Pass will definitely cause a backlash from DVC members, and most likely a huge sell off of points. The market would be flooded and Disney would be forced to buyback hundreds of thousands of points to keep the market from being flooded with cheap points. I for one would look at selling if Annual Passes were permanently discontinued. The renewal of passes without a discount will also affect our visits.

    We go very often, about three to four weeks of resort stays a year as we live a few hours away and can go for a weekend or longer more often then most. The plans for the passes will definitely be a big deal for us. There is no way I am paying daily rates as often as we go to WDW.

  • I am quite disappointed with Disney’s response to Covid. Disney has always been the gold standard, but with our covid environment Disney is trailing. I don’t think that any backlash about annual passes will make any difference to Disney. instead we have chose to go elsewhere. I own at OKW we were there for a week in September, and spent not one day at Disney parks. We ate at Olivia’s one night and that was the only money Disney got from us. We will be there again In May, and again we will spend not one day in Disney parks. Their competition will get our money. If you want Disney to respond, quit giving them your money. Use your vacation club, as you have already paid for it. However, spend the rest of your vacation money on their competition. Don’t give Disney one more dollar than you absolutely have to, to enjoy your vacation club.

    • I agree with Rich, although I’m not quite ready to totally give up on the parks, as we’re new DVC owners. We are spending our time at Universal though and the rest of the time at the DVC resort just to relax. We’re buying our own groceries and alcohol, so it truly is a resort-only stay.

      We can’t afford a million day passes for our planned two weeks of DVC vacations. If we can’t get APs, I’m looking to bank our points and do one longer/more deluxe stay later down the road until they come back, versus our two to three weeks of flights, time off from work, and tickets and souvenirs, dinner reservations, and endless snacks and drinks in the parks with the kids.

      Universal has been selling APs all along, cheaper, and good for 15 months. I’m excited to give them a try, and Disney breaking the bubble for us is shooting themselves in the foot. Now we’re interested in doing Vero Beach, Space Coast, maybe Sea World, and trying out Gator Land and other FL attractions off property.

      A few years down the road, if the Brightliner DOES connect to Disney Springs and the airport, I can see using DVC as our resort only and taking the train to other areas, or renting a car.

      The lack of communication and attention paid to the DVC community stinks. The reps on the phone couldn’t be nicer and more accommodating. They’re not the issue. It’s the management that isn’t thinking long-term about a very loyal and lucrative fan base that now will happily only eat in their rooms, have all food and beverages delivered, and miss out on a lot of cash that could be bought, as well as add-on-itis points.

      Gold APs need to come back ASAP, and an announcement for a Skyliner expansion would be a welcome shot in the arm to many owners. If nothing like that happens soon, I think many people will be renting points, selling, or doing resort-only stays for a while and learn that there is more to the bubble life at Disney.

      Universal is expanding their offerings and hotels. I think they may leave Disney in the dust in a few years with attractions and resorts so close to their properties.

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