Disney Vacation Club has announced its 2024 DVC Annual Dues projections! This comes ahead of the annual condominium association meeting scheduled for Thursday – December 7th.

Here is a quick breakdown of the 2024 Disney Vacation Club Annual Dues compared to the 2023 annual dues amounts. Clicking on the resort name will also link you to the resort Condominium Association Notice:

2024 Disney Vacation Club Annual Dues

Resort2024 Dues2023 Dues% Increase
Animal Kingdom Villas$9.0820$8.80993.09%
Aulani (Subsidized)$7.3385$6.87276.78%
Bay Lake Tower$7.5902$7.42552.22%
Beach Club Villas$8.6256$8.16555.63%
BoardWalk Villas$8.6711$8.53091.64%
Boulder Ridge$8.6790$8.51101.97%
Copper Creek Villas$8.0938$7.92032.19%
Disneyland Hotel$9.5307$9.06005.20%
Grand Californian$8.5544$8.04096.39%
Grand Floridian$7.5740$7.33323.28%
Hilton Head$11.3140$10.73055.44%
Old Key West$9.8666$9.35705.45%
Saratoga Springs$8.1388$7.86223.52%
Vero Beach (Before 1/1/96) $10.8906$10.12987.51%
Vero Beach (On or After 1/1/96)$13.8628$12.85037.88%

As a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member, there are a number of responsibilities and benefits that come with your membership. Among these responsibilities are the annual dues you pay as a member.

What Are Disney Vacation Club Annual Dues?

Disney Vacation Club annual dues are fees that each DVC member is required to pay yearly. These dues cover a variety of costs associated with maintaining the resorts and providing services to DVC members.

Breakdown of the Annual Dues

The annual dues paid by DVC members are used to cover a variety of costs. Here’s a breakdown of where these funds typically go:

  1. Operating Costs: This includes the day-to-day running of the resorts including housekeeping, transportation, utilities, and front desk operations.
  2. Administrative Expenses: These are costs associated with the administration of the DVC program, such as member services and reservation systems.
  3. Maintenance Costs: These are expenses related to maintaining and improving the resort properties, including landscaping, painting, and repairs.
  4. Real Estate Taxes: A portion of the dues goes towards paying the property taxes for the resort.
  5. Reserve for Replacement: This is a fund set aside for major future repairs and replacements at the resort.

How Are Dues Calculated?

The amount of annual dues you pay is determined by the number of points you own at your home resort and the current annual dues rate for that resort. Each year, DVC will calculate the projected costs for the upcoming year. Projected costs are then divided by the total number of points available at that resort. This gives the cost per point, which is multiplied by the number of points you own to get your total annual dues.

When Are Dues Paid?

DVC annual dues are typically billed in December and due by mid-January of the following year. However, you do have the option to pre-pay your dues or spread them out over the year.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Your Dues?

If you fail to pay your annual dues, DVC has the right to suspend your membership benefits. This means you won’t be able to make reservations or use any of your DVC points until your dues are paid in full.

The proposed budgets for each DVC Resort that account for these dues will be voted on and adopted at the upcoming annual meeting. Dues will then need to be paid by members by January 15th, 2024. DVC Member Annual Dues are deemed as “past-due” if not paid by February 15th, 2024.

Members can choose to pay their 2024 Disney Vacation Club Annual Dues in full using a credit card, debit card, Disney Gift Card, or a Disney Visa Rewards Card. Monthly automatic payments can also be set up to a U.S. checking or savings account.

Join us in December for highlights from this year’s Disney Vacation Club Condo Association Meeting!

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