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Why We Love the DVC Member Lounge at Epcot

While it’s clear that DVC perks are not guaranteed, a current favorite for my fiancé and me is the DVC Member Lounge at Epcot.  Located on the second floor of the Imagination Pavilion in Future World, the Member Lounge is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm. It is the perfect place to go to escape the heat or rain or just to relax for a bit.  Here are the top reasons why Timothy and I love the lounge:

1. Free soft drinks–There are Freestyle Coke machines, which are a real lifesaver on a hot Florida day.  If coffee is more your speed, then you can ask the cast member at the front desk for the Keurig-like pods of Joffrey’s coffee.  They offer regular or decaf.

Freestyle Coke Machines in Epcot Member Lounge

2. Charging stations–In the seating area, there are plenty of couches, chairs, and tables, some of which are equipped with charging stations.  This is so helpful after draining your phone battery from a full day of using the My Disney Experience app, taking photos, etc.

Charging Station in Epcot Member Lounge

3. Member services–Sometimes it’s easier to speak with someone face-to-face instead of dialing member services.  The cast member at the lounge was even able to help Timothy order his blue DVC membership card.

Member Services in Epcot Member Lounge

4. Computers and tablets–There are three computers just past the Freestyle Coke machines and tablets at many of the tables.  They’re a good resource if you’re looking to book plans; the tablets already have the My Disney Experience app downloaded onto them as well as web browsers.  In Timothy’s case, the computers also allowed him to send off some quick work emails in the middle of a park day.

Computers in Epcot Member Lounge

5. DVC community–One of the benefits of being in the lounge is meeting other DVC members in person.  Sometimes we strike up a conversation with another group, whether it’s about the parks, how long they have been DVC members or the highlights of whatever Epcot festival is on at the moment.  It’s a nice sense of community, and it’s fun meeting people from other parts of the country or abroad.

Timothy and I went to the Member Lounge multiple times throughout our June and September trips (sometimes within the same day) and truly appreciated having a place to recharge.  It made us wish that there were lounges in the other parks as well. As of now, the lounge is only slated to stay open through 2019, so we hope to enjoy it as long as it is around!

7 thoughts on “Why We Love the DVC Member Lounge at Epcot

  • Seems they stopped giving out snacks at random times like when it first opened.

    • They still give out Oreos, crackers, and the like from time to time.

    • They were giving snacks yesterday… choice of Cheez-Its or animal crackers

    • I was thinking the same thing Carlbarry. The first time we went they had snacks available the entire time we were there. This past January we stopped in and they changed it. I asked a CM about it and she said they bring out the snacks at a certain time. The 30 minutes we were there we never saw any snacks. It wouldn’t surprise me if people were just grabbing them to go.

  • I agree it’s a great place but for what we pay for DVC “membership “ you’re right should be one in every park. I have annual pass and DVC and for what we pay we don’t get enough “extras” and I’m not talking about magnets…

  • Wow… I would hope you get free soda for all the money you spend on a timeshare!

  • Totally not worth buying direct.

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