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Amy and I are new Orlando, Florida residents where we live with our dogs Odie the greyhound and Hermès the Spanish galgo. We are DVC owners at Animal Kingdom Lodge, BoardWalk Villas, Grand Californian, Grand Floridian, and Polynesian, Disney World Annual Passholders, and love educating Disney Vacation Club members on how to both use and maximize the value of their DVC points!

8 thoughts on “Disney Vacation Club Reinstates Cancellation and Holding Policies

  • I don’t agree with only being allowed to borrow 50% of the next yes points. They are our points and we should be allowed to use them.

  • I feel the same. We were told that we could borrow or bank our points in order to rent a Villa for our Family vacations. I think changing the rules is wrong. Disney has sold too many timeshares and now due to Covid they by law have to limit the people in the park. Changing the game and sales pitch they used as a selling point to sell the timeshare to us allowing us the opportunity to go with our family to a Villa every 3 years is illegal. I do not feel we should be punished as DVC owners. I personally will discuss it with my Lawyers because Disney sold points under false pretenses if they make this change. You pay top dollar for fees and taxes, you have reservations cancelled, you have rules put in place for a pandemic which you are told will be temporary and now this. Enough is Enough! This is Evil and disturbing of the Disney Corporation and I believe many owners were told to buy a certain amount of points so the could bank and borrow and go ever other year or every third year. This is a Company only concerned about selling more points. disgusting and deceptive!

    • Just to clarify… While they do actively discuss banking and borrowing as part of the sales presentation, it has always included the disclaimer that this can be changed at any time. This is also in all of the legal disclosures you sign off on during closing. I understand it is frustrating, but give these unprecedented circumstances, these are the mechanisms they have to ensure that the system functions and that there is some level of availability for all members.

      • Quit making excuses for them. These times are no longer unprecedented. We’ve been living through it for a year and things are starting to improve in a big way.

        What you’re going to start seeing now is companies using covid as an excuse to make permanent anti-consumer changes. So let’s not sit here and start making excuses for all these corporations.

      • I don’t believe I’m making an excuse for them. These are facts. I’m looking at the data driving these decisions and trying to think of it from the middle. How would members feel if borrowing was allowed completely, but there was zero availability? I honestly think we would see more unhappy members. In that situation, DVC would potentially have a legal issue because it cannot provide fair and equal availability to all its members. That’s the situation they are faced with due to the number of points currently backlogging the system. While we may be improving in terms of the pandemic, the DVC system is still flooded with millions of unused points, and we have yet to see the full effects of that. I don’t agree with how they are currently handling this and have made that known on numerous occasions. If we are going to criticize them for anything, let’s criticize them for not thinking outside the box and finding a creative solution to this problem.

    • How about monthly maintenance on many resorts tat were closed? I asked about them still collecting fees and was told they would look into it.

  • Great idea on the cancelations! This way, if my family or I come down with COVID right before our trip to a DVC resort, we’ll be going regardless so our points don’t get shoved into the holding account. I love it! So smart Disney!

  • I believe the DVC Point System should be revised by doing away with banked points, borrowing points from the future and maintain a point balance system where the member is allotted points per year based on his initial investment and allowed to save up to 4 times his yearly allotment until maintaining a maximum balance. When they reach the maximum point balance they will not earn anymore points until they start using the points they saved up. Every year the member will receive his annual point allotment up to not to exceed his maximum point balance.
    For example if a member earns 200 points per year he will be allowed to save up to 800 points which would be his maximum balance.

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