Stats and Facts

  • First opened:  1991
  • Opening sale price:  $47 (pre-construction)
  • Current sale price (direct): $155 per point
  • Average sale price (resale):  $89 – $115 per point
  • Contract Expires: 2042 or 2057
  • Room size (each type)
    • Deluxe Studio – 376 sq. ft – 210
    • One Bedroom – 942 sq. ft – 130
    • Two Bedroom – 1333 sq ft – 274 units
    • Two Bedroom lock-off – 1333 sq. ft – 230 units
    • Grand Villa – 2202 sq ft – 27 units

I’m going to admit up front that I have a slight bias towards Old Key West. It’s not just that it is the first DVC resort, or that it boasts the largest rooms (on average) among all DVC properties. It’s the place I first became aware of DVC back in 1997. My partner at the time decided to join and purchased his points at Old Key West for the staggering price of about $65 a point (or thereabouts). It was also the location of a very special family vacation that included most of my siblings, nieces, nephews, and my parents. We had never done anything like that before (or since). We had no way of knowing at the time that my father would be gone inside 18 months of that trip. It’s a lasting memory that I hold dear, and so – I beg your pardon if I gush a little about Old Key West.

One of the first things you’ll notice about Old Key West is that it’s quite different from other Disney resorts. True to its namesake, Old Key West embodies a laid back atmosphere that hits you as soon as you arrive. There’s no hustle-and-bustle here, and while the Hospitality House (where the check-in desk is located) can get busy, that’s about as close to ‘crowds’ as you’ll get here.

A walk around the property is an exercise in relaxation. The pastel colors, lush greenery, and winding pathways give this resort a charm all its own. You know Disney did a good job with theming when you have to remind yourself that you’re smack in the middle of the largest tourist destination in the United States.


The rooms at Old Key West are, in my opinion, the biggest draw of this resort. We can start with the fact that they are MASSIVE. Studios are more than 370 sq. ft, and One Bedrooms clock in at more than 970 sq. ft. When you consider the points required at Old Key West, this place is a steal! I should also mention that as of this writing (2019), all units at Old Key West have just finished undergoing a massive refurb – and they are STUNNING.

Deluxe Studio

Deluxe Studio
One-Bedroom Villa
Two-bedroom villa
Three-Bedroom Grand Villas – First Floor


Your dining options at Old Key West consist of Goods Food to Go and Turtle Shack Poolside Snacks (counter service) and Olivia’s (table service). Goods Food to Go offers a nice selection of quick dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the Turtle Shack offers what you’d expect from a poolside counter. The focus of most of the dining options at Old Key West though is Olivia’s. There was a time when Olivia’s was definitely not one of my favorites. Back in 2000 I distinctly remember describing the food at Olivia’s as being put through a flavor vacuum before being served. In the years since, it’s gotten better, and worse – but I’m happy to say that after a few recent visits, Olivia’s is definitely back in the “good places to eat” category.


Overall Rating:  1-10. – 9.2

  • Check-in experience (10%) – 8 – Our check-in experience was great. Just the kind of cast member you want to welcome you to your vacation.
  • Overall condition of the room (50%) – 9.5 – This is not a surprise considering these rooms were all recently refurbished before our visit. The new decor, coupled with the size of the rooms made for a stellar combination.
  • Friendliness of cast (20%) – 9 – I can’t say enough about how helpful, friendly and proactive the cast members at Old Key West were. From check-in to merchandise, Olivia’s, the community center – it was a constant theme of happy, helpful and friendly CM’s.
  • Amenities/Common areas (20%) – 9 – When you consider that Old Key West is nearly 30 years old, the resort looks amazing. Granted, like it’s had work done, but it still looks amazing after all these years.

2 thoughts on “Old Key West – DVC Resort Review

  • When we bought back in 1994, OKW was our home resort. Only one other time have we stayed at another Disney resort using our DVC membership. We really love OKW. As much as we like Olivia’s, I wish they had another dine in option.

  • Love OKW. It’s as if a perfect sprawling neighborhood from the actual island of Old Key West was dropped down in the middle of WDW. You go from the noise and chaos of the parks to a relaxed and tranquil tropical setting. I only wish it had a large and enclosed counter service restaurant , then it would be Disney at it’s best.

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