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A Peek Inside Epcot’s DVC Member Lounge

A Peak Inside Epcot’s DVC Member Lounge

One of the many perks to owning DVC is, of course, the member lounge located in Epcot. Personally, I really enjoy being able to head up on a hot or otherwise crowded day for a little break – and when friends or family are visiting its a cool little touch to there vacation to go into an area they otherwise wouldn’t have had access too. If you haven’t even been inside the lounge I have prepared a short video tour as well as a list of its complementary offerings!

  • Freestyle Coke Machine
  • Charging stations
  • Computers
  • DVC buttons
  • Seating areas
  • Occasionally snacks

The lounge is open from 10am to 6pm and is on a first come first serve basis to DVC members and their party. You can find the check-in booth in the gift shop area at the exit to Journey Into Imagination with Figment in Epcot’s Imagination building.

My Thoughts

I always felt a sense of wonder around secret rooms at Disney World and Disneyland. Whether that be the utilidors or the lounges of Club 33 its always been a major point of interest to me. The member lounge here is definitely not as majestic as the Club 33 lounges, but if you look at the price tag I think its pretty apparent – that’s just fine. For what it is, a DVC exclusive area that offers some free amenities – I’m more than happy with it. With that being said I would love them to expand on the lounge – would it be nice to have one in each park? Sure, but I understand that probably won’t happen anytime soon. What I would like to see is longer hours of operation, I am not entirely sure why they close at 6 – but it would be cool if they hosted something like a DVC dinner party up there on select nights. I feel that would add just a touch more to the lounge to make it really feel like something special.

What do you guys think of the member lounge?

14 thoughts on “A Peek Inside Epcot’s DVC Member Lounge

  • Hey, there’s an idea. Monitize a space that is normaly free for members with private events.

    • It’s free until 6pm – then it’s closed anyways

  • I did go there once, but it was very small and there were quite a few people there already at the time. It would be nice if there were restrooms there. Otherwise it was a nice place.

  • Love all your suggestions! Our family makes it a point to stop there every trip.

  • It’s a great place to sit, relax and charge your human or phone battery. We especially enjoy the little snack cart that comes out every half hour or so. We visit the lounge every time we go to EPCOT. Any time you get something extra for your dues and it’s free, it’s a bonus. I would also like to see one in every park.

  • Aren’t they tearing DVC lounge down with new renovations?

  • Your ideas are spot on ! Parties and longer hours would be fabulous ! Maybe a little bigger selection of snacks. I know they do not have to do any of this, but it sure makes it great to a few mintues in the DVC lounge just to relax and connect with other members

  • We go in and refresh on every trip. It is kind of boring, so 30 minutes is usually plenty of time. One time however, I had a work project due and had planned to go back to boardwalk to get it done, and actually just stopped to check out the new lounge on our way. I found multiple computers in the lounge!! I took about an hour to work maybe while hubby fully checked out and enjoyed the lounge. I know boardwalk isn’t that far away, but it would have taken us at least another 30 minutes and some shoe leather to get back. The DVC lounge totally made our day.

  • Nice article Corey! Honestly one of my favorite “perks” about DVC! The moonlight magic events are wonderful, but when an out of town traveler like me we often can’t plan our trips around these events. The Lounge is always there. Having a place to sit and relax at WDW is an under-rated perk, and especially to get some free drinks (considering they are so expensive everywhere else). Yes- there’s no bathrooms but to me that is not that big an issue if you are aware of this. The one negative I’ve found is that when they say “closes at 6 PM” they really mean it. Starting at about 5:45 pm all the cast members start walking around saying “You realize we are about to close” and you better get your butts out of there by 6 PM or its Disney Jail for you. Wish they would instead say stop letting people in at 5:30 and then just let them stay until they are done, but it’s a minor complaint. And another thing I agree with – being able to go into an area where the “common man” can’t is always a fun part to it! (This counts with Top of The World too!)

  • We love the DVC member lounge at Epcot! It is a nice place to get out of the sun or rain and relax! Love the Coke machine and the snacks!

  • We always stop in the DVC lounge when at EPCOT. Great idea for maximizing unused space at WDW! After a few hours of walking around the parks it’s a nice place to get out of the heat and just visit with other DVC members. It is small but people come and go so there usually is enough room for everyone. Greeters will only allow a certain number of members up into the area so it never does get over crowded. They have cut back on the snacks which is a nice little perk but that’s not why we go there! Charging stations are a plus! Everything about this idea is great! Hopefully we will see them pop up in the other parks! 🙂

  • The only reason the lounge exists as it was explained to me was because it’s unused space that the parks weren’t using. So they allowed DVC to use it. This is why there isn’t a spot in the other parks. Once they see another use for it that’ll be the end of it.

  • It is a nice relief form the Fl sun, but I have been there when people are laying down on the furniture or taking shoes off and putting feet on it CM should say something because people are taking seats up … Otherwise it nice to just recharge yourself and your phone, The free drinks and snacks are a nice perk too.

  • We visited the lounge a couple of times. The second time it was fairly crowded. However, we saw a few people sleeping with one guy occupying a couple of seats. Over all, we enjoyed it. It was a nice place to get a drink, relax, and maybe charge your phone. I hope they keep it around for awhile.

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