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DVC Stays: Ballin vs Budget 2 – Ballin Outta The Park!

Today’s theme is an expansion on a surprisingly popular concept we shared here at DVC Fan a few weeks ago exploring the rich diversity of experiences DVC members get to enjoy. You can simply lounge at the pool for no more than the cost of your travel and points for your accommodations or you can splurge thousands of dollars on experiences that can generate memories that last a lifetime, and who can really put a price on that?… I can… Let’s dive in!

Traveling to Aulani

Maybe you want to live the island life?

Resort – Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa

Located in the beautiful Ko’Olina resort portion of the island of O’Ahu, Aulani stands in its own league amongst Disney resorts with its unparalleled feelings of relaxation, attention to detail, and stunning views.


Shopping trip to Hale Manu-$???

An awesome  “O’Ahu Spectacular” Helicopter Tour – $346.00 PP

Get your swim cap ready for the Dolphin Royal Swim Program – $276 PP

Time to relax before dinner with a trip to the Laniwai Spa for a Signature Lomilomi treatment, the best Laniwai has to offer. – $250 PP

Then its time for dinner at Ama Ama – $110 PP

Cost – Roughly $2,500 for two people, unless one of you is Pete Werner. (Talk amongst ya selves)


Breakfast at Ulu Cafe – $25.00 PP

Swim in the private Lagoon – $0.00 PP

Lunch  at Wailana Pool Bar – $32.00 PP

Relax in the Lazy River – $0.00 PP

Dinner, let’s splurge, at Ka Wa’A, Lu’au – $150.00 PP

Cost – Roughly $500.00 for two people

Hilton Head

Maybe you want the island life without flying to Hawaii?

Resort – Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort

Sand, sun, and no 10-hour plane rides! Sound good? Then “Boy, Oh Boy” do I have the resort for you! Hilton Head enjoys what I can only describe as a cult following within the DVC membership and who could argue with it? It’s a stunning resort nestled into picturesque scenery with southern charm.


A morning of golf at Sea Pines Harbour Town Golf Links which is the site of the Heritage Golf Classic.

A shopping trip in town

Lunch in town

An evening low country dolphin tour

An awesome dinner at a local place in town

Cost – The “Disney” offerings here are semi-limited but complemented excellently by the local culture and establishments. Your spending here is up to you.


Walk around the grounds and enjoy the scenic coastal views and sounds.

Breakfast from Tide Me Over

Spend the afternoon at the beautiful pool

A nice light lunch at Signals

A quick dinner at a local haunt

A sunset walk on the beach

Cost – Roughly $200 for two people

Maybe you want to be in Florida but don’t want to be at the parks, and you like turtles A LOT?

Resort – Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

Just two hours southeast of WDW, this picturesque seaside resort is nestled along the Atlantic Treasure Coast near the community of Vero Beach.


A wave runner rental from Tide’s Water Sports

A nice lunch at Wind & Waves Market

Some bike rentals from Eb & Flo’s

An Umbrella Rental at the Atlantic Beach

A Nightime Sea Turtle Outing

Nightcap and Dessert from The Green Cabin Room

Cost – Roughly $750 for two people


Sunrise walk on the beach

Quick breakfast from Wind & Waves Grill

A round of Mini-Golf

Lunch from Wind & Waves Market

Relax after lunch with some arts and crafts at The Community Hall

An evening dip in the pool

Back to the room for some real magic {Bom Chica wow-wow ;)} (Just a laughing moment)

Cost – Roughly $150.00 for 2 people

Not everyone enjoys theme parks all the time or at all, and that’s okay. Disney continues to deliver world-class accommodations and customer service and provide magical experiences outside of the parks. This is just one more example of how good we have it as members and the opportunity to have rich and unique experiences in places that have all the magic of Disney but less of the hustle and bustle of the parks. Also, as I was writing this I couldn’t help thinking “Ballin vs budget? No, we should change it to Werner vs Fiasco”.

Disclaimer: Some experiences listed may be temporarily unavailable due to COVID. However, we are hopeful to see many of these great experiences return soon.

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