I hear things from time to time that just make me stop and scratch my head. Rumors so far-fetched and unbelievable that they cannot seem remotely true. Yet time and time again, they turn out to be accurate, and I am left speechless.

So ladies and gentlemen: Goodbye backpacks and hello PopSockets!

Disney Vacation Club is no longer giving out their famous backpacks with new direct member purchases. This swag has long been a right of passage for new members to display with pride in the parks, but now it has been moved to the curb to make way for a stick-on cell phone holder. Part of me likes to hope that the PopSocket says, “This cost me $30,000.”

Don’t fear, though – Our friends over at DVC Resale Market have been making up for Disney Vacation Club’s lack of proper swag for some time now and will still provide a backpack for each new resale purchase! You might also get lucky enough to snag an “Add-on-itis” or “It’s Got a Friggin Savannah” t-shirt.

Let us know what you think about DVC discontinuing this fan-favorite perk as part of direct Disney Vacation Club purchases! We also haven’t seen this PopSocket in the wild yet, so if you happen to see one shoot us a picture.

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Paul Krieger

Amy and I are new Orlando, Florida residents where we live with our dogs Odie the greyhound and Hermès the Spanish galgo. We are DVC owners at Animal Kingdom Lodge, BoardWalk Villas, Grand Californian, Grand Floridian, and Polynesian, Disney World Annual Passholders, and love educating Disney Vacation Club members on how to both use and maximize the value of their DVC points!

28 thoughts on “RUMOR: DVC Discontinues Backpacks with New Direct Purchases

  • There was more in the backpack than just a nice backpack. Getting something unique, useful, and high quality had practical as well as “status” for the receiver. But a pop-socket is so cheap that they should just not do anything… They should be giving those away to you for coming for the tour…

    • I got one for going on the tour! I have 4 of them!

    • Yet another way Bob Chapek is ruining Disney magic.

      On a side note, my husband and I purchased a DVC contract through Randy @DVC Resale Market in 2020 and never got a backpack :-(. Maybe they aren’t doing it anymore either ?

  • Amazing. Just keep taking away.
    Would LOVE to hear a show around DVC starting out from the beginning and benefits and perks over the years that have been given and taken away. Pete is new to DVC. I’m not sure he realizes just what the perks were over the years that have been taken away (rather aggressively the past 5 years) leaving us with aside from Epcot lounge, essentially exactly what passholders benefits are. It’s not feeling entitled about what should get when never had it. It’s when you have had it and then it is just taken away. All of it.
    If you told me when I bought my DVC in 2005 that I would EVER sell it, I would laugh thinking never !! Now I’m trying to find reasons to keep it.

  • Wow! “Pay more get less” really is the new company moto. I thought removing photopass digital download from the annual pass was mean and shortsighted; this takes it to a new level.

    • Agreed. They want to cut costs at every corner.

    • I know! Losing the photopass from AP was very disappointing. We keep losing more. Never thought I would think if selling my DVC but am now tempted. Also so much harder now to get a reservation when you want it.

  • Paul love your comments! Please tell me how I can get another annual pass! Had them for years, but hesitated to renew in Oct, figured get it a couple months later due to vacation plans, no go! Been a DVC member since ‘92!

  • Wow, how pathetic are they! I guess they need to make sure Cheapo Chapek gets his bonus next year…

  • I’m glad I have a DVC backpack, but I don’t think I’d care if I signed a contract today and didn’t receive one. Shortly afterwards it ended up in the closet with a bunch of other random backpacks from events. There’s far better bags you can take with you around the park. Not saying I’d utilize the pop socket, but the bag didn’t scream quality either.

  • Just wondering- are the backpacks being distributed going forward? We purchased in January and did not get any swag.

    • I bought Direct in 2016 and didn’t receive anything let alone a backpack.

      • i bought in 2000 and 2002 and didnt receive anything either.

  • Pop sockets! How cheap and cheesy! I would rather have a magnet! We never got anything fun like that, or even a backpack, when we purchased direct, granted it was only a 30 pt add on after we bought resale. We still love being DVC members but it’s more about a connection to the “club” than anything since we can hardly afford to travel much these days anyway. Not sure how much longer we will hang on with the way things are going though.

  • yet another cut back

  • Shaking my head at this one.

  • Getting.a backpack with my resale contract from DVC Resale Market would have been very cool! Maybe with the next contract 🙂

    • I purchased direct this month.and actually just got a backpack today along with car magnets. I didn’t even know the backpacks were a thing. Frankly, my thought was how wasteful it was to send it 2 day priority mail (with so many stupid extra disney costs these days.)

  • What the actual hell? a) Do Disney’s cost-cutting measures know no bounds? b) How much does this actually save them, I wonder? When you’re getting tens of thousands of dollars (sometimes hundreds) from people, is a backpack really that extravagant a perk?

  • Back in 2008 we didn’t receive a backpack. They gave us a gym bag and travel bag.

  • Anything they can do to make the experience less magical

  • It is a shame. It seems that the growing trend for all things Disney is pay more, receive less! My wife and I are DVC members and own at The Polynesian and Hilton Head Island, we’re also annual pass holders.

    Perks mean something, it’s nice to receive them and at least they help make you feel like your business is appreciated, especially when you are a loyal/dedicated fan/customer. Here lately though, we are finding ourselves questioning the value to benefit ratio unfortunately and very well may start utilizing our vacation and monies elsewhere.

  • My wife and I just bought 150 points 2 weeks ago direct from Disney to get blue card status with discount bonus, and we just received the bag yesterday. They are still giving them out. I did get a sub par bag during the initial signing but got this in the mail.

  • I just closed on my first contract, through DVC Resale Market, and not one mention of any swag. That’s ok, I didn’t do it for the swag. Can’t wait for my first DVC trip in June!

  • Historically being a big advocate for buying into DVC, I’ve definitely shifted my attitude and am questioning why anyone would actually do it anymore with point cost inflation combined with the ongoing reduction in perks and benefits. Let’s not forget the aggravation from an absolutely horrific website experience. DVC should credit our annual dues per usage of the site! I don’t care about the bag, but it is a symbol that DVC continues to head the wrong direction. Just when you think it couldn’t get worse, another leader comes in who takes it down yet another step. I’ve never seen a company that treats people who have made such a sizable investment with such little regard. There are organizations that make you feel more special after a $100 purchase than DVC does with something that costs many 10s of thousands of dollars.

  • When we purchased in 2013 we got a nice canvas bag with leather/pleather shoulder straps (think shopping bag shoulder straps). They put all of our paperwork and whatnot in it. What are they going to put that in now if they don’t have the backpack? The $3 reusable shopping bag from the stores??? sigh…

  • I just purchased a month ago & got one…? I also got 2 magnets

  • Received my backpack the day after funds were sent for the closing. Got two magnets as well.

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