After the news broke Tuesday of the New Polynesian DVC Tower, I took a few minutes to gather some quick thoughts and initial reactions. We don’t have a lot of information to go on thus far, but its always fun to speculate!

1) This Idea is a HomeRun

There is absolutely no doubt in mind whatsoever that this new Polynesian DVC Tower will perform amazingly well and be a perfect addition to the resort! All of Disney Vacation Club’s most recent projects of a similar nature that have added DVC to an existing resort have been extremely successful (Ex. – Grand Floridian, Copper Creek, etc.).

2) Reflections 2.0?

I can’t help but think they flipped the Reflections idea a bit and moved it here. Officially, Disney appears to be saying that inspiration is from the original Polynesian concept art from 1969, however, I kinda like to think they showed a designer Reflections and the old Polynesian art and said, “Can you kinda make this look a little like this?” I’ve included photos below for comparison and am curious to hear your thoughts.

3) Derek DeBoer has New Lamps to Steal!

Our resident lamp expert from DVC Resale Market is super excited by this new addition to the Polynesian because it means new lamps! He was recently spotted eyeing up some rather large chandeliers at Grand Floridian.

Derek DeBoer and Jeff Haslam at the Grand Floridian

4) We Will Be Scoping the Site Out Soon!

As you are reading this, Amy and I will likely be headed to Disney to see the model room for the new Grand Floridian Villas. We also plan to take some videos and walk the area where this tower will be located. The tower will occupy space where the Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show once resided, which was announced to be permanently closed. Be on the lookout for more information soon!

5) How Many Villas and What Type of Villas?

Using my very scientific measuring method (counting in the picture), I’m estimating around 200-300 new villas total as part of this new addition to the Polynesian. Since they are building something entirely new, I expect them to squeeze as many rooms as possible into this space which is why I’m thinking it will be on the higher end of this range. In Disney’s announcement, they all but confirmed that this tower will include Deluxe Studio, 1-Bedroom, 2-Bedroom, and Grand Villas. I also wouldn’t rule out some Tower Studio villas (look in the corner of the concept art), since these have been included in both Riviera and the New Disneyland DVC Tower.

6) Will This Tower Be Part of the Existing Condo Association?

Your guess is as good as mine, but my current answer is no. This is where Disney will either double down on their plans for DVC 2.0 and resale-restrictions or kick the idea to the curb. Since we are talking about a lot of infrastructure for this addition to the Polynesian including new pools, restaurants, etc. (more on that later), my gut reaction is that we will see this be a separate association similar to Copper Creek and Boulder Ridge. Only time will tell!

7) What Will Be the Price Per Point?

Expect it to open aggressively with incentives. Grand Floridian taught us that while Disney likes money, you’ve got to get people to purchase it to make that money and thus price things at a reasonable rate. I would expect by the time the resort goes on sale in early 2024 we will be in the range of $225-$230pp for direct pricing if not higher.

8) Fireworks Views

In my opinion, the Polynesian is one of the best spots on Seven Seas Lagoon to watch the fireworks from Magic Kingdom. While Top of the World Lounge is a close second, Poly has a pretty straight-on view of the castle, so the view from this tower should rival that or at least be on par with TOTWL.

9) New Pools, Dining, and MORE!

Speaking of TOTWL, I’m hoping for a signature dining experience at the top and/or a bar or lounge similar to that or California Grill. The concept art provided shows multiple things that could indicate new restaurants or lounges so I expect at least two. We also appear to be getting a brand new pool!

10) I’ll Probably Be Buying Points

My wife can use this as evidence against me in two years, but I’m sold and would purchase an add-on contract here. While many are calling this “The Marriott at Disney’s Polynesian Resort“, I have always felt that the Poly has needed a bit of a new modern vibe to the resort and am super excited to see this concept develop! I better start saving… #AddOnItis #PointsAreFun

I’d love to hear your quick takes on this exciting new Disney Vacation Club announcement. Share your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned to DVCFan for more information on the New Polynesian DVC Tower as it becomes available!

Paul Krieger

Amy and I are new Orlando, Florida residents where we live with our dogs Odie the greyhound and Hermès the Spanish galgo. We are DVC owners at Animal Kingdom Lodge, BoardWalk Villas, Grand Californian, Grand Floridian, and Polynesian, Disney World Annual Passholders, and love educating Disney Vacation Club members on how to both use and maximize the value of their DVC points!

23 thoughts on “10 Thoughts About The NEW Polynesian DVC Tower

  • Agree so much with everything you said. I’ll buy so, so fast if it’s part of the same association. The only things that make me think it may be is the length of time to expiration and also the problem DVC has with consistently filling the bungalows and spreading points between all those studios. Time will tell, as always, but I sure hope it’s the same. I can tell you this, after touring the new VGF studios last week and getting ready to add on, I’ve put that on hold immediately.

