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BoardWalk Villas: Boardwalk View Studio vs. Garden/Pool View Studio

During our Hurricane Dorian trip, we found ourselves in an unusual situation. After rescheduling our flight to arrive earlier in the week, I ended up booking three studios at the BoardWalk Villas: a Garden/Pool View studio, a Boardwalk View studio, and finally one more Garden/Pool View studio to finish off the trip. Transferring twice in a trip within the same resort was fairly smooth, and our unconventional split stay gave us a chance to compare the two room types directly. After all, both are worth the same number of points per night. So which did we prefer? Well, there were some pros and cons.

Garden/Pool View

Our first Garden/Pool View studio was located on the fifth floor along the path to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It had a perfect view of the Swan and Dolphin Resort, and it was very peaceful. In the morning, you could hear the Friendship boats honk as they passed under the bridge, but other than that, it was very quiet. At night, you could see the light show that takes place along the palm tree lined walkway between the Swan and Dolphin.

Boardwalk Villas Studio
The view from villa 5006

That impression of the Garden/Pool View changed when we got to the second Garden/Pool View studio of the trip. This room (also on the fifth floor) was great in that it was very close to the elevators, but it faced the main pool. Besides hearing the kids in the pool during the day, which we didn’t mind at all, we could hear the pool music loud and clear well past 11 pm one night. It seemed to end earlier the next day, so we aren’t quite sure when the music is supposed to stop.

Boardwalk Villas Studio
The view from villa 5054

Boardwalk View

The moment that we opened the door, we were in awe of the view! From our first floor villa, we could see the boardwalk and all the way across Crescent Lake to Sea Breeze Point and Spaceship Earth! Unfortunately, Illuminations was canceled the night that we had this studio, but I think we would have been able to see the higher fireworks from the villa. During the day, we were able to pull open the doors to our patio and listen to the music playing softly from the boardwalk. At first, I was concerned that the area would be noisy with the nightlife, but it turned out not to be an issue at all. Perhaps it helped that we were in the Crest O’ The Wave section and away from most of the kiosks, games, and eateries.

Boardwalk Villas Studio
The view from villa 1006

Overall, we preferred the Boardwalk View but wonder if it was because it was unusually quiet. The inconsistency between the two Garden/Pool View studios showed just how different villas in the same category could be.

For the same number of points, which view would you pick? Let me know in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “BoardWalk Villas: Boardwalk View Studio vs. Garden/Pool View Studio

  • We stayed at BWV twice this year also in both categories. I agree we definitely preferred ther boardwalk view. Although our pool view was blocked by a huge tree so we could not really see the main pool even though we were technically facing it.

  • I’ve had both views, and I’m torn between both. My unit however, was a 1 BR.
    My Pool/Garden view unit was on the 3rd floor and overlooked the Quiet pool and at night I could see the fireworks from HS and “hear” Illumunations”. The room was not that far from the elevators.

    The BW view unit was on the 3rd floor but a good walk to elevator. Almost, not quite, but close to the end of the building. The view however made up for the trek. Panoramic view of the lake and entire Boardwalk. At night, the lights were beautiful and the Friendship Boat’s horns were somehow calming!

    But, if I had to choose between the two views, the Boardwalk gets my vote.

  • Having had a very loud, very drunk person serenade us with Christmas carols at 2:00 am fro the Boardwalk, we prefer garden view. 🤫

  • I’ve also heard drunken babble from my Boardwalk view Studios at 2AM after Jellyrolls’ last call.
    But that doesn’t deter me from favoring it.
    It truly is one of the most happening, scenic balcony views in all of WDW.
    The Standard view is also a gem because of the lower points required, and the relaxing scenery if you’re put a bit further from the lobby. But those units very hard to acquire if you don’t own points at the Boardwalk.

  • Our Boardwalk View was perfect but the walk there was so long through winding hallways! I’d probably still book it though but it’s nice to see your comparrison 🙂

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