One of the perks of being a direct Disney Vacation Club member is the Moonlight Magic events offered during the year. As of recently, these free events have been offered 2-3 times per year at each park throughout the year. Disney had announced the 2019 dates, along with the registration instructions and information about each event late last year. During our most recent trip, I was able to attend the Moonlight Magic event at Typhoon Lagoon. This visit was my first time at the water park, and I was super excited to experience this park DVC style.


I received a detailed email about a week before the date of the event — the instructions on what time and where to check-in were very clear. Check-in options were available at the resort the guest was staying at, the front gate of Typhoon Lagoon, or Singapore Sal’s (if you were already enjoying yourself in the park). The scheduled event time was from 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm, but you could enter the park as early as 5:00 pm. We decided to drive to Typhoon Lagoon, but a bus service was provided for resort guests up until 1 hour after park closing.

When walking up to the entrance, we were greeted by very friendly cast members handing out the event bracelets and meal vouchers. Each DVC member was allowed to bring up to 3 guests or the number of people on their resort reservation. This trip, we had six adults/children and one infant. Don’t worry if you have a big party on your reservation; you can still join in the fun! The meal voucher offered guests a free quick-service meal at one of three locations throughout the park. This included an entree and fountain beverage!

Typhoon Lagoon Moonlight Magic Meal Voucher
Typhoon Lagoon Moonlight Magic Meal Voucher


Hands down, Disney knows how to throw a party, and this was no exception at the Typhoon Lagoon Moonlight Magic event. Once the sun started going down, the main activities/entertainment came alive. The dance party provided a great beat that made you want to get up and move. The darkness of the night gave a great ambiance for all the lights and dancing that was occurring. The wait times for the attractions were relatively short compared to what I would imagine a busy day would be.

Some of the more popular rides, like Crush ‘n’ Gusher and Miss Adventure Falls, had longer wait times. Being new to the park, I really enjoyed venturing to the slides and was pleasantly surprised how much fun I had on them. We did make a mistake by taking a not-so-adventurous 5-year-old on Keelhaul Falls. Needless to say, we learned our lesson and got one brave girl an ice cream treat right after (which they were handing out left and right).

Typhoon Lagoon Moonlight Magic

The food options were plentiful. My husband and I ate at Typhoon Tilly’s and essentially got $30 worth of food for free. A few options were also open to grab yourself an adult beverage and enjoy the night air by the wave pool. The lazy river, by far, is the best way to travel around the park. We found it faster to hop in and take it around than to navigate the walkways. There were various meet-and-greets with characters in their finest beach gear. The wait for the characters was probably roughly 15 – 20 minutes, based on the length of the lines we saw.

Overall, our group had a great time at the Typhoon Lagoon Moonlight Magic Event. From infants to adults, there is something there for everyone! Comment below if you have attended a Moonlight Magic event and what you liked/disliked about your experience!

Shelby LaFlash
DVC Member Since 2017
Polynesian & Riviera

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