Every DVC property seems to have an exclusive snack or snacks. In this post, I want to share the DVC signature snacks I’ve discovered at the EPCOT DVC properties that seem to be unique only to those resorts and where you can find them. I define EPCOT DVC properties as DVC Resorts located within walking distance or connected by the Skyliner to Disney’s EPCOT theme park.


Simple enough, this one is called The Riviera Signature cookie!

If you head down to the Primo Piatto, the quick service location at the Riviera Resort, you will find the Riviera Signature Cookie. You can buy them individually or in a package of four. The Riviera cookie box is $11.49. But I suspect once you try this cookie, you won’t be able to buy just one! The Riviera Signature Cookie is a large oatmeal chocolate chip cookie with dried cherries, pistachios and topped with flaky sea salt. I think this cookie is very hearty and lives up to the hype!


As the sun goes down, Boardwalk resort visitors get ice cream on the brain. People quickly pile into Boardwalk Ice-cream and create an enormous line. Soon the Boardwalk is crawling with visitors with their enormous sundaes spilling over with ooey gooey toppings! These sundaes are no joke! They usually range from two to three LARGE scoops of ice-cream and have an array of toppings that include, marshmallow fluff, peanut butter sauce, hot fudge, and caramel. They are in my opinion too large for one person so be ready to share!

How long these will stay the DVC signature snack of Boardwalk remains unknown once the Cake Bake Shop opens. I am willing to continue my research once it does. I wish I had a suitable picture to share. When I went through my photos all I could find was a picture of my sundae that I had destroyed! But for now, the DVC signature snack of BWV is definitely the GIGANTO sundaes from BoardWalk Ice Cream.

Beach Club

No Way Jose ice-cream Sunday from Beaches and Cream
No Way Jose Ice cream sundae- Beaches and Cream

Without a doubt, one of the most coveted advanced dining reservations is Beaches and Cream at Disney’s Beach Club Villas. Beaches and Cream is a diner that has a fifties-like nostalgia. Here and only here can you find the super famous Kitchen Sink ice-cream sundae. However, due to its size, it cannot qualify as a snack. But all the other sundaes on the menu can. This leads me to believe the sundaes qualify as the DVC signature snack of Beach Club Villas. In fact, the ice cream here is so popular they have included a walk-up counter where you can order ice cream if you are unable to score an advanced dining reservation.

Please stay tuned for my next article in this series. It will include DVC signature snacks from DVC resorts located on Disney’s Monorail!