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Top 5 Tips When Becoming a Disney Vacation Club Member

Being a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member means owning a piece of the magic. It’s also a considerable investment, and like any other investment, you want to make choices that are financially sound and convenient for you. Becoming a DVC member can be overwhelming, but it’s essential to know the ins and outs of the program to maximize its benefits. Here are five tips for anyone considering taking the plunge and becoming a DVC member.

1) Buy Where You Want to Stay

One of the most significant benefits of the DVC program is the ability to use your points at any DVC resort. However, owning at your preferred home resort is vital to ensure you have a magical place to call home each year. Be sure to think carefully about where you want to stay before making a purchase. Owning at your favorite resort means you can enjoy and experience the familiarity of the same accommodations every time you visit.

2) Check the Finances

Before becoming a DVC member, take time to check your finances. While you don’t have to pay cash to own a DVC membership, it’s wise to ensure that this is a financially suitable decision for you. Take some time to analyze all the associated costs, including annual dues, monthly loan payments, and even added expenses like travel, food, and other activities for your annual Disney adventures.

Keister Coaster at Disney’s BoardWalk Villas

3) Resale or Direct at First Doesn’t Matter

If you’re planning on buying a DVC membership, you’ll likely hear people debating the worth of going for either resale or direct with their first contract. However, the argument should not overwhelm the decision-making process. Consider what works best for you now and maybe consider adding on the other later. Additionally, resale offers buyers lower price points compared to buying from Disney directly, which can make ownership and that first contract more affordable.

4) Buy More Points Than You Think You’ll Need

The point charts and even your travel plans can fluctuate, so it’s advisable to purchase more points than you think you’ll need in the long run. It’s pretty natural to contract what we DVC fans call “add-on-itis,” where you’ll probably want to buy more DVC points as your Disney addiction worsens. Nevertheless, being conservative in your initial purchase will only frustrate you in the future if you’ve short-changed yourself.

Disney's Polynesian Villas & Bungalows
Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows

5) Educate Yourself on How to Use Your DVC Membership

Being a DVC member requires education on how to use your points efficiently. It’s essential to use all the resources available, like DVC Fan and other sources online, to understand the rules, ins and outs, of how DVC Points work. Doing so will help you optimize savings and enjoy the perks that come with being a member to their fullest. You’ve invested a lot of money, so ensure you maximize the benefits!

Becoming a DVC member is always an exciting decision. However, it’s vital to consider the five tips mentioned above before committing. There are many benefits of owning Disney Vacation Club, and careful planning and research can help unlock all of the available opportunities that will keep you coming back year after year.

Have other tips you think are important to first time DVC Members? Share them in the comments below or over in the DVC Fan Facebook Group!

Paul Krieger

Amy and I are new Orlando, Florida residents where we live with our dogs Odie the greyhound and Hermès the Spanish galgo. We are DVC owners at Animal Kingdom Lodge, BoardWalk Villas, Grand Californian, Grand Floridian, and Polynesian, Disney World Annual Passholders, and love educating Disney Vacation Club members on how to both use and maximize the value of their DVC points!

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  • I might add one other thing. Don’t think of a DVC membership as an investment. Think of it as a guarantee you and your family will be able to enjoy vacations. I think everyone will agree, the price of vacations have dramatically gone up. When my wife and I bought into DVC back in 1994, people on a particular message board told me I was crazy. Back then, the points were very low. We’re so glad we bought into DVC when we did. We took our kids to Disney World every year since then (except during the covid shut down). In January, we’ll be taking our grandchildren. After that, my wife and I will be enjoying our retirement by using our membership to go to other places. A trip to Disney World isn’t cheap as we all know. With DVC, it’s nice knowing you can go anytime you want. Regardless, it’s a personal decision and needs a great deal of thought.

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