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The Unintended and Unforeseen of DVC

I promised myself when I started doing this that I would just chronicle my experiences as a new DVC member. Some of those experiences I expected. Things like having to learn a new way to plan, navigating the nuances of DVC ownership, discovering a new community of Disney fans, etc.

My thought process from the start of this journey was mostly financial. Looking at how much I spend at Disney resorts for myself (and my family) every year I, like just about every other person who joins DVC, looked at it all through that lens. So I went in knowing exactly what I was getting myself into financially. That wasn’t a surprise (or even an issue).

What has become more surprising to me (and maybe it shouldn’t be) are the emotional aspects that I never considered, thought of or factored into my decision to join.

For 22 years, I’ve been at the helm of a fairly large, fairly popular Disney fan site. I’ve met many people through it, had experiences I never thought I would and without question it has changed my life in ways I never could have imagined. I thought I knew most aspects of Disney life – then I became a DVC member and found this whole group of people – some of whom are starting to become friends.

I’ve told the story a few times about how, way back in 2009, my mother told me that she thought joining DVC would be a good idea for me. This was right after Bay Lake Tower had opened, and I was telling my mother about it. It was an odd comment for my mother to make, but nonetheless, it has proved prescient. My first stay as a DVC member at Boulder Ridge was with my mom. It was her first time doing a vlog as well. Mom used to travel with me quite often, and while her health (thankfully) is good – she’s 88 years old and those days of long flights and busy trips are behind her. I wanted her to join me on my first stay because, in some ways, this was her idea. But it opened up something for me that I hadn’t considered – this was a way for us to ‘travel’ together, without the requisite stress that a cross country trip would exact. It became a way for me to share an experience with her that I never would have thought about had I not become a member.

Every October, my mothers two sisters come to Orlando to visit. These visits are a highlight in her year, and I have (from time to time), put them up at a Disney hotel for a few nights. They’re not theme park people, but they love the resorts and spending time together. I remember some years ago when my aunts and my mother were staying at the Boardwalk, being on the phone with her and hearing her laughing with them – she sounded like a teenager. This year, I’m putting them in a cabin at Copper Creek.

Later this year, my nephew, his wife and two children will be coming to visit. I’m able to put them up in a studio at Saratoga for the week.

Taking my mother to the DVC mothers day brunch, seeing how much she enjoyed it – how relaxing it was, how she enjoyed spending the time with my sister and her family, as well as our good friends Yvette and Emiel (the Nether-people for those who listen to the podcast).

And then there’s me. This process has had an effect on me that I find difficult to put into words. The moment I signed my first contract, I had this strange yet familiar feeling. It took me a few days to identify it, and when I did – I was shocked. The feeling was the same one I had 22 years ago when I started the DIS. I hate saying that out-loud because the DIS became this massive site and I don’t mean to suggest on any level that I expect anything I do with DVC to follow a similar path. In 1997 I had no idea what the DIS would become – there was no way to know that then. In those days, it was just raw passion and this intense desire to share it. I never expected it to turn into anything else, I certainly never thought it would become my full time job – I just wanted to share something I loved and was passionate about. While I’ve certainly had many things I’ve loved and felt passionate about over the years, this was different and for the life of me I can’t tell you why – it just is. It has renewed my spirit in someways – I’ve found energy and drive like I haven’t had in years. There was no way to factor this in to a financial decision. There’s no back-of-the-napkin math that will quantify that. It is a wonderful, yet unintended and unexpected result of becoming a DVC member.

In the comments below, I’d like you to tell me what the plan vs reality of DVC was for you – particularly the emotional moments that you didn’t consider or expect.

35 thoughts on “The Unintended and Unforeseen of DVC

  • For my family it has been the memories of a lifetime! We are fortunate that we bought enough points that we can come twice a year and still have some left over. We drive from Texas. My oldest child is on the autism spectrum, while he is high functioning I know we probably wont ever participate in things like “competitive sports” i.e. summer leagues etc. So Disney is all that for us we get to be with each other and have a total blast forgetting about the 3 hours of speech therapy we do a week and making sure we are making all the right social skill calls that comes with having a kid on the spectrum. My goodness my son even has a haunted mansion themed room! So buying into DVC became more than just forcing us to go on vacation it is now a “lifestyle” if I can say that. I love it when my kids say can we go to “welcome home Disney vacation club”.

