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Rumor: Disney Vacation Club Raising Sold-Out Resort Prices for Direct Purchase

Disney Vacation Club is rumored to increase the direct price per point for ALL sold out DVC Resorts within the next two weeks.

As of Wednesday evening, we have heard conflicting reports regarding the extent of the increase for each resort. However, it appears more and more likely that an increase will occur within the coming days to weeks for all sold-out resorts.

Thursday morning, many over on DISboards, as well as the DVC Fan Facebook Group, were reporting that multiple DVC Guides claimed that the following pricing would go into effect on Thursday, October 31st, 2019.

After speaking personally to a guide on Saturday, it appears the pricing listed below is correct and will be going into effect by November 1st. Individuals who inquire prior to that date will be grandfathered into current prices as long as they close by mid-November.

ResortDirect PriceIncrease
Animal Kingdom Villas$186+ $10
Bay Lake Tower$235+ $10
Beach Club Villas$235+ $10
BoardWalk Villas$200+ $10
Boulder Ridge$186+ $10
Copper Creek Villas$220+ $10
Grand Californian$280+ $20
Grand Floridian$255+ $10
Hilton Head$135+ $10
Old Key West$165+ $9
Polynesian$245+ $10
Saratoga Springs$165+ $5
Vero Beach$120+ $10

This news comes amid questions regarding the performance and sales of DVC’s newest property, Disney’s Riviera Resort. With resale restrictions a concern of many potential purchasers, some buyers may be electing to purchase a sold-out resort directly rather than purchasing Riviera. This was discussed several months ago on The DVC Show.

With this DVC direct price increase, some sold-out resorts such as Grand Californian are creeping closer and closer towards the $300 per point mark. This could prove to be very good for DVC resale purchases and sales or signal an increase in Disney Vacation Club taking contracts via ROFR.

No official announcement has been made by Disney or Disney Vacation Club at this time. Stay tuned to DVC Fan and our DVC Fan Facebook Group for more information as it becomes available and reactions from Pete and the team!

Does this rumored increase make you more likely to buy resale or direct?

Paul Krieger

Amy and I are new Orlando, Florida residents where we live with our dogs Odie the greyhound and Hermès the Spanish galgo. We are DVC owners at Animal Kingdom Lodge, BoardWalk Villas, Grand Californian, Grand Floridian, and Polynesian, Disney World Annual Passholders, and love educating Disney Vacation Club members on how to both use and maximize the value of their DVC points!

15 thoughts on “Rumor: Disney Vacation Club Raising Sold-Out Resort Prices for Direct Purchase

  • Quick Thoughts from one member of the team:
    Raising prices significantly likely to have two motivations (From DIsney) behind it. (1) Drive people to be more likely to buy Riviera and (2) Result in additional rises in resale prices – again to drive people to be more likely to buy direct from Riviera The last few months have seen a lot higher sales of old resorts while new resort sales (being Riviera) have dropped.

    While I understand the WHY in concept – I think Disney is wrong and this does more to drive overall sales DOWN yet again, not drive more people to Riviera. If people are not buying Riviera because they don’t like the restrictions – this won’t convince them. Seems like Disney prefers to keep shooting themselves in the foot then to admit that the restrictions are hurting the product. Whose running things over there?

    At least this decision doesn’t hurt existing members – and in fact likely benefits them by potentially driving resale prices higher. However, resale prices are currently so high I can’t see them getting much higher. If Disney sees resale prices for prime resorts going higher than the Direct Riviera prices (and we aren’t far off from this), they have a REAL problem with RIviera.

    • I think you made a great point here. I think Disney is at the peak capacity of their price increasing spree. I am most interested to see what happens with Rise of the Resistance – if crowds are not up to their expectations and the hype is either smaller than expected, or expires too quickly, they will be changing their attitudes quickly.

  • If this isn’t true, I guess we never add on any more points. I think they are on crack to be honest. I want to go to Disney but not at that ludicrous price point. I may even look to sell off then to make back what we bought ours for and then some.

  • This wont make us sell and stop going, but this would 100% price us out of adding on points, which is something we have considered. I think this is very short sighted on Disney’s part.

  • It makes me not want to buy either. I’m on the fence of buying dvc. And if this happens Disney had made my choice for me. Thanks but no thanks.

  • Have to agree with others, we have a trip planned for Fall 2020 and we were thinking of buying 75 points, now we have to buy 100 points then the extra points will now be 50 dollars more.

    We just will do two things, buy more resell or do not buy at all and visit Disney less banking and borrowing points.

    I think Disney sees the original DVC resorts now as a cash cow to pay for their hotels that are not selling and are using the main hotels to pay for the fact no one likes the Riviera restrictions and is not buying into that hotel as well as they like, with increased competition from around Disney from Universal and others they may need to be careful that they find people will start to stay off property rather then buy into DVC which could hurt them more.

    Instead of using a large bat and smashing all the good work DVC has done before why not just address the issue and remove the restrictions on Riviera, then people will look at that hotel as a option.

    Unless were all missing something the people who are driving these ideas are clearly out of the depth and need to be replaced with sensible thinking people.

    Surely if we can all see this then why can they not?

  • Just got this from a guide

    New Price Per Point
    Animal Kingdom:
    Bay Lake Tower:
    Beach Club:
    Boulder Ridge:
    Copper Creek:
    Grand Californian:
    Grand Floridian:
    Hilton Head:
    Old Key West:
    Vero Beach:

    • Thanks Matt! Did they say when the pricing was effective?

      • 10/31

  • We had all things lined up at OKW to purchase a buy payed the mortgage to company and paperwork filled out to find out Disney bought 4 properties back and we did not get it. So we got our money refunded from the mortgage title company and gave up! Glad we already own at the BW. Looks as though this will hurt Disney in the long run as I see it. I will just have to buy points as needed! I am done trying to purchase anymore DVC Properties!

  • Does this rumored increase make you more likely to buy resale or direct?

    We’ve been on 10 WDW trips over the past 6 years. Rented DVC a couple times. We were totally ready to buy DVC in 2020, still deciding between resale, direct or a mix.

    Now? It makes less financial. Just like park prices, DVC is near it’s top limit. I’m afraid the only direction may be down. If I need to resell it could be a disaster. I’ll stick to renting points until the market stabilizes after all the recent big changes.

    • I agree, W. Bruce. Disney is making some reckless decisions here. I will be on the lookout for some desperate discount deals on a postcard from Disney in my mailbox (lol). Ill be taking advantage of that then.

  • I don’t see where the increase is ever $50 a point. From the chart above the max increase is $20. Am I reading the chart incorrectly?

    Glad I just bought 100 additional points at Boulder.

    • I was thinking the same thing as well, Anthony. I wonder if there is another agenda to their price increases – I do not predict they will receive the response they are looking for, I believe that they may shy guests away altogether.

  • I am going to wait until either next year in 2020, or after the 50th in 2022 to consider buying into DVC. With the price increase sprees popping up left and right, I see Disney finding their max at increases and pushing middle class visitors away. After this happens, I’ll be there to pick up their desperate outreaches for business. If prices stay or increase anymore, I have no interest in buying in, or even visiting annually on or off property.

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