When my husband and I first became DVC members, we weren’t even engaged yet, so it was pretty clear that we would go through lots of life changes over the length of our contract.  Since becoming members, we got engaged on our first DVC trip, got married at our home resort, and we are now excitedly expecting our first child.  Among the many things I’m looking forward to, you better believe I am very much looking forward to our baby’s first Disney trip!  While I know our little one won’t remember the trip, it will still be a very special one and also very different from any of our previous trips.  Knowing this, here are a few things I’m considering when tentatively booking our baby’s first DVC trip:

Current Use Year Points

First things first: I know that the future can be unpredictable, and there is a chance that we may need to modify our trip.  So for ultimate flexibility, I will only use current use year points to book our tentative dates.  This way, if I need to cancel the trip and we choose not to travel for longer than expected, I will still have the chance to bank those points.  It also means that I will avoid borrowing (just to be safe) since those points would not be bankable.

Resort Walkability

In hindsight, I’m glad that we chose home resorts (BoardWalk Villas, Bay Lake Tower, and the Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa) that are walking distance from a park or two, and I will likely stick to booking these resorts for our baby’s first trip.  This can make it quicker and easier for us to take a break from the parks in the middle of the day.  It also means that we won’t have to struggle with collapsing a stroller to get on a bus as long as we visit parks that are within walking distance like Magic Kingdom if we are at Bay Lake Tower or Grand Floridian, or Epcot and Hollywood Studios if we stay at the BoardWalk.

Villa View

The view from a Boardwalk View Deluxe Studio

Speaking of making it into the parks, I’m really unsure of what to expect since every child is different, and there could very well be a chance that we don’t spend much time at the parks at all.  Or we may need more balcony time to let our baby sleep quietly in the room.  In this case, having a villa with a nice view could matter more.  Maybe it’s time to splurge on a Theme Park View room at Bay Lake Tower, so we can still catch a glimpse of Disney Enchantment from our balcony.  Or maybe a nice Boardwalk View room at the BoardWalk means we can enjoy a little of the nightlife and ambiance from the comfort of our room.

Villa Type

Many DVC parents have mentioned how much they love having a One Bedroom Villa, and I can see how having a kitchen and washer/dryer can be very helpful with a little one.  However, the point miser in me finds it very hard to spend the points on one.  For now, we will book Deluxe Studios as before since I think we can get away with the kitchenette and DVC laundry rooms, but maybe I’ll change my mind after our first trip.  (We’ll see how that goes.) I know once we start staying in a One Bedroom, it will be very hard to switch back to Studios, and that just feeds the add-on-itis…

Time of Year

Last but not least, I’m trying to book a trip during the cooler months of the year since babies are easily affected by heat.  Even as an adult, I sometimes struggle with the Florida heat and sun, so we will try to avoid late spring through early fall.  I think that will make the whole family feel much more comfortable.  

If you have traveled with a baby before, what considerations did you have in mind when booking that first DVC trip?  Or do you have any lessons learned from having traveled as a new parent?  Comment below!