  • We had been to WDW 4 times, 2 x staying on a budget at Comfort Inn and 2 x staying at lake Buena Vista Hotel and Spa.

    On the 4th visit from the UK we got caught in a rain storm whilst walking around Boardwalk. Jokingly our daughter said I’ve always wanted to look at the DVC villas as we were stood outside the show villas in Boardwalk. To get out of the rain we went in and met up with an agent (who has now gone very high up ladder with DVC and is still a great friend of ours) and he was so understanding of the fact we were simply coming in to get out of rain.

    Anyway 4 days later we had signed the papers and were proud owners in Animal Kingdom Lodge/Kidani.

    This is what DVC does to you, the happy atmosphere, the friendly people and the access to Disney beyond what you could normally do on your budget.

    The following year we were back and yes you guessed it we bought some more points in Animal Kingdom Lodge to make sure we could do the holidays every 2 years or better we wanted in WDW.

    We have so far stayed at Boardwalk and BLT alongside our home resort and have yet to be unhappy with the DVC element of any holiday we have had.

    Definitely the best thing about DVC is the ability to take holidays beyond what we would if we had to pay for it in the deluxe hotels.

    As a family of 4 (albeit the kids are now 27 and 29 with no partners) we have so far used 2 bed villas and the space and freedom you get in these is brilliant and leads to a very relaxing time.

    Overall we have not been disappointed by our DVC purchase and look forward to the next 40 years use (well maybe the kids will see out the last few years).

  • Just got back from a cash stay and it was my first time at WDW since buying resale. Scanned my Magicband at MK and it lit up purple and the cast member said “Welcome Home!” I nearly cried! It truly is a magical feeling to hear that phrase at your home away from home.

  • Well said! “Raw passion and this intense desire to share it” sums up so many people’s DVC experience. I have been pleasantly surprised by members willingness so share information to optimize this unique experience we all share.

  • Our decision to purchase in 1995 was based in part on the need to find accommodations at Walt Disney World on very short notice. It had been three years since our last visit and, after receiving an unexpected bonus from work, I decided that it was time for a Disney vacation. We had seen the DVC representative at Dixie Landings, so I was somewhat aware of the program. We purchased 210 points at The Disney Vacation Club Resort sight unseen. The purchase included length of stay passes until 2000. If we wanted to back out of our contract after seeing the resort, we could pay cash for the room.

    The unexpected part of the experience was the tears of happiness that my wife shed when we opened the door to OUR vacation home. It was a magical moment that neither of us will soon forget.

    In the years that have followed, we purchased an additional 230 points at OKW and used those points to book a category 4 stateroom on the inaugural 7 night Disney Magic cruise. We took great pleasure in attending the sales meetings on that cruise where we would proudly announce that our cruise only cost us $75.

    Our annual DVC trips to Walt Disney World since 1995 may have also had another unexpected result. Both of our children participated in the Disney College Program. Our daughter continues to work for Disney to this day.

    For my family, DVC has been the best decision that we have ever made. Our memories are priceless.

  • Hi Pete!
    We joined DVC the year after it began which I believe was 1992. At that time Old Key West was still being built. They used to have a statue of Mickey outside the Hospitality House and we used to take a picture of my daughter next to it each year that we went there.That is how we saw how much she grew from year to year. She was 6 at the time when we started. Unfortunately they eventually turned the Hospitality House into homes and removed the statue of Mickey. Now we have the great pleasure of taking my grandkids to Disney every year and stay mainly at the Boardwalk which we love. Unfortunately there is no statue of Mickey there but there are plenty of other things to measure them against. It has been a great ride for me and my family and we will never regret the decision we made to join DVC. I am sure you and your family will have a great ride as well!

    • We bought our first contract in ‘06 for our family of two adults and four children….we have grown to a family of twelve with all of our children having wonderful significant others and two grandchildren added to the mix. In June, we enjoyed 10 days all together in a grand villa at our favorite ‘home’ OKW. DVC is truly growing with our family (purchased second contract in ‘18) and we all share Disney passion. DVC is the thing that makes family vacations possible for our ever growing group!

