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Is now a good time to sell your DVC contract?

Are you on the fence about selling your Disney Vacation Club package and not sure if now is the right time? Are you wondering if prices have dropped due to COVID-19 pandemic and if so what will happen next? Do you wonder whether prices will drop even more or bounce back once the COVID-19 pandemic is under control or over? Trying to time any market is never easy, but if you are considering selling, there are some good reasons why now is the time to sell. Recently there has been a huge demand from buyers and market prices remain strong.   

Is anyone buying?

If you are wondering whether there are interested buyers, the answer is yes. Since theCOVID-19 pandemic started, our office has experienced a high volume of DVC buyer interest. With all of the time spent away from friends, family, and loved ones, the pandemic has made many buyers realize the value of vacation and quality time. These buyers are looking to purchase Disney Vacation Club packages to secure that quality time for future vacations. The buyers are seeking out resale because the economy is uncertain and buying directly from Disney is very expensive. As an owner, you probably understand that buying resale is the best way to secure Disney Vacation Club for less money. Although Disney Vacation Club holds value more than any other timeshare, resale buyers realize that they can purchase resale for a fraction of Disney’s direct price a receive essentially the same magic (minus some of the “perks”). Currently, buyers are expressing interest and looking to buy as soon as they find the right package on our website (   

What about market value?

If you are curious about whether the market value of Disney Vacation Club dropped, the answer is slightly. Prices have adjusted based upon the COVID-19 pandemic and slightly dropped over the past few months. However, the value gained over the years is great for many owners and even with the recent adjustment, the “buy low, sell high” model is still in play. If you purchased your DVC package years ago and have watched the price of Disney Vacation Club climb, the value of the packages remains high, even with this minor dip in the market. It is a good time to sell, even with a slight drop in prices, because the value is still there and there is a high volume of interested buyers. If the pandemic continues, there may be less buyer interest for an unknown period of time. The benefit of selling now is that we know what the market is now and tomorrow is uncertain. The economic and financial climate of Disney Vacation Club after this pandemic is difficult to predict, however long term, Disney Vacation Club will maintain good resale value as it always has in the past. Disney Vacation Club truly has been some of the most desirable properties in the world. Disney’s quality is better and always will be, and Disney offers nostalgic magic that can not be duplicated.

What kind of offer can I expect if I sell?

Perhaps you are concerned that buyers will make too low of offers, and the answer is that some will, but it is a two-way street. In the current market, some buyers are looking to make a deal and make low ball offers. Obviously, sellers have control over whether to accept or not. Right now, there are so many buyers in the market, if you receive a low offer you can reject the offer, counteroffer,  or stay firm on your price. If it is a low offer, a counteroffer would determine if the buyer is willing to come up. As you know, if a buyer is making an offer, they want to buy, so it is a matter of working out the right terms for both buyer and seller. Buyers making lower offers are understandably considering that some sellers may be in a financial situation and need to sell. Our office has experienced some low offers recently, but there are plenty of other buyers making reasonable offers as well. Our experienced and knowledgable agents will be happy to assist you in pricing your property within the range to generate interest from a buyer and ultimately generate the highest sale price.   

If your vacation habits have changed and you are just not using the Disney Vacation Club membership as you once did, or anticipate that your vacation habits may change in the future, now is the time to sell. Sellers may have a change in employment, such as a change in schedule, furlough, or salary reduction, or other budget restraints that lead to the sale of their membership. In my experience, many clients that sell, rebuy again in the future. Those who have sold their Disney Vacation Club property, usually turn around and buy another DVC property when the time is right in their life again. There is a reason that Disney Vacation Club holds its value more than any other timeshare property, it is a quality product with amazing resorts, that offers some of the best accommodations and customer service on the planet.  These repeat clients that purchase a second or third property may do so to either “upgrade” and buy into a different location with a longer deed, or a location that they have grown to prefer over the years. So if you sell and decide to buy again later, our office will be happy to assist you to find the property that is right for you at the time. 
If you are on the fence about selling, now is a great time. The Disney Vacation Club value is strong, despite Covid 19, and most importantly the demand from buyers is the highest we have seen in years. Let us know if we can help you, even if it is only with questions or a valuation of your Disney Vacation Club property. Thank you and we look forward to assisting you with any questions anytime. 

Jerry Sydow is the sales manager for the DVCStore. He’s been in the DVC resale market for more than 17 years. is an official sponsor of