A little over a month ago, we decided to take the question of 2042 to our DVC Fan Community and see what members would decide to do when that dreaded year draws closer and closer (…it’s only 8,020 days away as of writing this!).

To those who may just be tuning in and unsure of what this all means, each Disney Vacation Club Resort has a deeded expiration date, at which time your interest in that property will cease. For the following “original” DVC properties that year just happens to be 2042:  

So, while many frequently ask what might happen that year, I decided to turn the question around and ask what each member may do based on DVC’s options. Here are the results!

The first question asked was, “If Disney Vacation Club offered you a 15-year contract extension similar to those previously offered at Old Key West, would you purchase it?”

Back in 2007, DVC offered current owners of Old Key West an extension that would add 15-years to their contract, increasing their contract expiration date to 2057. This cost owners approximately $15-25 per point depending on when they took advantage of the offer. Although reports vary on DISboards, it appears that a low percentage of owners took advantage of the offer at the time due to how far into the future 2042 was.

Fast-forward thirteen years, and our poll seems to reveal a quite different opinion of this extension offer. Out of over 1,250 survey responses, 73.8% stated that they would take advantage of an extension for one of the expiring 2042 properties.

Since Disney is not required to offer an extension, many of us may approach 2042 with a much different question that needs answered: “If Disney Vacation Club elects to let 2042 resorts expire as scheduled, would you re-purchase a new DVC contract upon expiration?”

Here, the results were flipped, with 78.7% of those surveyed stating that they would not re-purchase a new contract when theirs expires in 2042.

Personally, if I were DVC and looking at these results, I would significantly have to consider which route proved to be more financially viable. The closer we get to 2042, the more appealing a 15-year extension becomes, and yet the thought of purchasing a new 50-year contract equally reduces due to the age many current owners will be at that time.

Speaking of age… many expressed in the comments that they truly don’t care what happens in 2042. I’d have to say that I agree to a certain extent. Even though I’ll only be 52, the odds are high I will already be living in Orlando by that point, reducing any need to worry whether my fifty points at BoardWalk are extended or expired.

Here are a few thoughts and comments that our readers shared:

I thought to finish this discussion and put the topic to rest for a little while we would finish with one final question: Are you concerned with what will happen in 2042?

Let me know your thoughts and comments below, and stay tuned for our next DVC Fan Poll in the coming weeks!

Paul Krieger

Amy and I are new Orlando, Florida residents where we live with our dogs Odie the greyhound and Hermès the Spanish galgo. We are DVC owners at Animal Kingdom Lodge, BoardWalk Villas, Grand Californian, Grand Floridian, and Polynesian, Disney World Annual Passholders, and love educating Disney Vacation Club members on how to both use and maximize the value of their DVC points!

10 thoughts on “What Will You Do in 2042? – The Results

  • Really great article Paul! Part of me thinks, Disney won’t offer extensions or they will be at least 2-3x the price of what they were in 2007. At some point they need to stop building as many properties so adding Beach Club and Boardwalk back into the inventory would give “new” inventory they can sell. Just a thought.

    • I will be dead and Florida will be mostly under water anyway. So
      , I don’t care anyway!

  • I wish we could have purchased the extension back in 2007. We’re better off financially to do it now. Our main reason to do it now? We’ll be in our mid 80’s in 2042 so I don’t think Disney will be something we’ll want to do, especially since the crowds can be unbearable. However, we now have our first grandchild and we want her (and future grandchildren) to enjoy Disney as much as we and our children do. Our adult daughters love Disney, so it’d be something we can hand down to them for their family enjoyment. I would never recommend them buying into a DVC contract nowadays.

    • I thought our grown kids would be excited to keep coming to Disney, but even with their own kids, they are not as excited as WE were at their age! We finished selling off our 650 points about a year ago, because they don’t want to come every year like they did growing up. Their kids are concerned about missing too much school. And we are (69 & 75) getting too old to tromp around the Parks. We will treat them to accommodations at our other area timeshare about every 3 years, which is as often as they might come. Glad your family will enjoy it longer..in 2042 I’ll be 91 and hubbie 97…if we’re still kickin’, it won’t be in Parks!

  • Great article! We own at SSR, which won’t expire until 2054. By then I’ll be 93 if I make it that long, so I don’t think I’d even buy the extension! 2042 would be different, and I’d buy the 15 year extension if I were able.

  • I don’t think they’ll offer the 15 year extension because that would not easily allow changes to the contract. They’ll want to keep various options open, one being the regrouping of DVC point pools. They could already have something tentatively planned with the newest DVC resorts.

  • We had OKW and did not buy the extension when offered. But we likely would for our BWV. Would not extend our HHI though. And probably will not buy new DVC in 2042 as we will be 69. Our kids, who will be 46 and 44 then, can buy their own.

  • This is one of the most difficult things to actually talk about. 22 years ago, I was just out of college just starting out in life and just trying to make rent. In 22 years, I will be in my late 60s and don’t know what my life will look like. Will I have a child, will I be in a good or better financial situation or will I even care? We just don’t know. But it doesn’t really affect me as we are planning on buying our first points at Reflections and when that 50 year contract is up, I will be in my late 90s and or dead.

  • I’m just curious what they are going to do with the resorts at 2042. I don’t think the state of any of the class of ’42 would sell at the current point rate ($16-17/pt) when you have much nicer, newer resorts to choose from. So that makes me think that they will basically shut them all down, do a massive re-haul and/or re-imagine and then list them again as “new”. Or stagger the four at DW so that they aren’t down all those rooms at the same time.

  • We did not chose to purchase the extension. We do enjoy our timeshare but it’s harder and harder to get dates and place to stay…even our own OKW home. Too many people in the parks and huge maintenance increase for us this year made this the right choice for us. It’s definitely not what we purchased into in 1998. A lot has changed.

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