  • Hi Peter. I’ve been a DIS fan for years, and I was intrigued when I clicked the link to read the above article. It was a wonderful read. We joined DVC quite a few years ago because at that time I was in my early 40s and realized that we never travelled as a family, except for some short vacations in our corner of Atlantic and Eastern Canada. We just worked a lot and were going to travel…you know?…someday. My Dad had worked 6 days per week and he was going to relax and enjoy life when he got older and retired. Except, that didn’t happen. He became ill at age 42 and passed away soon after his 43rd birthday. I was approaching the age he was when he died, and my wife and I joined DVC to ‘force us’ to take annual family vacations. My expectation was for fun annual trips with immediate family, to go play at WDW. The reality has been, not one, but a couple trips to WDW each year with some combination of immediate family, extended family, friends, mothers, mothers-in-law, siblings, etc. Being able to go more frequently, and being able to stay at wonderful resorts, has had the unexpected consequence of allowing us to feel so relaxed while on vacation at WDW. We hit the theme parks and water parks plenty, but have no qualms taking time to sit by the firepit with a drink at Animal Kingdom villas, stroll over to Disney Springs from Saratoga to enjoy some food, drink and music, or sit on the balcony at Bay Lake Tower watching the watercraft on Bay Lake and Seven Seas Lagoon. Each and every vacation has been different as a result of our staying at various resorts, travelling during a variety of months, and having different travel parties. We also all get older, and for me, that brings a constantly evolving perspective and sense of appreciation and contentment to each WDW vacation. It was the best decision we ever made as a family, and although cliche, we have enjoyed and continue to enjoy, years of priceless memories as a result of that decision. I wish you continued enjoyment with all you can do with your DVC membership. Welcome home!

  • We are new DVC owners and I type this as we are on our first trip as “official” DVC owners. I think for us the biggest surprise has been learning about Disney life away from the parks. Last summer we rented points and stayed at Hilton Head. That trip absolutely helped me convince my husband it was time to buy. Now we are staying at Vero Beach in a 1 bedroom, which we never could have done before. Our room and the resort are amazing. I’m finding myself wanting to plan resort-only trips to Disney. That’s definitely something I never would have considered before joining DVC. My goal is to eventually stay at every DVC resort.

  • When my husband first considered DVC, the deciding factor was the long winters we experience in northeast PA. It would be a place for us to get away. 6 grandkids, and 2 great-grandkids later….it has turned into wonderful family vacations with memories that will last a lifetime. We love being able to give them this gift, and I know they will remember it for the rest of their lives. DVC by far, one of the best choices I’ve made!

  • Earlier this year (2019) in February, my wife and I were lamenting the fact that both of our daughters were living in distant states, and that they had the audacity to take our grandchildren with them! We had not been together as a family since 2016. How could we find a sure fire way for everyone to have a together time? We had seen the DVC booths several times when at both DL and WDW, but mostly shrugged it off as not a real thing for us monetarily . Suddenly one day she asked if that wouldn’t be something they would all want to do? We started looking into it and did some math. Then read some testimonials and made the call.
    Now we are the proud owners of 175 Copper Creek points! Yes, it takes 2 years worth of points for all of us to be there together, but who cares? She was right, everyone wants to go and they are all looking forward to it. Our first trip will be Thanksgiving week at OKW. While there are ten of us, and the room only sleeps nine, one is just over a year old and he will get a pack n’ play. Now comes the big question, how will we do this next time when he will be over 3? I am confident that there will be a good way to do it and we will all be happy together. Every time I do the math of retail vs DVC rate I smile and think we will have to renew this in just 49 years. Smiling now too.

