As a follow-up to my top 5 deluxe studios among the DVC resorts at Walt Disney World, here is a one-bedroom villa list, a topic suggested by fellow DVC Fan Kyle Miyamoto!  In general, one-bedroom villas tend to be easier to book than studios, and oftentimes you will have better odds of switching reservations at 7 months with a one-bedroom than with a studio.  As with the studios, amenities among the one bedrooms are similar, but the layouts and features can vary considerably. The following are my picks for the top 5 one bedroom villas based on their unique features:  

Old Key West One Bedroom Villa Near Hospitality House 

Old Key West Grand Villa

As part of the very first DVC resort, these villas are the largest one-bedroom villas available at 942 square feet.  Old Key West renovations were just completed several years ago, so everything seems new and fresh. The layout makes the one-bedroom villas very spacious and feel much more like apartments than hotel rooms.  I love that the kitchen area has plenty of space for food prep, and the balconies here are so big that they are essentially patios complete with dining tables and chairs. It’s a perfect place to dine outside and relax.  I listed the one bedroom near Hospitality House because Old Key West is such a massive resort that it can be more difficult to get around if you don’t have a car. If you’re near Hospitality House, you’re close enough to walk to all of the amenities like the lobby, Olivia’s Cafe, the community hall, and the pool.

Bay Lake Tower Theme Park View One Bedroom Villa 

Floor Plan – 1 Bedroom Villa – Bay Lake Tower

The one-bedroom villas at Bay Lake Tower may not be as large as those at Old Key West, but they still have a lot of space.  I like the layout of the kitchen with the island since it provides additional space for prepping, and the second full bathroom is a nice perk for families.  Like the Bay Lake Tower studios, the one bedrooms have plenty of storage. For instance, the area with the washer and dryer is practically a room of its own and would be a great place to store your luggage or any bulky items.  As with the top 5 studio list, I’m going with the Theme Park View simply to view the Magic Kingdom fireworks from your balcony with the piped-in music from the TV (channel 105).

The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa Standard View One Bedroom Villa

Grand Floridian 2 Bedroom

I think this is a beautiful one bedroom.  It has some luxe touches not only in its elegant decor with granite countertops and crown molding but also with details like the TVs that are built into the bathroom mirrors.  I happen to like balconies here since they stretch from the bedroom side of the villa to the living room. I chose the standard view for these villas because the points charts are rather high at the Grand Floridian, and I actually like the monorail views of some of the Standard View villas.  

Riviera Resort Standard View One Bedroom Villa 

Floor Plan – 1 Bedroom Villa – Disney’s Riviera Resort

The one-bedroom villas at Riviera are stunning.  They’re somewhat similar in layout to Grand Floridian ones, except for the straight kitchen layout.  Another significant difference is the queen-size Murphy bed that pulls out from the wall instead of the double-size pullout couch that is in most one-bedroom villas.  There’s also a lot of storage space in these one bedrooms; even the coffee table and ottomans in the living room have storage. The closet in the bedroom is also quite large. I’m specifically listing the Standard View here for the lower point value and, surprisingly, for the view.  While the Standard View villas overlook the parking lot area, some have nice fireworks views at night!

Animal Kingdom Lodge Savanna View One Bedroom Villa at Kidani Village 

The Savanna at Kidani Village

It was difficult to pick only one option for Animal Kingdom Lodge between the Value and Concierge categories that are unique to this resort.  However, if we are strictly looking at the villa itself, the one-bedroom villas at Kidani Village have a slight edge over their counterparts at Jambo House due to the size of the villa (807 square feet at Kidani Village compared to 629-710 square feet at Jambo House) and the extra full bathroom. The balconies in the Kidani Village one-bedroom villas are especially large, extending from the bedroom side of the villa to the living room, like those at the Grand Floridian. To take advantage of this space, I picked the Savanna View here because it’s so incredible to see the animals from your balcony.     

As a bonus, here’s an honorable mention:

Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa Preferred One Bedroom Villa 

1-Bedroom Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs usually isn’t at the top of my list, but I have to admit that the latest renovations made the villas much nicer.  I love that the one-bedroom villa now includes a queen-size Murphy bed that resembles those at Riviera. There’s also a twin bed underneath the TV in the living room, so these villas can accommodate up to five adults. I have the Preferred villa listed here because location matters, with Saratoga Springs being the largest DVC resort.  The Preferred villas include those in Congress Park and The Springs. The Congress Park villas are close to Disney Springs, and The Springs villas are closer to the amenities at the resort like the front desk, restaurants, and spa.  

Let me know: Which are your favorite one-bedroom villas among the DVC resorts at WDW?

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  • Loved this article and your choices are great. I have stayed and will return to the units at VGF, Kidani, Bay Lake, and add to your list my husband’s favorite – the villas at Boardwalk.1bedroom.

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