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Amy and I are new Orlando, Florida residents where we live with our dogs Odie the greyhound and Hermès the Spanish galgo. We are DVC owners at Animal Kingdom Lodge, BoardWalk Villas, Grand Californian, Grand Floridian, and Polynesian, Disney World Annual Passholders, and love educating Disney Vacation Club members on how to both use and maximize the value of their DVC points!

42 thoughts on “Poll: Which DVC Resort is the best?

  • My vote is for the Polynesian. We are from the north part of the country and the feel of the Polynesian really puts us in vacation mode. I love the size of the resort, the dining offering and you cannot beat the view of Magic Kingdom from your lake view studio!

    • I really want to say I like the Poly, but I’ve stayed there 2 times, and couldn’t find any place to put my clothes. The drawer under the bed on one side is blocked, and you can’t pull it all the way out. There is just not enough storage space. If they shrunk the size of the bathroom with the tub, there could have been more room in the living space for more storage.

    • Eh it’s okay but sometimes a little too “cliche” with the ukelele guy, tiki everything, and the really run-down longhouses. I like it alright, but it has no 1BD either, which is a deal breaker for me. I bought DVC so I didn’t have to stay in hotel rooms. Finally, once they built those bungalows, there’s no good views from the regular rooms anymore.

  • Aulani

  • Aulani is the best hands down! GrandCal is a close second. Aulani–just the theming. Also, the combination of the Disney philosophy with the Hawaiian culture gives you so much for your vacation and relaxation. I’d say Aulani is the best hotel I’ve ever stayed at; I have my first GrandCal stay coming up in a few weeks so maybe that could shift but for now Aulani! I’ve never been so relaxed and rested from a vacation before! I need more Aulani points! If you haven’t stayed at Aulani, you must;I promise you will enjoy it! The Poly ain’t got anything on Aulani!

  • With a newly renovated Contemporary, Steakhouse 71, California Grill, and great lake and theme park views, Bay Lake Tower will certainly be high on the list.

  • We love OKW they have the largest rooms easier to book at, and the most beautiful of surroundings. As much as we love Riviera OKW will be home for us.

    • Agreed

  • Poly!!!!

  • I voted for the Polynesian because it’s my favorite l, especially from Moorea lake view 3rd floor for fireworks. But animal kingdom lodge is a close second.

  • Without a doubt, the original is the best. OKW all the way !!!!!

  • Having only stayed at 2 since becoming a member I’m casting my vote for Kidani Village

  • I think they all have pros and cons. For example, Bay Lake is great for location but lousy if you want a peaceful quiet setting. I like all the shopping at the contemporary. Saratoga has a not ideal location for many, but it’s super tranquil and relaxed, so to me, it feels vacation like.

    I could go on, but, if I had to choose just one, in terms of overall vibe, probably Saratoga

  • Voted for Poly. Biggest studios on property – with 2 showers! You also get the monorail to Magic Kingdom. With a 2 minute walk to the TTC, you also get the monorail to Epcot.

  • My vote goes to Animal Kingdom Lodge. It’s an experience like no other: beautiful architecture, wonderful African artifacts, choice of eateries far surpassing any other resort and the animals right outside your balcony. Totally amazing.

  • Love Aulani Villa’s rain shower head in the villas, is super awesome!! No other hotels can top that off!! Next is Disney”s Grand Californian Villas because of the convenience of the park entry into DCA. And third has been WDW Contemporary hotel villas. Their remodel at Contemporary has been nice and up to date a refreshed look also the convenience of catching the monorail or ferry to the parks. Also their lake light shows at night has been awesome to watch and relax.
    We haven’t had a chance to experience the other villas yet. But through our stays these are our choices.
    We would to like to experience the Riviera villas when we do go back to WDW one day soon. We’re in California so we do not have many choices out here. Thanks!

  • Akl by far !! Like Pete said it has a ZOO !!!!

    • That’s “A freaking zoo!.”

  • Copper Creek

  • Kidani. It is without a doubt the most unique w/ a savannah view. But one bedroom villas are also large with two bathrooms! Sanaa is great and the pool area with long slide, kids play area and bar are also top 5. But it all comes down to those animals…where else can you step onto your balcony or head down to the lobby overlook and have giraffes, zebras, etc. walking by?!

  • As a standalone resort, there’s no beating Aulani. But since it’s a resort I’ll seldom visit (I’d rather go to WDW than Hawaii), I couldn’t bring myself to vote for it. In my opinion, Animal Kingdom Lodge takes the cake for best standalone resort on property (due to its meticulous theming, wonderful table service restaurants, and awesome savannah views), but again, proximity to things matters a lot to me. I nearly voted for Riviera because of its stunning rooms, great food options (both table and counter service), and its Skyliner access to Hollywood Studios and Epcot, but the fact that the Skyliner goes down whenever there’s lightning is a major con for me (plus, the point charts are really high). So, I ultimately voted for the Beach Club on account of its location (walking distance to Epcot, Hollywood Studios and the Boardwalk), its unmatched pool, and the overall ambiance of Crescent Lake.

  • Our favorite thus far has been Copper Creek.