  • Wow … I love that story ! I think I come a little different approach. Many years ago I purchased direct from Disney, my husband was not in favor of purchasing, believing we’d take our three kids once maybe twice. But Disney was always my “happy place” so I went ahead with the purchase, knowing we would go way more often and we were lucky enough to go on three great family trips! But as luck would have it, our family business suffered and I lost my DVC – at the time I had no idea I could have tried to sell my points – and sadly Disney took ownership back in 2011. It was heart breaking – BUT I promised myself I would OWN AGAIN – SOMEDAY ! I knew the memories of those family vacations were priceless and I wanted them to continue for years to come. I saved non stop for the next few years – putting little bits of cash away each and every week – I told no one and finally in 2016 I found points in the resale market and just 20 days before my birthday I made the purchase ! Going into that resale transaction – I knew the magic that awaited our family !!! We’ve been on several family vacations since – each one more magical than the last … but perhaps the best part and the part I didn’t really expect …. the chance to SHARE the Disney magic with family and friends ! My long time BFF and I went for 5 days to food and wine this past October, just this past June I was able to gift my college age “kids” 3 nights at Saratoga Springs and this fall I’ll be joining my Sister-in-law (a fellow DVC owner) niece and grand niece at the Grand Floridian for a long weekend ! I never expected that I would be able to go to Disney as often as I have, or that I would be able to spread the magic with family and friends – I honestly thought we would go on one vacation every couple of years ! My kids and I now have annual passes and I’m happy to say I’ve added on a few times – I officially have a “blue” card !!! I’m hoping to go on a solo trip soon and perhaps a second honeymoon with my husband …. the possibilities are endless with DVC I know people say it all the time … but membership is truly magically !!

  • Our DVC has been the best thing we ever did. Period. It makes us take vacations. It makes us take vacations together. The one thing I had not anticipated was the sadness I already feel about having our points expire. It has brought so much fun (and some not so good trips mixed in there) and I don’t want it to end. Yes, I realize that it is still a long way off but I am still sad at the thought. Anyone else?

  • I first went to WDW in the late 80’s when my dad’s band performed there. I didn’t go back until 2015 when I retired because…life got in the way😔
    But since then, I’ve managed to visit several times a year. And I’ve become AP. One trip each year has been with a fellow retiree who is DVC. I used to stay in Values to save money. But now, I’m hooked on the 1 bedroom villas!
    Pete, listening to you talk about (and explain) DVC along with my fun experiences, has convinced me to buy a re-sale contract. Probably OKW or SSR. I watch my email notifications for “just the right contract”! My friend and I are limited mobility now (yup, we’re a couple of old gals in scooters) and we go for the food, drinks, shopping, and relaxing! We don’t “Park” that much any more and luxury accommodations are important to us. Thanks Pete for all of your info and on-line connections that are helping me make educated decisions!😊

  • We had signed up back in 1997. Now hold 3 contracts through Disney with 430 points.

    The thrill of knowing I can go to Disney a few times a year is beyond words! Knowing I can escape the real world puts my mind at ease.

    I know many feel that using points to cruise is not wise but, I would not have been able to afford to go. 13 cruises later. No regrets!

    Next step OKW in October🕸🎃👻

  • Our first trip to Disney World was in 1992. We joined DVC in 1994 and we’ve been going every year since. We couldn’t do this if we weren’t DVC members. I think the one thing that sticks out in my memory from being a DVC member was seeing my youngest daughter starring open mouth while riding It’s a Small World. For all these years it was her favorite ride. When she got married (3 years old), she and I danced to the theme song from It’s a Small World. We had a blast. Now, every time I get on this ride I think of her when she was 4 years old and our father/daughter dance when she got married. Soon, my little granddaughter will be riding next to her PawPaw. Hopefully, I’ll see the same open mouth stare when we ride It’s a Small World.

  • My husband and I joined DVC 5+ years ago. I had been thinking of joining for a while before meeting my husband. I had a friend who was a member and after she took me one time I was sold. Most of the memories i have of my grandparents are from our trips to Walt Disney World. I really wanted to do that for my niece and nephew. We took the entire family all 8 of us last October to Kidani Village. It was such a magical trip. The second night my nephew was falling asleep on my shoulder during the bus ride. Before he passed out from a full day at Epcot, he turned his head toward me and said “Uncle Matt….I Love You”. In that moment, i started to tear up and cry. I knew at that moment , our DVC purchase was worth it!

  • We joined in 2000. For me the emotional “bonus” has been being able to talk about “when” we go back, not “if” we go back. It’s so freeing to always be able to talk about “next time.” Also, when considering our purchase I mapped out every year til 2042. “Phase One” was family trips with my girls. It truly has been like a second home for them. We’re just hitting “phase 2” which is the college/empty nester years. We can’t go as often as a family, but last fall my daughter was able to go with college friends. We provided the room. Have to admit though, I’m looking forward to “phase three,” which is using banking and borrowing to take the girls and their future families every few years!

