Not every DVC resort has a community hall, but it is something of a hidden gem with plenty of activities for everyone.  While Timothy and I were enjoying our first stay at our home resort as DVC members, we decided to check out all of the BoardWalk Villas amenities, including the community hall.  Come along for a quick tour!

The BoardWalk’s community hall is located right along the path to Hollywood Studios, just past the main pool area.  Outside by the front door, you will find table tennis, a pool table, and cornhole.

BoardWalk Community Hall Pool Area

Once you step inside, you’ll find a whole bunch of activities for kids and the big kids like us.  There were lots of crafts, such as ceramics, design your own wire Mickey (or Minnie?) ears, magnets, tumblers, and more.  You can also unleash your artistic side and paint your own canvas. The crafts are available for a small fee, and you can get a 10% discount with your DVC membership card.   

BoardWalk Community Hall Activities

Then there were all of the games–arcade games like Ms. Pac Man, a Star Wars pinball machine, Wii, and Playstation.  Timothy and I spent some time playing air hockey and foosball too. All the arcade games were free to play, unlike in the regular arcade by the fitness center.

BoardWalk Community Hall Pinball

Plenty of board games were also available and could be rented to bring back to your villa.  Check out the special DVC editions of these classic games!

BoardWalk Community Hall Games

If you enjoy movies, they play some at the community hall throughout the day.  They were playing the live-action Cinderella movie at the time we visited. However, you are also welcome to rent DVDs to bring back to your villa.  I believe the cast member mentioned that you are allowed to rent up to 3 at a time. You would just need to contact housekeeping to get a DVD player.

BoardWalk Community Hall Television

The community hall is also where you can borrow equipment such as tennis rackets for the courts nearby or tools for the grill that is located outside of the community hall.  Coal for the grill can be purchased from the general store along the boardwalk. I know that Timothy is already planning to fire up the grill on a future trip.

BoardWalk Community Hall Picnic Area

All in all, the BoardWalk community hall is a fun place to go for some resort downtime or to have some fun on a rainy day!  We also found it was a good place to go before we caught the Magical Express back to the airport.

Have you been to the community hall at any of the DVC resorts?  If so, what are your favorite activities? Let me know in the comments below.