Paul Krieger

Amy and I are new Orlando, Florida residents where we live with our dogs Odie the greyhound and Hermès the Spanish galgo. We are DVC owners at Animal Kingdom Lodge, BoardWalk Villas, Grand Californian, Grand Floridian, and Polynesian, Disney World Annual Passholders, and love educating Disney Vacation Club members on how to both use and maximize the value of their DVC points!

3 thoughts on “DVC Show: The Future of Disney Vacation Club

  • The extension if there is one, would be offered to all members or only the the ones who bought direct?

  • Thanks Team,

    That was fun!

  • As someone who loves all your Disney content and also is an avid youtube watcher, I think you guys separating your content into different channels is a mistake! Its hard to find your content now despite me being subbed to all your channels. Youtube has weird algorithms that push certain things to the front pages of consumers and it’ll be hard to build that into your channels. If you look at the big youtubers, they keep all their content under 1 or 2 channels. Just a suggestion from someone who wants to see you guys grow.. or maybe you guys know something I don’t!

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