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DVC Member Services Plagued By Long Wait Times and High Call Volume

After months of busy signals and long wait times reported by DVC Members, Disney Vacation Club is finally acknowledging that they are experiencing difficulty keeping up with high call volumes at Member Services.

In an email sent to members on Tuesday, Disney Vacation Club states:

Due to multiple circumstances, we are experiencing higher than normal call volumes and some of you have shared your concerns when calling Member Services and experiencing extended wait times. Our Advisors continue to address many complex situations for our Members who have had their vacations interrupted by the pandemic, which often requires more time and limits the total number of Members we can speak to. This, combined with our Advisors continuing to work from home, has created unprecedented challenges for our teams.

Please know that we are working diligently to remedy this issue and recognize that we need to do better. We want to assure you that we are taking the necessary steps to help reduce call wait times, including hiring more Cast Members and investing in new phone systems that will enhance our customer service levels.

– Disney Vacation Club

This acknowledgment comes after months of complaints lodged on DISboards and on the DVC Fan Facebook Group of members waiting hours to speak with a cast member or not getting through at all when attempting to call. Earlier today, reports indicated that Member Services was no longer allowing guests to wait on hold. A recorded message when calling asked members to call back at a later time before disconnecting the call.

Several weeks ago, we did spot a job posting indicating an attempt to hire more Member Services Cast Members as stated in the email received this afternoon. This, however, does not explain why Member Services staffing seems to continue to be cut back significantly from pre-pandemic levels. In contrast, members continue to struggle with point usage issues due to the events of this past year.

We want to hear your stories! Please share with us in the comments your recent experience when attempting to call Member Services. Do you think DVC should have responded sooner to this issue? Are you having issues with contacting Member Services that is affecting your vacation plans? Let us know!

Paul Krieger

Amy and I are new Orlando, Florida residents where we live with our dogs Odie the greyhound and Hermès the Spanish galgo. We are DVC owners at Animal Kingdom Lodge, BoardWalk Villas, Grand Californian, Grand Floridian, and Polynesian, Disney World Annual Passholders, and love educating Disney Vacation Club members on how to both use and maximize the value of their DVC points!

20 thoughts on “DVC Member Services Plagued By Long Wait Times and High Call Volume

  • I wondering if my rant LOL made DVC send an email but we never had these problems before Covid and they laid off most of their staff that is the circumstance and didn’t hire back

  • Correct me if I am wrong, but DVC never suspended or reduced members fees during the Covid-19 closing. Hence, there was no reduction in revenues for operations to DVC. Why the cutbacks? We were paying for services at a pre-pandemic level, and yet they reduce the services. In my opinion it’s Disney making a money grab wherever they van. DVC is totally separate from other Disney operations. Our fees pay Disney to provide services as part of the overall cost of the DVC operation. This is Disney not providing us with the services we pay for. Staffing levels at DVC should remain constant regardless. In the past, I have spoken to numerous cast members, that transferred to DVC resorts because of cutbacks during slow periods at regular resorts. I was told that DVC pay for, and thus expect a higher level of service. I guess Disney just found another way to squeeze a little more gold from the golden goose.

    • Why weren’t members fees reduced the past year with the reduction of services. This doesn’t even seem legal that I lost my vac pts last year, had a terrible experience a few weeks ago at Disney and was never able to get through be on the phone to talk to anyone to get information. I think Disney vacation club is overusing the pandemic as the reason why members can’t get through to talk to a live person and to get the services we pay for monthly. I am extremely saddened and angry with how I have not received any support although I had sent an email to the vacation club regarding my concerns for which again no one at Disney vacation club has called me to talk about since there seems to be such a lack of personal contact. It was interesting that after I first night a few weeks ago staying at the Wilderness Lodge I had a voice message left on my hotel room phone from a representative from Disney Vacation Club asking if I wanted to meet to look at properties available to expand my vacation club holdings…for that I get a person to talk with and when I met with that person the next day, he couldn’t address any of the concerns or questions I had for my current trip. What had happened …is Disney just about the money rather than people ..Donna Bryat

      • Just an FYI. If something happens worse than Covid we could be left out to dry. Shareholders now demand big profits at the members expense which the service from phone delays, poor room cleaning, villas that are lacking proper maintenance, poor bus service (and the list goes on) is appalling. One good thing is the few cast members that are there are busting their tails to make you happy. I have had many many great years of DVC usage but I would never recommend anyone who was new and looking to buy into DVC.

