5 thoughts on “Quick bites at the Top of the World Lounge

  • Pete, again great review, if you want to catch the fireworks show does it get busy in the lounge and how early would you say you would need to get there?

    • It can get busy, BUT the outside area has ample room to watch the fireworks SRO. If you are seated in the lounge and choose to watch from outside they will hold your table during the fireworks.

  • We always love visiting Top of the World Lounge. My daughter and son-in-law watched the fireworks from there and thought it was fantastic! They did say the fireworks were really loud!

  • Love Top of the World Lounge! Outside of +/- 20 min around fireworks, it never seems remotely busy. I wish they’d let DVC owners who are local visit in the afternoon. Maybe restrict the evening and fireworks for guests on property. Seems like a lost revenue opportunity but I suppose it would be difficult to enforce.

    • The only knock I have is that I wish the lounge was elevated a bit higher than the outside viewing area. When outside is really crowded (not that often) your view from inside can be partly blocked from the lower fireworks and Tinker Bell. With that said we try to visit it at least once during a trip, many time well before or after fireworks not to avoid fireworks but just based on timing for the day. The 7 layer Chocolate Cake isn’t bad either

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