  • We joined in 1993, sight unseen. We did view a VHS of how the club worked. We jumped all in and 5 contracts later, never a regret. The emotional reality I never expected is not related to emotions when at DW but when at home. Through the years we’ve been able to share DVC with over 60 family and friends. As a result, it is not uncommon for a particular trip or experience to come up during a party or family event. It usually starts with someone saying “Remember when…………” followed by a DVC story. As the story is shared, I always notice that everyone is smiling. Smiling is usually followed with laughter and good vibes. Or, now that our daughters go with there friends, we often get a very touching thank you note from one of them when they return home. So, I always expected the good emotions when at our resort but the lasting effect has been a pleasant surprise. After pondering Pete’s question, I realize that for us as DVC members, it’s not a trip or vacation but a longer term fun journey that builds on itself and doesn’t end unless we want it to. 26 years into the journey with no desire for it to end. Can’t wait to see what future holds!

  • This makes my heart so happy! 💕

  • We have so many memories attached to our DVC ownership. We’ve watched our children go from taking their first steps at Disney to Drinking Around the World with them. We were able to use our points for my husband’s family to go down for a week – all 23 of us at the time, which made his parents very happy. My daughter and I took my mother on her last trip before she passed. At the time it was a challenge for me to push her around by myself while watching daughter as it was the first time I really traveled without my husband, but looking back I’m so glad I did! We have spent the past 10 or so years going down for our anniversary weekend. We added on at one time and used the additional points to go to Aulani and another time for a Grand Villa at BLT. And this week there will be a group of 16 of us making memories together. Has it been worth it…every penny!!

  • We had just spent our third WDW vacation at the Caribbean Beach with our two young daughters, 7 and 3, Every single day of the two weeks was wonderful. We took the DVC tour at what was then The Disney Vacation Club, ( Nov. 93). It was truly magical and we left wanting to join, but not really seeing that financial commitment as a true possibility. At least I was not seeing it. Early in February, my husband said, “I think we should join the Disney Vacation Club.” We still talk about this as the best decision he ever made!! We have been more than 30 times since bringing extended family every year. We love the feeling of being home and have since added a more points. Our children were raised on Disney magic and carry memories that I don’t think would have happened without DVC. Bringing various family members through the years has given us such joy! DVC definitely enriched our lives in a way I did not see in 1994 but I am grateful that I let my husband talk me into it! We leave Sunday for another two week stay with our children and their partners! 🙂

  • The plan was a way to “lock in” Disney often. The the unforeseen emotional reality was how DVC and Disney truly became our home away from home. That came after staying in villas opposed to a studio. Nothing against studios, but being able to stay in a villa with all the amenities of home, truly makes it feel like home.. just better! We have become attached to the resorts in a way that was unexpected.

  • Since getting married in 1986 we had saved religiously for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. The time drew near and discussions were had about what once in a lifetime vacation were we going to spend our hard saved cash on. And that was it, hard earned cash, and we were going to blow it on one vacation! Common sense kicked in and since we had already had been visiting Disneyworld since 1990 practically every year it was a ‘no brainer’ to invest our money into DVC. We will be in our home resort of AKL in 4 weeks time and we’ve just secured flights for our 35th trip for March 2020. The best decision we ever made and bought when the exchange rate was $2 = £1. Exchange rate not being so kind at the minute though! 😣

  • My husband and I purchased DVC In Aug 1997 when we were staying at Coronado Springs. We loved Old Key West when we saw it and knew our purchase would help us continue our trips to WDW each year. We’re from Chicago and had been going at least once a year , sometimes 2 or 3 since our honeymoon in 1974. Our initial contract was 150 points we have since added on at Boulder Ridge, Saratoga Springs and Bay Lake Tower, all direct from DVC.
    We have loved using our points over the years at WDW, Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Aulani and Disney Cruises.
    My husband passed away last year and at the end of May I was able to take 3 of our friends on a Disney Cruise to Alaska as a Thank You for all the help they gave me during a difficult time.
    I am going to stay at Bay Lake next month to celebrate what would have been our 45th anniversary. We stayed st Contemporary on our honeymoon. It will be bittersweet but WDW is our second home!
    I have been asked if I will sell any of my contracts and at this time I say NO! I will continue to go either by myself or with friends.
    I love my DVC!

