Paying annual dues are one thing that joins us all together as DVC members. With the payment deadline quickly approaching, there are two different ways to make payments to the “House of the Mouse”. Each DVC member can either elect to make a one-time payment by January 15th or choose monthly payments for the entire year.

One-Time Payment

Being able to make a one-time payment allows for the rest of the year to be stress-free. There is no budgeting required each month for the payment. If you already make monthly payments to your loan, adding dues payments can be a little daunting. In contrast, with the payment being due shortly after the holidays, some members may not be able to pay the whole amount at one time.

If you own at multiple resorts or have high point contracts, your annual dues may not be done in one feasible payment (unless you save up prior to the due date). This year, our family has two home resorts (one being Riviera) and twice as many points as last year. We have previously paid our dues as a one-time payment. With double the price of our annual dues this year though, we are opting to do monthly payments.

Monthly Payments

Monthly payments make that large, intimidating balance more manageable. Once you select this option, you are given the dollar amount for each month. The first month’s payment may be slightly higher if you owe any dues from the year prior. There is no interest that accumulates when choosing this option. Being a planner, I am able to prepare each month for the automatic payment. Like I stated before, the monthly payment is in addition to loan payments (if you finance). This can seem like you are paying a lot for your DVC membership. One perk of this option is that you are given the choice of choosing the 1st or 15th of the month. This can help spread payments out if you desire to.

Ways to Pay

When making a full one-time payment, you can use a credit card, gift card, or debit card. Paying this way can earn you rewards for your credit card or get you cashback. If you elect monthly payments, it is auto-debited out of a checking or savings account. You can apply gift cards as a partial payment to your account if you have chosen the monthly payment option as well. So if you belong to a wholesale dealer that does runs deals on Disney gift cards, you can save some yourself some money to spend on Disney trips!

No matter which way you chose to pay, our dues are hard at work, making our home resorts as beautiful as they can be. Let me know how you pay your DVC annual dues and your money-saving tricks!

Shelby LaFlash
DVC Member Since 2017
Polynesian & Riviera

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12 thoughts on “How Do You Pay Your DVC Dues?

  • If you have the Disney credit card you can pay your dues with it and have 0% interest for 6 months and then you get Disney cash rewards to use on your future trips.

  • You forgot to mention you can also use the points you’ve collected on your Disney credit card. I usually pay about half my dues using my points, then use my credit card to pay the rest, so I earn points for next year.

    • I did not know you could do that. Thanks for the info!

  • I pay them at one time but I use Disney Gift Cards. My local grocery store, Kroger, has a gas discount program. 1000 points spent in a month can be used for a gallon off gas (up to 35 gal). Once a month, they run a special where you get 4x points on gift cards ($100 Disney GC = 400 points). So I figure out what we will approx spend in groceries for the remainder of the month (the special is not the same time every month) and then purchase enough gift cards to get me to 1000 points.

    I combine the gift cards on to keep it easy.

    I also use this method for vacations to pay off my room balances. But that is for another thread. 🙂

  • There is a third option if you are a foreign buyer. Credit the account as and when the exchange rate is favourable.

  • Our monthly payments are “pain” free. We visit two or four times a year and arrive, depart without facing that bill at checkout. Perfect.

  • You can also pay monthly with a credit card if you go on your account and do it manually. You need to choose pay by contract and pay other amount.

    • I have see some threads asking about using a credit card for monthly payments, so thanks for sharing!

  • We pay our annual dues as a one-time payment. For the past several years, this has been in the form of a split-payment – using a credit card and Disney Visa reward dollars (which is the main reason why we use this credit card).

  • Would like to learn how to make my monthly payments by my Disney Card. Please advise?

  • You can do monthly payments via credit card but must log on once a month and do it manually by applying a credit to your account.

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