16 thoughts on “Non-DVC’ers impression of a stay at the Boardwalk

  • Love Makayla’s hair! Gorgeous!

  • Then again….you are asking a couple with NO CHILDREN and who obviously are VERY picky [soft pillows, thermostat, etc ] . Time is everything on a vacation, and at the Boardwalk, EVERYTHING is close to you….no long trips, walking, etc….maybe next time you ask someone to stay there, make it a family with kids. P.S. We ARE DVC members for 20 years…..and yes, the Boardwalk IS 1 of our homes…..LOVE IT, before and after having the twins,

    • Different people have different standards at hotels. The fact that they have NO CHILDREN somehow invalidates their opinions?

      • Pete,

        on i agree having a family or not should not make a difference to peoples views, your view it as a single person, couple or family depending on your stay.

        I think the review was very good.

        Yes i think it may have been less of a review if they had spent the whole day at a park as there time at the Boardwalk would have been considerably less.

        I advantage with the Boardwalk or Beach Club hotels is there close location to Epcot and when Epcot has one of it’s events going on these two hotels are ideal.

        The only thing I do feel would have made the review complete and there time more Magical would have been a visit to one of the table dinning restaurants as there are some great restaurants in the Boardwalk area especially the Flying Fish.

        Any time for want to send a UK family to do a Disney hotel review please ask, you seem a great boss to be ending an employee of for the day to a Disney Hotel and paying for them, I am all up for that.

    • Great review Steve and Makayla! Love the Boardwalk as well. We have stayed there 3 times – in a studio when it was just my husband and myself, in a 2 bedroom with all 4 of our boys and this past October in a 1 bedroom with just two of our boys. We love the main pool there – scary clown slide and all. My biggest complaint about the room and those like it are the sofa beds. The cushions always slide down when it is a sofa and they are bulky so they take up a ton of space when the bed is open. Hoping they switch them over to Murphy beds like they are at SSR when they do the next refurbishment.

    • A good hotel is a good hotel, period. A good hotel doesn’t suddenly become a bad hotel when you either add or subtract children.

  • Really nice review. Looks like you both enjoyed yourselves…well-deserved break I’m sure! Loved Makayla’s glasses -think they looked awesome on her!

  • Must be rough to be Steve and Makayla…mean ol’ boss!

  • What a great review! Thanks for taking us around. The kitchen was really nice, I like the look of the cabinets. Looks like there is plenty to do there for a staycation or non-park days!

  • Man wish my boss forced me to do horrible things like this lol. Completely unrelated Pete are you hiring in about 2 years 🙂 Thanks for the video. Great review.

  • Loved the review of the one bedroom Boardwalk Villa. Thanks to Steve and Makayla and of course Pete for this video. Hope to be staying there one day. Always visited the Boardwalk when we stayed at other resorts. Flying Fish is one of our favorite restaurants on property. Have eaten there many times since it opened years ago. I give the resort on the whole a 9. Excellent customer service.

  • They looked like they had fun! I love watching the dis couples. Loved the videos with Petes mom too!

    Boardwalk is my least favorite dvc stay so far. Theme just is not for me but there are plenty who love it.

    Point wise its a steal being so close to Epcot and HS.

  • I noticed they still have the old small bottles or shampoo and Conditioner, etc. not bottles bolted to the shower wall. fun video to watch.

  • I always appreciate a straightforward, honest review. Please don’t ever filter them out, especially when they are not glowing.

  • This was a great review! Pete – thanks for sending them to Boardwalk. We are DVC since 2018 and love to see all the info and reviews you are putting out on the site! They are very informative and really help us get a feel for where else we would like to stay for future trips!

  • I just stayed in a studio at Boardwalk, it was so nice! The 1 Bedroom is so beautiful.

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