  • I waited an hour before I had to drop on Saturday morning. That was my third attempt. They dropped the estimated wait time message completely. This is unacceptable. I just emailed so let’s see how long that takes. I suspect they let staff go.

  • I tallied the hours I spent to fix something minor for my recent trip…9.5hrs total. And about 12hrs trying to figure out why Disney still hasn’t refunded my money from my cancelled annual pass. So disappointing

    • They could have instituted a Call Back system months ago if they wanted. Did they recognize the current system is so painful only the most necessary calls come through. Other people give up or get answers elsewhere. A ticket or call back system might multiple the number of inquiries coming in and the back log would become embarrassing.

  • I tried to schedule magical express for a split stay via the website. It would only let me attach arrival to the first reservation, not departure from the last reservation. Something I should have easily been able to do via the website, but couldn’t, so I had to call. I spent an hour on hold, and it was easy for the cast member to do, but it unnecessarily took up time from a cast member who could have been helping another member.

  • this is just a bandaid

    • Best thing to do is make prospect DVC buyers aware of the way Disney will treat them if the going gets tough. Before Bob Iger Disney’s actions would be unthinkable.

  • I tried to contact MS this afternoon to renew my AP. After a short time on hold, I hung up and tried to use the website. After searching for the answer online, I discovered that I had to call MS if I wanted to downgrade from Platinum to Gold AP.. i tried calling back and received a message telling me to try again later followed by MS hanging up on me. Tried a second time, same result. My AP expires tomorrow. Hopefully I will have better luck tomorrow.

    • It took three attempts to call MS just after 9am today before I got placed on hold. An hour later, someone answered the phone and, in less than 5 minutes, took care of my AP renewal.

  • Seems like I’m not the only one experiencing these issues. I was on the phone for an hour wait then my call was dropped. This happened twice! After an hour and half waiting I finally got thru. We’ve been paying DVC dues since 1994 and it’s never been this bad. Disney will use the covid excuse. As Wade stated in his post, DVC members pay for services and expect these services to continue. If not, then they should give us a credit on our dues. Over the years DVC services and benefits have dropped, but our annual dues keep increasing. I suggest all members do what I did. Email DVC and voice their concerns. We’re to the point in thinking about selling our membership or at least use it to go somewhere else more often than Disney World.

    • Had the same experience and also thinking of dropping Disney Vacation Club as even with voicing concerns Disney doesn’t seem to help members

  • I’ve been trying to get through for about 2 weeks with many of the same results others have listed. I even sent an email to the address on the website (with no response in over 6 business days). Yesterday, I called at 7:59 and by the time I connected, it was 8am. I was on hold for 35 minutes – but got A LIVE PERSON!!!! However, she had to work with another team to resolve my issue, and she had to wait on hold 10 minutes with them. I had read elsewhere that calling right as they open works – so maybe that advice will help others.

  • I called Multiple times and the system hung up on me due to MS being too busy. Finally got through and I’ve been on hold for 49 minutes and counting

  • It’s shocking how DVC management can get away with poor planning and service levels. No company I’ve worked for will allow management to sit back and react, sort of apologize, and still get their bonus. Management is expected to look ahead, and plan for the heavy call volumes, especially a service and hospitality company! This is basic lack of execution by *DVC management* and is unacceptable.

  • Greetings from the UK. Our use year at Boulder Ridge is September.

    Due to being unable to travel in 2021, we have banked our 2021 allocation to 2022. Out of a dozen other UK owners that we know, 100% have done the same. I suspect the ratio might be as high with all overseas owners together with a large percentage of US owners.

    My point is that next year will be chaotic in the extreme with unused banked points or cheap rental points everywhere is we are still unable to travel. My question is- will DVC give overseas owners a once only extension of banking year availability ?

  • I regrettably needed to cancel an RCI reservation due to emergency act. I was on hold and got through with CM within 40 minutes; even though the hold time indicated was 52 minutes throughout. I appreciate every experience is different; but mine was acceptable.

  • I’m just curious why there isn’t a call back feature like so many companies have???

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