9 thoughts on “Best and Worst DVC Casual Dining Restaurants

  • Id be shocked if Sanaa and Boma aren’t the top 2.

  • Boma, Geyser Point, Kona Cafe

  • Found myself voting for Turf Club due to its consistency for our family.

    Voted for Sanaa and Trattoria al Forno as well. Sanaa cause it is our fav place, and Trattoria due to its location, food, and bonus character meal in the morning.

  • Could not pick Ohana due to the service failures on our last 3 visits. Food is still good, but id rather interact with the staff at pretty much any other place on the list.

  • Not sure the Wave really qualifies as “casual dining” but it’s an unheralded gem, IMHO. Finally got to eat there last month. Their squash soup is to die for. Everything else was tasty, too, although I wish they’d expand the vegetable choices. Grand Floridian Cafe never disappoints us – their breakfasts are great (if sometimes larger than expected). Boma has a great buffet. Honorable mention to Olivia’s for its atmosphere and consistently good food.

  • Love Turf Club, Trattoria, and The Wave!

  • I would have picked Ohana, but the service and experience has been really stressful for us recently(last 2 trips).

    I went with Boma, Sanaa and Turf Club. Turf Club may be an odd pick, but it has been our go to leaving day meal for a while.

    We love parking at Saratoga for lunch or dinner on our departure day and either walking/boating to Disney Springs for some shopping and fun. There is no denying that there are better food places at Springs, but we like how quiet it is and how easy the parking is at Saratoga. Trying to get organized and re-shuffle bags after shopping in those garages is a bit much for us. Plus, the food is always good for us at Turf Club.

    Boma and Sanaa along with everything else at AKL is a slam dunk and has been since it opened. ARGUABLY the best on property in every dinning category.

  • Gott give it up for that Trattoria character breakfast. You get princesses AND princes!

  • DVC member for 20 years and never, ever had a bad meal or service at Olivia’s. The cast members here are wonderful. I have done breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The atmosphere here is just so relaxing and fun. Love Boma, love the Wave, daughter loves Ohana because of the characters. Food could be boxed Mac and cheese and she would still be first in line here.

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