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Why the Yacht Club Would Make a Great DVC Resort

Nearly every Walt Disney World Deluxe resort has a DVC side to it except for one glaring omission: the Yacht Club.  The Yacht Club is the sister resort to the Beach Club and one of my family’s favorite Disney resorts. As much as I love the Beach Club, I always felt that the Yacht Club had a more sophisticated ambiance with its nautical theme.  While it currently is not part of DVC, I could see the Yacht Club being the perfect location for a new DVC resort. Here’s why I would love to see the creation of the Yacht Club Villas:

Prime Location

Many people already love staying at the Beach Club Villas or BoardWalk Villas for their close proximity to Epcot and Hollywood Studios.  This is especially true during the Food & Wine Festival, and it can be particularly challenging to get a villa at either resort during the fall.  While Riviera is categorized as an Epcot resort, it’s not walking distance from the two parks the way that the Beach Club and BoardWalk are. If the Yacht Club had villas, you would get another DVC resort with the same convenient location along Crescent Lake.  Perhaps having a third DVC resort in the area would help alleviate some of the demand for the BoardWalk Villas and Beach Club Villas.


Yacht Club
A Friendship boat on Crescent Lake

If you didn’t want to walk to Epcot and Hollywood Studios, you still have the Friendship boats to take you to both parks.  The boats always make for a nice joy ride around Crescent Lake if you aren’t in a rush to get around. You can also walk to the Skyliner station at International Gateway if you prefer the gondolas over the boats to get to Hollywood Studios.

Stormalong Bay

Yacht Club - Stormalong Bay
Stormalong Bay

Stormalong Bay is easily the best resort pool on Walt Disney World Property with its awesome slide, lazy river, and sandy floors.  Since it is one of the pools on that is excluded from pool hopping, it would be great to have another DVC resort that provides access to Stormalong Bay other than the Beach Club Villas.

Dining Options

Yacht Club
Yachtsman Steakhouse

The Yachtsman Steakhouse has seen better days, but I think it’s still a solid signature dining option, and the fare at Ale & Compass isn’t bad either.  If none of the restaurants at the Yacht Club itself appeal to you, the resort’s location around Crescent Lake puts it within walking distance of tons of great dining options at the BoardWalk, Beach Club, Swan and Dolphin, and Epcot.

The Potential of the Villas

If the Admiral Suite at the Yacht Club is any indication of what a villa could look like at the resort, then it would have the potential to be quite luxe.  I know that some have criticized that the Beach Club and BoardWalk villas are not as luxurious compared to those at the Grand Floridian or Riviera, but I think the Yacht Club could match that level of deluxe.  I picture the villas with hardwood floors and navy blue and cream decor. Maybe the one-bedroom villas could even accommodate five people, unlike those at the Beach Club and BoardWalk that can only fit four people. Perhaps there could even be Club Level villas.

This is all purely my opinion, and there are no plans to add a DVC side to the Yacht Club.  The logical side of me would reason that the need for regular hotel rooms for conferences would outweigh the financial benefits of creating another DVC resort for Disney, but you never know what the future holds for DVC.  If the Yacht Club Villas ever came to fruition (perhaps before 2042), I would be sorely tempted to add on there.  

Let me know what you think: would you be interested in the Yacht Club Villas?

6 thoughts on “Why the Yacht Club Would Make a Great DVC Resort

  • Hard no. Too crowded around SAB as it is. Adding a whole other resort no way. And I say this as a BCV owner.

  • As a non DVC member I would be incredibly sad. They’ve already cut in half 2 of my fav resorts for DVC, Poly and WL, reducing regular room inventory by half.

  • Where would they build them? Or are you suggesting that they should gut the resort and sell of their rooms as DVC?

  • Not as long as they allow dogs.

  • This is the one site I would be willing to by direct at WDW if DVC opened villas there.

  • As a dvc member i think this would be a wonderful new dvc hotel! Its beautiful and relaxing! And i think making it dvc would bring fresh new popularity too this hotel again! I hope disney does do this. It would be a awsome idea!

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