June DVC Reservations Hang in the Balance

About one week ago, I ended a highly optimistic post about June 2020 Disney Vacation Club reservations with a fun quote from Captain Jack Sparrow summing up my feelings. Today, however, feels more like a Kenny Rogers day:

“You’ve got to know when to hold ’em

Know when to fold ’em

Know when to walk away

And know when to run…”

So while I continue to hang onto a glimmer of hope for my June trip “home”, I must also concede to the reality that it appears Walt Disney World will not be reopening on June 1st.

Before we get into speculation, let’s clarify what we know for sure thus far:

  • On Thursday, May 14th, Walt Disney World began canceling cash room reservations through June 8th (depending on the check-in date of your vacation).  
  • Walt Disney World has also started canceling dining reservations through approximately June 6th.
  • Park Hours for Walt Disney World have been removed on the My Disney Experience app through June 6th. This has consistently been done on a week to week basis since the closure began. 
  • Disney Vacation Club continues to cancel member reservations on a weekly basis with bookings for June 1st, still active as of the time of this article.  

So while we have not officially seen the cancellation of any Disney Vacation Club reservations, I feel the evidence points to the fact that Walt Disney World isn’t ready to reopen its doors just yet. Part of me feels I knew this would be the case, but as many of you have likely learned by now, I’m quite the optimist when it comes to these things.  

For those with trips planned later in June, I would personally say do what you feel is right for you and your family. If you have the flexibility and don’t have to know for certain if your trip will happen, continue to hold onto that hope, and maybe some pixie dust will come your way.

What I know in my heart is that I can’t wait to return to Walt Disney World so that Amy and I can create more magical memories. But I also know that I want those going there to feel safe and know that Disney has developed a detailed plan to make that a reality.  

Since we all need a little love and hope to lift us up right about now, I thought I’d send it over to Kenny and The Muppets for some parting thoughts today:

Take your time to get this right, Disney. We will be here waiting…❤️

Paul Krieger

Amy and I are new Orlando, Florida residents where we live with our dogs Odie the greyhound and Hermès the Spanish galgo. We are DVC owners at Animal Kingdom Lodge, BoardWalk Villas, Grand Californian, Grand Floridian, and Polynesian, Disney World Annual Passholders, and love educating Disney Vacation Club members on how to both use and maximize the value of their DVC points!

18 thoughts on “June DVC Reservations Hang in the Balance

  • I have been so optimistic, too! We were suppose to arrive on May 30th, our very first stay at the Beach Club Resort! But, yesterday, May 14th, as you stated all of our dining reservations were cancelled by Disney, as well as, all of our Fastpasses.
    DVC has not cancelled our Beach Club reservation, yet, but, I know it will be coming soon! 🙁 Amy and you hang in there and stay well! I know we all will be back to Disney as soon as they feel it is safe for us to come back!

    • Thanks, Margaret!

  • Our last trip ended March 7, and I feel very fortunate to have gotten that trip in. We had another trip scheduled May 7-16, which of course was canceled. Now our next trip is scheduled to begin September 15, and I can’t believe I’m glad it’s four months away and not any sooner. I actually have some concern about that trip as things are still so unsettled. Thanks for the update Paul. I don’t reply often, but I read everything you write.

    Troy Hootman
    Palatine, IL

    • Thanks, Troy!

  • How many people are holding onto the reservations not because they want to go/will go but because of cancelling and where points wind up if a member does it versus if DVC does it?

    • I assume some are… especially mid to late June trips. In most cases right now though DVC is being flexible with the points.

  • Kenny Rogers – A true American icon. I would be really surprised with a pre-July 1 opening and slightly surprised with a pre-August 1 opening. Then we get on the topic of face coverings. Is wrapping cloth around your mouth and nose when the heat index is 115 really the best idea?

  • Thanks for all of the information you supply us with!

  • We just cancelled our June trip (after postponing from early May). The thought of being required to wear a mask in June heat (especially when the benefits only have a placebo effect) was more that we wanted to endure. There is little chance we will return to our beloved Kingdoms any time this year. 😕

  • We are holding on to our June 21st DVC reservations right now. With summer availability limited for our travel dates and party size, we are hoping to still be able to go in June. If not we will push to next summer.

  • We are holding on to our June 21st DVC reservation for now.

  • Do you think there is a chance that Vero Beach or Hilton Head opens before the resorts at World?

    • Very possible, however I think it will depend on the individual states and local areas where those resorts are.

  • With good sources I can say DVC will be opening June 1st as well as Fort Wilderness

  • Hi Paul, I have August use year with points that will expire, My March Rez was cancelled, My Birthday Rez in May was postponed to start on June 1 and that was also cancelled already. I have a 6 night stay in July starting on the 12tg and if that is cancelled then I am stuck unless DVC extends their policy to include the August Use year Members. Wish me luck.

  • we have had our trip in April cancelled and rescheduled for August 22nd as it was last week we could go before kids went back to school. But we decided last night that we are going to cancel that too. We dont want to go with no parades, no fireworks, no shows, etc while having to wear masks. I had used 3 years worth of points for this trip since it was a big family trip and we were staying in a 3 bedroom at BLT…….Now I will be losing my 202 points from my Dec 2018 use year that i had banked forward for this trip. The worst part is, we cannot borrow enough due to the 50% restriction to make the same trip next year so it looks like we are going to be selling our 2 DVC contracts as a result and moving on.. Huge bummer 🙁 Oh well, just something we cannot control

  • I believe that whatever date Disney officially chooses to reopen they will need at least two weeks of a soft opening to figure things out. This is the norm in the amusement park world for things much smaller than this.

    If July 1 is a target for reopening, then I believe there will be a soft opening starting in mid-June. Disney world likely wait until the last minute to announce this, thereby causing more guests to cancel their trips. Then Disney would announce that only guests with reservations could come.

    During the soft opening I think they would have a preference to have experienced guests such as DVC members who will be more tolerant and running to provide feedback. I think cast members and their families would be welcome also.

    We will know soon though, you need to remember than the cast members all need retraining on the new protective procedures. They will likely be brought back to work two weeks before reopening.

    Whatever type of reopening we see, I do not believe that the world showcase will reopen this year. This is due to international travel restrictions and the fact that the cat members that work in this area are typically native to the countries being displayed as well as the risk of negative actions at Asian pavilions.

  • We’ve got a reservation at Old Key West June 1st through the 7th, and we’ve decided that unless Disney cancels the reservation, we’re going.

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