  • Bought 250 points resale at SSR in Feb. 2014 resale. It was a goal to “own” part of the World. We had stayed in a 2 bedroom at Kidani on rented points the year before and it sparked in me that this was something different. As our kids are older, 5 adults cramming into a hotel room was becoming a real problem. 5 plus years later its been a great investment, with amazing trips including a 4 night stay at Grand Californian in a 2 bedroom for Memorial Day (yes at 7 months). We have stayed at almost all of the resorts including our infamous 3 night, 3 resort hopping Presidents Day trip (it was actually way more much fun and we found we like VGF). We have found out we love OKW in particular and SSR has been a favorite to escape the bubble.

  • Your words ring true, Pete. Makes my heart feel good to hear you are happy and have your mom to share Disney with.

    The simple greeting “Welcome Home” when pulling up to the the resort gets to me every time.
    Don’t know what it is – but those 2 words make me feel so special and I know my family and I are about to embark on another memorable journey at Disney.

    We have 2 contracts SSR (2005) and AKL (2007) and the years have been filled with times at WDW, DisneyLand and Aulani I will never forget or regret!

  • I had been to Disney twice and stayed at Pop, and then AKL. I went home and never stopped thinking about Disney or how cool it would be to be a DVC member. Around that time I started to go through a very painful divorce which impacted me and my children so bad and changed our lives in ways I didn’t think I was strong enough to make it through…but there was Disney. We would go on the Disney website planning our next trip (even tho there was no way in hell I could have ever afforded it at that time) we watched videos of shows and saw new attractions. It got us through tough days. We dreamed of another trip. 4 years later I married my prince, my soulmate…and fellow Disney lover. My kids, husband and I visited at Christmas time that year and we decided DVC was perfect for our new family. We bought 200 points at Boardwalk first and we have gone at least once a year since 2013. We added 200 more at Wilderness because we fell in love with the beauty of that place. DVC has brought our family so much and unforgettable memories. I love the Dis, DVC fan, and connect with so many people. Disney people are the best people, they never stop dreaming and neither did I.

    • So from what I read, everytime a relative comes to town, you use POINTS to keep them out of YOUR house. Why didn’t I think of that?

      Better yet why isn’t Disney marketing this angle?

      Well played!😃😃😃😃😃

  • Pete… you are getting me very excited to purchase a DVC.
    I’m a single mom and have taken my daughter to Disney for 8 years now. I’m saving and seriously looking to purchase something next year (fingers crossed). I am already feeling emotional and want to be part of the DVC Family.

    My question to you or Jerry is: would you recommend purchasing one big contract (e.g. 150-200 points is about what I need) OR is there advantage to buying various small contracts at different resorts? or small contracts at one resort?

    I really appreciate your comments and your experience will help me out too.

    • Hey Liz – I would personally look at buying a majority or you points (at least 100-150) at the resort you like the most and would always be happy to stay at. I would then have a smaller 50-75 point contract at another resort to ha e more home resort options. This also allows for the flexibility to sell one of the contracts if needed at some point while still keeping some points. Hope this helps!

      Also be sure to check out The DVC Show over on the DisUnplugged YouTube Page. They have discussed this in a few episodes. 🙂

  • Purchasing our DVC was one of the best things we did! We bought back in 2004 at Saratoga Springs (what was selling at that time). We bought enough points to stay in a Studio for almost two weeks. I lived in California at the time, so it allowed the hubby and I to stay overnight at Disneyland, which was a treat.

    Hubby and I have since moved to Missouri and now our DVC is almost used exclusively at WDW. It has become the “sisters” special vacation time. My sister (63) and I (57) go and act just like kids again, having a marvelous time and making cherished memories. As a matter of fact, we are counting down our days (39 to go) before this years trip and treating ourselves to a 2 bedroom at the BRV for a week.

    I’ve never regretted our DVC purchase, it’s an extension of my love for all things Disney. 😄

  • Plan or reality of DVC – There was no plan!

