Best and Worst DVC Casual Dining Restaurants – The Results

Back in what seems to have been years ago, we ran a poll asking what you thought the best casual dining location at DVC Resorts in Walt Disney World was.

Voters were able to select up to three restaurants that they felt exemplify the best dining options at the DVC Resorts. Here are the results:

First, let’s take a look at what we are considering the bottom of the barrel. These restaurants all failed to break the threshold of 5% of the total vote, with most barely getting one percent and collectively only receiving 14% of the total votes cast:

No real surprises jump off the page to me here, however, I am slightly shocked that both Beaches and Cream and Kona Cafe ended up so low. Then again, when you compare them to the top ten I can begin to see why.

10. Geyser Point (Wilderness Lodge) – 5%

When I begin to read through this list, it pains me to see some of my favorite Walt Disney World restaurants ranking so low. However, that is hopefully a testament to the quality of food that many of these have. Geyser Point’s Bison Cheeseburger is hands down one of the best burgers I have had on Disney property.

Geyser Point – Wilderness Lodge

9. ‘Ohana (Polynesian) – 6%

Here lies what has become quite the debate. ‘Ohana, although providing a fantastic concept and menu, has been hit or miss for many in recent years with many reporting rushed or disappointing service, while others still having an enjoyable meal.

‘Ohana – Polynesian

8. Cape May Cafe (Beach Club) – 7%

I can’t openly bash Cape May Cafe because it is my wife’s absolute favorite restaurant at Walt Disney World, but I will say I am not the biggest fan. If you are up for a good old fashioned crab house experience and are ready to get cracking, this is the place for you!

Cape May Cafe – Beach Club

7. Grand Floridian Cafe (Grand Floridian) – 7%

Having only eaten here once for breakfast, I don’t have a huge amount of experience to go off. Grand Floridian Cafe does what it does well, which is offering an almost diner-like concept to the resort. It likely would’ve wound up a bit further down my top ten list, though.

Grand Floridian Cafe – Grand Floridian Cafe

6. The Wave (Contemporary) – 7%

I’ll say two things here, both of which are quite jarring. First, I’ve never been to The Wave. It is likely the number one restaurant on my current list of must-tries at Walt Disney World. Second, and I think I speak for Pete on this one… “Are you all crazy?! Sixth place? Is something loose in your head?!”

Bacon and Eggs – The Wave – Contemporary Resort

5. Olivia’s (Old Key West) – 8%

If I personally had to pick a restaurant I expected to finish a little higher, it would be Olivia’s Cafe. This restaurant is an absolute gem and is tucked away discretely, making it an amazing escape after a long day at the parks. Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner, you can catch me happy as a lark at Olivia’s.

Olivia's Cafe - Old Key West
Olivia’s – Old Key West

4. Trattoria al Forno (BoardWalk) – 8%

Trattoria al Forno offers good Italian. It’s not the best Italian food on property, but good enough to likely earn it a spot in the top ten. Fourth place is pushing it a bit to me, but you can read a dining review Amy previously wrote to get a better idea of why.

Trattoria al Forno – BoardWalk

3. Turf Club (Saratoga Springs) – 9%

I honestly have zero opinion or experience with Turf Club, so I don’t feel I can make an informed opinion on this one. If nine percent of you thought it was this good, though, there must be something I’m missing. Since I don’t have much to say and am overall surprised, I’ll let this previous Disney Dining Show do the words for me…

2. Boma (Animal Kingdom Lodge – Jambo House) – 14%

These top two are about what I expected going into this poll. If Animal Kingdom Lodge does anything right, it is it’s casual dining (among basically everything else). I’ve had the opportunity to experience Boma for breakfast and dinner, and the most disappointing part of the meal has been when I’ve gotten full.

Boma – Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House

1. Sanaa (Animal Kingdom Lodge – Kidani Village) – 15%

No surprises here! I have rarely heard of anyone unhappy with anything they have gotten at Sanaa. I dream nightly of the Indian bread service, as well as the candy bar dessert. Writing this now makes me wonder why I don’t have an ADR there for my next trip to Walt Disney World.

Sanaa – Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village

There you have it – Our best and worst casual dining restaurants at DVC Resorts! Share with us in the comments what your top pick would be and what surprises jumped off the list to you! Also, stay on the lookout here for our next DVC Fan poll!

Paul Krieger

Amy and I are new Orlando, Florida residents where we live with our dogs Odie the greyhound and Hermès the Spanish galgo. We are DVC owners at Animal Kingdom Lodge, BoardWalk Villas, Grand Californian, Grand Floridian, and Polynesian, Disney World Annual Passholders, and love educating Disney Vacation Club members on how to both use and maximize the value of their DVC points!

7 thoughts on “Best and Worst DVC Casual Dining Restaurants – The Results

  • I don’t think you should consider the bottom restaurants from this poll the worst, you need to do a separate poll for that. Being the bottom of this list doesn’t mean people think they are the worst, it simply means people didn’t think they were their top 3. There’s a big difference.

  • We are last year at Olivia’s and we were not impressed. Food was cold and service was slow, especially since it wasn’t busy. Not my recommendation for any one to eat there.

  • I had positive experiences at all of these places, even the ones on the “bottom” list. I have only had two truly bad dining experiences on Disney property. I see most restaurants going above and beyond and am very grateful to have so many awesome places to choose from 😄!!! Sanaa and GF Cafe are my personal favorites from this list!!

  • Paul, I am in shock that Amy loves Cape May Cafe! Perhaps it’s because I live in New England close to the ocean and no seafood restaurant at Disney World can compare what I can get off the boats and at the local restaurants just down the street (of course, the downfall is the cold raw wind off the ocean 9 months of the year!).

    I am pleased to see Trattoria al Forno on the list! I know Amy and you had the gnats experience before the hurricane, but this is one of my family’s favorite one table credit restaurants, and we make sure to travel once per trip from Bay Lake Tower just to visit (makes me think about getting a Beach Club or Boardwalk contract!).

    Another shocker was to see Beaches and Cream at the bottom of the list. Absolutely perplexing! Generally we have a lunch there at least once per year, and we were thinking of switching it to a dinner as it is always super filling and a great way to offset the costs of the signature dining experiences we generally go to on other nights.

    A great poll/survey and thanks for providing the results!

    • I plead the fifth regarding your quality of seafood comment (…but 100% agree…). Lol

  • Paul we live in Louisiana, and while the taste are 180* different, I totally agree with Tom above regarding the seafood taste between Florida, and the Gulf Coast and New England! It’s not just the quality of seafood, it’s the preparation.

  • The Wave is awesome! A truly underrated restaurant at Disney. Go there for lunch and you will have THE best Reuben you have ever eaten! And I don’t even like Reubens! We love the Bacon and Eggs appetizer and have never had a bad meal here. And the bartenders sure know how to make an Old Fashioned. I agree with Sanaa. . .the bread service. . .the butter chicken. . .I have not done Cape May or Olivia’s but they are on the list! 🙂

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