The Riviera Resort is a Romantic Disney Vacation- Once upon a time in a land far away, a lovely couple spent their wedding anniversary in the most magical place on Earth. The castle where they lodged was adorned with the mot beautiful finishes, fixtures and art. The understated elegance was so classical it was befitting of kings and queens. They also gained access to the playgrounds of royalty in a coach that flew through the sky!

The Riviera Resort is for Couples

When most people think of Walt Disney World, they often envision scores of children with their parents on rides, hugging cartoon characters and eating cotton candy. They imagine the one vacation where parents set aside their wants and drop a ton of dough. They hand their children the keys to a child’s kingdom and an experience that is forever engrained in their child’s memories. Fulfilling the childhood fantasies of all children is a tall order for any company. Disney, however, has expanded their brand to people of all ages.

Despite not having children we have taken trips with my youngest cousin and my husband’s nieces. Hence, traveling with kids is something we are familiar with. In this article, though, my intention is to highlight the ADULT delights of the newly built Riviera Resort, located on the EPCOT side of Walt Disney World.

Our Anniversary Trip Introduced us to a New Side of DVC

People who know me know me as a huge Disney fan. It is not uncommon for a friend to ask me for Disney advice. I am frequently asked for resort recommendations and tips for optimizing park time. They trust my opinion, and I’m hoping you will too when I recommend the Riviera Resort as my favorite romantic Disney vacation location.

We bought our DVC contract not long after my father-in-law purchased his at Boardwalk Villas. Until we spent our wedding anniversary at Disney’s Riviera Resort, our minds frequently changed in regard to our home resort.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect when booking our room. Talk of resale restrictions and reviews of inadequate theming had lowered my expectations. Since I’m a person who loves trying new things, the idea of a newly built resort appealed to me. By the end of our trip, we both knew we were going to choose the Riviera as our home resort. Due to the fact we had finally made our choice, the race was on to align our finances and pull the trigger! A ten-day stay in a tower studio, overlooking the Skyliner convinced us the Riviera Resort was the most romantic of all DVC resorts.


The resort’s physical features feel high-end. While it’s not extremely ornate or heavily decorated, the finish choices invoke the resort’s high-end boutique feeling. It has a touch of minimalism, providing a very clean and uncluttered look. I feel Disney’s designers chose these finishes in a very methodical way.

  • Marble tiles
  • Champagne or pewter faucets, tub fillers, and shower heads
  • Tiled showers with shower seats and detachable sprayers
  • Wood vanities with somewhat grey finishes
  • Beautiful and carefully chosen light fixtures
  • Disney artwork done in the style of famous European artists

The size of The Riviera is also unusual relative to most Disney resorts. It feels small and compact, unlike the sprawling resorts, Disney commonly designs. This boutique layout, I feel, gives the resort an ambiance that feels more intimate and personal. Disney also attempts to romance you with the sounds and smells of the Riviera. Fragrance is always being pumped into communal areas of the resort. There is European-style music played all times throughout. Most are Disney songs sung in French or Italian.

Riviera Resort Dining

  • Topolinos – Nothing says “Romantic Disney vacation” like a restaurant that serves up quality food and a view. Topolinos serves high-quality cuisine consistently. As a result of being located on Riviera’s top floor, you will have a stunning overlook of EPCOT Center. Time your reservation strategically and gain a prime viewing area of EPCOT’s fireworks show, “Harmonious.” Be sure to use your My Disney Experience app 60 days prior to your trip and snag your advanced dinner reservation.
  • Primo Piatto – This quick service location is creative and casual. It is located on the bottom floor. Don’t forget to snag a pack of the brand-new Riviera signature cookies in which I am yet to try! Scheduling an advanced dining reservation every morning is not always practical, making Primo Piatto a nice convenience. I loved ordering the lemon mascarpone pancakes for a quick breakfast before I made my way to the parks.
  • La Petit Cafe – This is a quaint coffee shop located in the main lobby. La Petit Cafe serves specialty coffee drinks, alcoholic drinks, pastries, and cheese plates. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to try any drinks. I did enjoy the brownie bites more than once!
  • Bar Riva – Its open-air location by the pool gives Bar Riva a charming feel. We were hungry one night after a long day at the parks. Without any wait, we strolled to the bar and split a meal. The menu was small. The food was perfectly adequate and not worth writing home about. However, having a location open late was nice. It was easily accessible, and no need for an advanced dining reservation.


One of the advantages of staying at any deluxe resort is transportation. In fact, the Walt Disney Skyliner is happily situated outside the resort tower studios. As a result, the Skyliner is ready to fly you directly to EPCOT or to Caribbean Beach Resort. There you can catch a connecting flight to Hollywood Studios. I enjoyed sitting on our balcony and watching the gondolas fly back and forth.

The Skyliner station at The Riviera Resort

Just a Duo Doing Disney

After our stay at Disney’s Riviera Resort, we knew we wanted to recreate this experience every year. After all, life is the business of creating memories. So for now and the forseeable future, we are just a duo doing Disney!

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