  • Paul if it’s a not the same condo association does that mean that the dues are different, meaning my current poly points don’t go for paying for the upkeep of the new building?

    • That would be correct.

  • Agree 100%, Paul! Please, yes, do recon with Amy and report back on the DVC Show!!!!! While I am not in love with the design outside, I DO love that it’s a self-contained building like Riviera, where we should be able to grab food and drinks within a small footprint and not have to walk in the rain/heat/humidity/hurricanes to get a snack.

    I, basically, agree with everything you wrote, LOL, so I won’t rehash a cheering squad, but YEAH BABY, bring on the points!!!!!!!!

  • As a current Poly owner, I’m really hoping it’s not a separate condo association!!!

    • I think your tune may change when you see how much more crowded Polynesian gets. It’s already tough to get an ADR at the Polynesian restaurants. Also, when we want to enjoy a day at the Poly pool we need to get there by 10:30 at the absolute latest (it opens at 10:00am), otherwise the loungers are completely taken. Last time we got there at 10:00am and there was a line of 30 people waiting at the gate. I don’t mind it too much, but if the new tower is part of the original Poly and all those tower guests have access to the original Poly amenities then it could get out of control.

  • Paul, what do you think this will mean for the beautiful walking path from the Poly to the Grand Floridian? The artist drawing looks like the property goes right found to the beach.

    • I think we might see it no longer be in front but pushed behind the building towards the monorail.

      • I hate to be this guy but all I can think of is busier parks… hotels are not what they need to be building right now.

    • That area just doesn’t look that big. At least from the monorail.

  • We currently have a few Poly points so wouldn’t mind if they lumped it into one association. However, if we have to buy new points to get a one or two bedroom there, we just might. Depends on price and points chart.

  • I was wondering how much if any you think this concept for the outside will change. I have read many post on other FB sites about how it does not “fit in” with the current Poly. I was just wondering is all, I think I like this look but I also somewhat agree it does not fit in, thanks..ºoº

  • As a owner of poly I really hope it isn’t separate because of the limited options we already have. I don’t think it would be fair but we will all know Disney does what’s best for them. Maybe a special add on for current poly dvc members would be good option! Just a thought……

    • Would a separate association mean different expiration date (2074 instead of 2066)? That would make me in favor of a different association even with resale restrictions.

  • Paul

    As a dvc owner in the Poly (VGF & SSR) as well. I totally agree with your thoughts on items 1 & 2
    3 Thats on Derek
    4. Be there in less than 3 weeks at the Poly so can’t wait to check it out
    5 They definitely need a variety of rooms.
    6&7 Time will tell
    8 Fireworks absolutely on of the best spots to view them from Poly
    9 Need new restaurant there
    10 Points only on resale/

    • Based on the shape of the building, known dimensions of rooms, and where the “bend” in the design is, I think those windows proposed to be Tower Villas here are more likely to be windowed walkways akin to Animal Kingdom Lodge.

  • 💯 no! How is this any different than dropping a Marriott on the bora bora beach? It totally doesn’t fit the over all theming of the resort

    You want a tower to to contemporary or build reflections.

    I do see a need for 1 bedroom suites but this tower is not the answer

  • One more thought: they might want to make a single condo association to promote points usage at the bungalows. They are definitely underused now.

  • BEST NEWS in a long time.
    I love the promise of an additional Poly building with all types of rooms to choose from. As a current Poly owner, i will buy more points to afford the 2BR and/or grand villa if it is part of the current Poly DVC association but not if it is separate. I want a bar/restaurant on the top floor as well as on the first floor. The Poly needs a signature restaurant.

    This announcement has caused me to put a hold on plans i had to buy points in the new VGF. There is time to save and buy lots of points……..

  • Paul, from google maps there is hardly any room between the monorail and the beach. Do you think they will put a monorail station attached to the backside? The bad part about this new addition is all the extra people trying to get on an already crowded monorail.. All about the money with Disney. Cheers, David

    • We walked the property the other day and actually were surprised by how much room they have to work with. It’ll get close but I think should be ok.

  • I said the exact same thing, maybe they could add another monorail car???

  • This building could be in any downtown in America and is a terrible fit for the theming of the Poly. It’ll sell but sad to see Disney stop caring about theming. Google ‘why all buildings look the same’ and you’ll find Vox, Cheddar, and Wendover Production videos showing how this style of building is literally everywhere. DVC owners should demand more.

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