When Top of the World Lounge at Bay Lake Tower reopened in 2022 as Top of the World Lounge – A Villains Lair, the rules around eligibility and the lounge’s offerings changed.  This has caused some confusion around who can visit and how, and you’ll still see questions about it in the DVC Fan Facebook group from time to time, even a year after Top of the World Lounge reopened.   Here’s a quick guide to clarify who can visit the lounge and what events are currently held there.   

Who Is Eligible?

Since the lounge’s reopening, access to Top of the World Lounge has become a Membership Extra (a “DVC-Y” perk, if you will).  This means that you either need to have a minimum of 150 DVC points directly from Disney or be grandfathered under previous eligibility rules.  Moreover, you have to be staying at a Disney resort.  So if you are a local who is eligible for Membership Extras, you wouldn’t be able to pop into the lounge whenever you wanted.  

Can I Bring Guests?

You can bring guests with you to Top of the World Lounge.  However, those guests have to be on your resort reservation.  

Do I Need a Reservation?

View from the Top of the World Lounge observation deck

The short answer is no.  You can still walk up without a reservation, depending on availability.  The lounge is most crowded right around fireworks time and least crowded when it opens at 6pm.  With a walk up, you can typically still get a spot on the observation deck.  The lounge itself tends to clear out after Happily Ever After ends, so you can always watch fireworks and then try to get a drink or appetizer afterwards.  

What Special Events Are Offered?

Seven “Lair” Cake

If you want to guarantee yourself a spot in the lounge, you can make a reservation for one of the special events.  As of summer 2023, there are two offerings: Wicked Wind Down and the Enchantment at the Top Dessert Party.  

The Wicked Wind Down package is $55 per person plus tax and service fees.  It includes an appetizer, drink, a slice of the Seven “Lair” Cake, a reserved table inside the lounge, and a reserved area for fireworks viewing.  

The Enchantment at the Top Dessert Party is $89 per adult and $49 per child plus tax and service fees and includes a dessert buffet, an assortment of alcoholic beverages for adults 21 and over, a reserved table inside the lounge, and a reserved fireworks viewing area.  The dessert party only takes place on Friday nights.     

You can book either of these events by calling Member Services up to 60 days in advance.     

How Do I Get to Top of the World Lounge?

When you arrive in the Bay Lake Tower lobby, make a left and walk to the North elevators.  A cast member at the podium will then check you in.  Take the elevator to the 16th floor where you will find the lounge.  Check-in for the Wicked Wind Down is 30 minutes prior to fireworks time, and check-in for the Enchantment at the Top Dessert Party is an hour and 30 minutes prior to fireworks time.  

Whether you walk up or do one of the special events, a visit to Top of the World Lounge – A Villains Lair can be a fun way to end your day!

4 thoughts on “How to Visit Top of the World Lounge

  • Can you go and just watch the fireworks?

    • Yes just show up and let the cast member know that you are there for fireworks. They will let you up

    • Yes. I went up with a guest in April just to watch the fireworks. I was staying at AKL that trip. This was during the week, but not a Friday night.

      • They wouldn’t let me take guests up thay weren’t on my reservation last time I tried.

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