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All the Luxuries of Home-in One Container

We’ve all been there or at least seen someone who has been there–secretly thankful it wasn’t us! After arriving at a crowded airport with bags (and perhaps a child or two hanging from you), you shuffle up to check-in. You have reached a pivotal moment in your travels: the weigh-in. As you lug your suitcase to the kiosk for the weight check, you cross your fingers and say a prayer in hopes that you aren’t a pound over the limit. If you’re anything like me, it is at this precise moment you unzip your luggage in front of strangers waiting in line, and commence shuffling bottles of shampoo, coffee pods, a single flip-flop, and what seems to be a first aid kit of items into any available space in the other luggage coming with you, just to circumvent the extra fee for being a single pound over the limit.

Now when I say, “Disney-minded people have thought of it all,” I mean they have thought of it all, especially for us who frequently visit since we are part of the DVC family. When I first heard of the Owner’s Locker, I couldn’t get my hands on the information quickly enough! 

Here are the top four reasons to invest in an Owner’s Locker if you frequent Walt Disney World once or more a year:

1. Disney Essentials

As much as I would love to say I wear my Disney pins and MagicBands daily, if I’m honest with myself, they get stuffed into a bag and stored in my luggage until our next visit home. This goes for autograph books, ears, Disney inspired handbags, slap bracelets, fan misters, Mickey ponchos, and more. I have found myself packing, unpacking, and repacking these items over and over again, as the only time we need them is in WDW. The Owner’s Locker allows you to store all your Disney inspired gear in one central location until your next visit.

2. Forgo the Extra Luggage Fees

As previously mentioned, it’s not difficult to overpack and tack on charges to your flight. By having an Owner’s Locker, you can store all of your daily, nonperishable essentials in one air-tight container that the company will store for you while you aren’t “home.” Upon your arrival at WDW, they will promptly deliver your container to bell services at your resort.

When purchasing a locker, they waive the $75 sign-up fee for DVC members, and there are no service charges for the first six months. The second six months are half-priced at $5.25 a month. After the first year, there is a monthly service fee of $10.50, which includes one drop-off and pick-up a year. Additional round-trip visits are $27.50 for your first locker and $13.75 for each additional locker. Overall, this saves money for my family versus the luggage fees multiple times a year.

3. Never Forget Another Thing

Toothpaste, beach towels, phone chargers, sunglasses, Children’s Tylenol, a swimsuit, a favorite pair of Disney Crocs–no matter how many times I check off my packing list–I’m bound to forget something, which leads to making purchases at the hospitality center. Instead of paying for overpriced items, the Owner’s Locker allows you to keep all of these essentials in the container, awaiting your arrival at check-in. Check out the DisBoards for some commonly stored items customers are keeping in their owner’s locker. 

4. A Coffee Lover’s Dream

If you are an avid coffee drinker who enjoys a strong cup of robust coffee first thing in the morning, I’m sure you will agree, Disney’s in-room coffee choices just don’t cut it. Part of my daily routine includes popping a Nespresso coffee pod into my machine and brewing the most perfectly balanced cup of coffee in my DVC member’s mug. With the Owner’s Locker, I can store a Nespresso coffee machine and pods to brew the perfect cup of coffee to accompany my morning lounge on the patio at Old Key West as golfers tee off or as I dig my toes into the sand at Beach Club while watching the sunrise over Crescent Lake. 

Be sure to check out more information on how DVC members can save on an Owner’s Locker, and let me know if you think it’s an investment worth making for your family!

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  • You had me at Nespresso!!

  • I thought we were the only crazy ones who store a Nespresso machine in our Owner’s Locker! Glad to see there are other coffee-obsessed Disney fans out there. 🙂

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