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Keeping the Magic Alive as a Long-Time DVC Member

When you’re a DVC member, you know you’ll get to come back to the places you love year after year and for some multiple times each year. While we all love the parks, rides, and characters, it’s sometimes important to find ways to keep the magic going each trip. Once we experienced the parks multiple times and staying at all the resorts, we realized we had more time to explore all the things that makes Disney such a wonderous place. Here are some of our favorite ways to keep the Disney magic alive trip after trip.

Attend Parties and Special Events

For the average Disney vacationer, their dates don’t always line up for special events. As a DVC owner, you might visit more often and have much more flexibility to hit up these fun occasions. Watch multiple performances in the Eat to Beat concerts, go to holiday parties, participate in runDisney races, etc. I’m really excited to finally be able to experience the Swan & Dolphin Food & Wine Classic. Having all these unique events to look forward to and experience is a great way to continue to enjoy Disney as a DVC owner.

Take a Tour

There are really cool tour options some people don’t even know exist. My favorite examples include A Path Less Traveled Tour at Animal Kingdom where you get to meet with animal experts, Behind the Seeds Tour at EPCOT where you get to explore the greenhouses inside Living with the Land, and the Starlight Safari at Animal Kingdom Lodge where you get to don night-vision goggles and observe the savanna animals in the dark. As a DVC member, you have much more time to experience all these really amazing tours since you will always be back. Be sure to check out each resort and what it has to offer as well.

Try Something New

Aside from the myriad of tours, there are many other things to do at Disney besides the usual. Trying new things will keep Disney fresh and exciting. Many people don’t realize Disney offers archery lessons, fishing excursions, Segway tours, or FootGolf (to name just a few things). If you have never done a runDisney race before, it’s always a good time to start! There are so many new experiences to be had, and being DVC gives you the perfect opportunity to have fresh and exciting Disney adventures.

Make Magic for Others

One thing I’ve learned about Disney is that it’s not just a place, but a culture. And many people who love Disney and being part of that culture also love sharing their own version of Pixie Dust with others. I have seen visitors make little gifts to hand out to cast members or unsuspecting guests. I’ve watched young children give their balloons away to other kids they don’t even know. I’ve watched our friends give pins to others for nothing in return.

It’s these little acts of kindness that keep the magic of Disney alive each day. Setting out on an adventure to bring your own magic to others can be a great way to experience Disney in a new way. One of my favorite ways to do this that doesn’t cost a dime is making an effort to make eye contact and smile at others. You’d be surprised how that can make someone feel.

Take Loved Ones to Disney

I’ll leave you with one final idea. This is the one I feel most strongly about after I experienced it for myself. I had seen Happily Ever After many times. But no experience amounts to the day I took my mom to see it. It was her first Disney trip. Paul and I had been many times, and we decided to use our Disney Vacation Club points to take our moms. We stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge for a week and took them to all the evening shows.

I’ll never forget the look of happiness and wonder in my mother’s eyes as she watched Happily Ever After for the first time. I’m tearing up thinking about it. When you love Disney so much, there is truly no experience like seeing things again through the eyes of someone you love, whether that’s a parent, a friend, or a child. It’s my favorite way to keep the magic of Disney alive and well.

I’d love to hear your thoughts as well. As DVC members who attend the parks regularly, how do you keep the magic alive year after year? Stay tuned DVCFan.com for the latest on all things DVC and join in the conversation in the DVC Fan Facebook group. For extra exclusive content, check out our new DVC Fan Patreon!

Amy Krieger

Amy loves Disney theme parks, resorts, and the beloved films. She and her husband, Paul, are originally from West Virginia (near Pittsburgh, PA). They now live in Central Florida with their fur kids, Odie the greyhound and Hermes the Spanish galgo. As DVC members and WDW Annual Passholders, they visit Disney properties as often as possible. Amy is the Manager of Loan Origination for Monera Financial, a World of DVC company, where she helps buyers finance DVC contracts. Amy and Paul own DVC at some of their favorite resorts: BoardWalk, Grand Floridian, Animal Kingdom, Polynesian, and Grand Californian. Another passion for them is cruising. They love both Disney and Royal Caribbean cruises. It's a great way to travel and see parts of the world.

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  • Great suggestions! We’ve been members for 20 years and have done a lot of fun things! Love them all

  • Thanks for the great article. I’ve still yet to do some of these things, and will now make a better attempt to do so!

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