Hey folks – we’re here at DVC’s Moonlight Magic at the Magic Kingdom. I’ll be updating throughout the night from the event!

We just arrived as Happily Ever After and the throngs of unwashed (I.e. non-DVC people) are leaving the park. I love that they just scan your membership card at the turnstiles for entry.

Get out of our park

Merch for tonight is just a shirt and pin – but the shirt is really nice quality

First ride of the night – Buzz Lightyear – 5 min wait

Clearly, I fell asleep (but still beat Sean)

Decided to use one of our meal credits for tonight at Cosmic Ray’s – mainly because the night is going so well and I’m a masochist.

7 Dwarfs is 55 min. No thanks

Finding lines longer than expected. 55min for SDMT, 30 min for Peter Pan. Seems like there are still day guests walking around the park. Still early in the night – see what the waits look like in an hour

And I just accidentally used the women’s restroom room outside Pirates. I’ve finally become my father

Free ice cream ,
Kind of chaotic
Unlike other events you can only get at 1 location (by dumbo )
And the line organization was like a maze
Free icecream tastes better though

Five minutes for Pirates

The evening ended with an incredible 10-minute fireworks performance created exclusively for the event.

Overall, we had a great time and it was a fun event. There were more people here tonight than I saw at Epcot last May – but this was completely free for members and their guests. It included a quick-service meal, free ice cream, and that amazing fireworks show, so there can be no complaints here. Just a reminder, this is a perk for direct members (blue card) only.

11 thoughts on “Live from Moonlight Magic at the Magic Kingdom

  • We’re scheduled for April’s event. Thanks for the preview. Keep it coming.

  • How much were the shirt and pin? I like that shirt!

    • Shirt was like 23 with DVC Discount – cheaper than I expected.

      They were out of the pin at the end of the night so I don’t know

      • Did you happen see if they had the shirt in kid sizes?

  • 5 minutes for Buzz….Excellent!

  • Sean has that look of disappointing loss… By the way Pete, due to your kindly reminder, I snatched some tickets for the April 21 event! Thank you for reminding everyone!

  • Thanks for the update. Going in April just for Moonlight Magic and it seems like it’s worth it.

  • Pete this is awesome, thank you for sharing! Have some questions: Did you get these passes through the pre-registration for those that have hotel reservations or was it part of the release to all members? Was it hard to get these passes? We are going in October and will have the opportunity of getting passes for Hollywood Studios and want to get an idea of how hard it will be, or if we can count on it or not. Thanks in advance!

    • I’m curious about this also. We are planning to try to go to Epcot in May and HS in October. Thankfully we have a reservation for both so we will be in the first group to try for tickets. I would image HS will be harder than Epcot.

  • “Get out of our park!” is such a mood.

  • Could you please share what rides/attractions were open or closed?

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