10 thoughts on “Pete & Fiasco’s First Moonlight Magic (Vlog)

  • Really sorry I had to cancel my MLM on the 20th. Life got in the way and I couldn’t go, but hopefully someone else got in because I canceled.

  • Pete: “these tumblers are crap, you need to be more discerning with your purchases Corey”

    Also Pete: “2 tumblers please”

    Great vlog guys! You are keeping us convinced that as long as we don’t hate Reflections we will buy our first contract direct. Keep it coming and thank you for all the great content!

  • Great vlog. Really looked like a super time in Epcot. Hope to be able to do MM at AK in August.

  • I LOVE Moonlight Magic! I live in Ohio and will book DVC stays around these at least once a year.

  • I’m so jealous over the dvc slider!!!

  • I loved this video; what a great perk of DVC ownership!

  • LOL, You drank the DVC Kool-Aid! I think the Moonlight Magic events are much better now than they were in the beginning. Giving folks the meal voucher vs. supplying just a specific snack (chicken fingers at MK and hot dogs at Epcot were available the first time they held MM at those parks) is so much nicer. And it allows you to eat during regular park hours and not precious party time.

    I am attending my first paid DVC event, the July 3 Independence Day dessert party, and I am curious to see if it has the “oversold” vibe or if it is a relaxed feel.

  • Great review. Now I just need to figure out how to get tickets to an event! Fiasco …like your wife’s Newport shirt…next time you’re in town look me up, I’ll buy you both a beer at Pour Judgement! Gan

  • Great review guys! I literally LOL when Pete bough two of the “these tumblers are crap”. Haha!

    I have now been to a MLM yet. Just to confirm, there is no entry cost for this even with direct DVC membership? Not even a regular park admission?

    The only member event I have done was a tour of the Disney Burbank Studios which was amazing but there was a fee for this tour. Pete if you have not done this yet, it is a must. Talk about merch! You’ll spend thousands there of you’re not carful.

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