    We had probably been to WDW 15 times over 30 years, our first being in 1973 and last being in 2004. Then in 2016 we decided that we had reached a point in life that we could start treating ourselves so we booked a 5 night (cash) stay at the Grand Floridian which had been a life long dream for me. We had such a great time that we decided to do 6 nights there again the following year. This was when our DVC experience started. While in Epcot my wife shockingly stopped at one of the DVC kiosks. After listening to the agent we said okay we will think about a tour, walked 100 feet, came back and scheduled the tour. That was it. We did the tour and bought 220 points at Copper Creek. No pressure from our rep. We could have left and thought about it but we knew we were hooked. Since then we have made 4 trips. BLT, Poly, Copper Creek and Boardwalk. Copper Creek was a family trip, kids and grandkids, the first week of December 2018. A Grand Villa – WOW. Another life long family dream, being at WDW during the Christmas season.

    My wife and I are now both retired so we can pick and chose when to come down. We have reservations at AK Kadani in Mid-Oct and Riviera at the end of Feb 2020. I snagged a Tower Studio for 4 nights. I have never had a problem getting the resort we wanted at the 7 month booking time.

    We will be booking our second family trip for September 2020 soon.

    Joining DVC was well out of our comfort zone, mostly due the the financial side so it was surprising in June when a small resale contract for 40 points at Beach Club popped up and we jumped on it. The transaction was finalized last week and we are just waiting for Disney to process the paperwork. We had walked through the Beach Club during our stay at the Boardwalk and really liked it but I am sure being New Jersey shore fans had something to do with it. I also give some credit to Pete and the DVC show for us going through with it.

    At the end of the day the reality is that we love coming to WDW. We love seeing the smiles on our two granddaughters when they met all the princesses. We will probably be doing 2 trips a year over the next few years with one being a family trip every other year. And with the 50 year contract, our kids and grandkids will be able to use it when we get too old but that is not happening anytime soon.

    Pete, I am sure you get this all the time but we would love to meet you in person on one of our trips. We have been fans of the the DisUnplugged for over a year and have learned a lot from your shows.


  • my family of me, the wife and our two boys have been visiting Disney every year sometimes twice a year from the UK for the last 12 years when we decided the boys were old enough to take in Disney and all it has to offer, back then we fell in love and the memories we have as a family will be with us until we die, we recently brought into DVC for two reasons, one we never could afford the deposit, it was always that question, shall we not go on holiday for a year and buy DVC or shall we go and enjoy Disney while we can and it as always the latter that drew us so we just did not do it, we went on a DVC tour and yes we loved it, infact it was the DVC tour that made us see Saratoga Springs and love the rooms and made us decide that the location to Disney Springs was a perfect fit for our family.

    Then in 2019 we decided after putting some money aside we had enough to buy 200 points at Saratoga Springs on a re-sell contract and now our DVD membership begins.

    Our two boys are now grown up at 19 and 21 years old but still want at present to come with mum and dad to Disney only now instead of visiting every year we may make it every other year and bank points and take other family members with us, I have family who have young boys and girls who I can now offer the DVC experience of free accommodation which then makes it affordable for them to visit Disney, allowing me to share some of the Disney family love to my family.

    This would not be something we could do if we were paying for rooms out of our own pocket, so DVC has opened up a whole new experience for my close and extended family for many years to come.

  • I initially bought into DVC to “spend money”…much longer story. But anyway, part of the reason was to enable more family time. It has “forced” us to vacation at least once, but usually more, times per year. We enjoy the relaxation of the resorts so much, that last year we took our first no-parks vacation. My cousin used to take Ft. Wilderness no-parks vacations, and I never understood until I joined DVC, how very easily you can actually do that and NOT feel like you’re missing out. One of the biggest joys is to be able to treat other family members to Disney vacations with us. Last month we stayed in a 2 bedroom at my home resort Saratoga Springs, with my cousin and his family of 4 from the Boston area. We had so much fun. When we bought in 2009, our oldest daughter was in college already, our son was in high school, but our youngest was just 6 1/2. She is now 17, and has grown up Disney! One of the things I’m looking forward to most, now that my oldest two are married, is coming back in the future with my grown children and grandchildren. The entire DVC experience has become a big part of our lives. I know that in the future, after my youngest finishes college, I am going to need more points!!

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