  • Poly! Big studio, 2 showers, food options for all, pool, trader sams, dole whips, and fireworks and water pageant! Oh my! 😜

  • Voted for AKL! Can’t be beat for most unique experience

  • Grand Floridian!

  • I find Disney so overwhelmingly expensive that, being able to stay at a wonderfull resort as the boardwalk villas for as little as 9 points per studio, is simply unbeatable.

    It is even close to two parks instead of one, and as someone who does not drive in Disney, that is the biggest plus in my mind.

    I know it does not have a freaking Savanah or a view of the castle, but BWV always delivers in quality and price.

  • We love OKW!!!

  • No contest…Old Key West has the best cast members, largest rooms and is like home.

  • we love OKW. We love how big OKW is and how much space you get. The views on the balcony are amazing and to eat breakfast out there in the morning before going to the parks, beautiful!

  • While the rooms are the most gorgeous DVC rooms – in particular the one bedrooms and more… This for me is about lower crowds in the gorgeous common spaces. Riviera is intimate. Lower crowds and a more boutique hotel experience with solid high quality dining options for the number of rooms, the fantastic Le Petite cafe and library and great pool spaces with plenty of space for the number of rooms.

    They made mistakes on the design with the narrow width of the staircase from the lobby. And more/open balconies would be nice from the lobby toward the lake. Lastly CMs also need to check in and respond to guests more expediently to disburse larger groups from the intimate lobby more quickly. But I do not have an issue with the lobby size – it’s more like a boutique hotel and very chic.

    • I second all of this!

  • SSR. Quiet and peaceful.

  • I voted for Beach Club Villas but Saratoga Springs is a very close second. BCV wins because of its proximity to both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. There’s nothing better than being able to walk home from the park. It has a great theme to it. The pool, Stormalong Bay, is large and has nooks and crannies that a family can disappear to. The quiet pool is very nice too. We actually spend more time there. With the boardwalk all around you as well as being close to both the Dolphin and the Swan, restaurants are plentiful. My wish for the Beach Club would be to have 3 bedroom units. My push for Saratoga Springs would be the places that you can walk. They have beautiful grounds with beautiful fountains. You can walk all over the large resort and even over to the TreeHouse Villas. We love the walk to Disney Springs and even venture over to Olivia’s at Old Key West. Grab a boat and head on down to Port Orleans. The con to SSR is that they don’t have enough signs up to let people know where they are. It’s a large resort and you can get easily turned around in it.

  • Beach Club wins on multiple criteria. It has a great location which provides convenient access to two parks, many restaurants, and ease of transportation to other things on property with the Skyliner, boats, and of course buses. Storm-A-Long Bay pool is incredible and the quiet pool behind the villas is great for relaxing down time as well. Dues are in the middle of the pack for DVC resorts. Additionally, for most of the Seasons and similar room types, BCV falls close to middle of DVC resorts for point usage. It has all of the main room types. The theming is lovely. The DVC building is conveniently located at the resort as well as it being not too large or small. It’s the Baby Bear of DVC resorts! Having a 2042 expiration date is the only major drawback.

    • Edited to add: It doesn’t have all of the main room types. It’s missing Grand Villas. Since I can’t edit my original post, I’ll restate it here. “It has most of the main room types.”

  • Boardwalk Villa…location, location, location! Walkability to two parks…great dining at Boardwalk resorts!

  • HILTON HEAD!! And it is all due to their wonderful CM’s. They know they don’t have the parks, so they go the extra mile for their DVC vacationers. You will not encounter poor service there–ever!

  • Grand Floridian Villas. We’ve done All-Star, Caribbean Beach, and Saratoga and Poly with DVC points, but the hotel that truly stood out as a once-in a lifetime experience was splurging for Grand Flo. Yes, it’s pricey. But it’s also got a fabulous location, stellar restaurants, an utterly awe-inspiring lobby and grounds, and there’s just something about the service that can’t be found anywhere else on property. For adults or families with older kids it can’t be beat. Not the place to stay if you’re going every few months, perhaps (unless you’ve got very deep pockets) but being in the every 3-5 years crowd we’re all in on the full escapism and jaw-dropping beauty of the Grand Floridian.

  • Boardwalk. Nightlife, proximity to everything. It should be poly but theres no fitness center

  • OKW – the original and still the best! Largest rooms, park right in front of the door, regular side-by-side laundry in a separate room, great pools, walkable to Disney Springs.

  • I voted for Saratoga Springs because I love being able to walk over to Disney Springs. There are so many restaurants there and so much to see and do. Like Boardwalk for its proximity to Hollywood Studios and Epcot since I don’t need transportation. But Old Key West is my home and will always be my favorite. It’s quiet and roomy and I love to have the ducks come to visit.

  • For my family the Polynesian is the winner!! We have stayed at each hotel on the loop and you can totally get immersed in the Polynesian theme. So beautiful and immersive that your just swept away. Great restaurants, beautiful beach area and so much to do! Easy to get to magic kingdom and epcot on the monorail. The staff is welcoming and friendly and there is a dole whip station on property!! Amazing place! Absolutely love it!

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